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A brutal platformer roguelike that pits you against the deadly Catacombs aided only by magic, steel, and your quick reflexes.
A brutal platformer roguelike that pits you against the deadly Catacombs aided only by magic, steel, and your quick reflexes.
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The Distance - 100% and Beyond!

Posted by FourbitFriday (Creator)

BAM! 100%! You guys are seriously amazing! I am floored by the amount of support I've gotten. It's nuts!

Now that the initial goal has been reached I feel it's time to lay out a bit of what's in store for the future of the game beyond this first 100%.

Gonna be honest here, I'm not really a fan of stretch goals. They are a great way to maintain interest and drum up extra support, but I feel they often lead to a sort of bloating of the original concept and potentially lock people into obligations which may not be in everybody's best interests. The game I had in mind with the initial funding goal is basically the game I've wanted to make all along, and there isn't much I can add to that vision without feeling like it's a somewhat disingenuous attempt to keep peoples' attention while diluting my original intentions. I don't want to fall into the trap of "so much money, do ALL THE THINGS!" and end up tripling the development time, or risk turning the game into a directionless mess as I scramble to keep promises I shouldn't have made in the first place.

With that being said, there are a small number of goals for the game that I would love to achieve - ones that I feel neither stray from the original vision nor will be superfluous expenditures:

Co-op Mode

Oh, ho-ho! Quite a few people have been requesting a co-op mode and I must admit it's something I had thought about even before this Kickstarter, but sort of passed it off as 'wishful thinking'. With all the attention the game's been getting lately though I've revisited the idea, and the more I think about it the more sure I am that it's worth doing. The thing about it though, is that it would take a bit more time to implement and balance and make as fun as possible an experience - at least a couple months, on top of everything else - putting me over the stated time-frame and budget. This brings us to the second point:

Additional Development Time

I want to make this game as good as I possibly can. Of course I will try to achieve this regardless of the time-frame, but being able to put more time into the game will allow me to polish it to a high shine, to go back through and make the bosses more fun, the levels more varied, the animations snappier. Maybe even to do some of the kinds of things stretch goals normally promise (more levels, more classes) or maybe to just tweak everything until it's juuust right. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean I'll be working on the game for another x years - I'm still aiming to finish the game in 2014 - but it would let the game evolve without me stressing out about wasting a day or seven on a feature that doesn't pan out.

Another Artist

Let's face it: until I complete my cloning machine, I'm only one guy. Stretching myself between art, code, and design is a pretty difficult role to fill, and I could definitely use some help to lighten that load. Bringing on another artist would ease things up on me considerably and allow me to focus my attention elsewhere, speeding up development and letting me flesh out the game even more fully than if I just go it alone.

More Platforms

I've gotten quite a few requests for more definitive Linux support, and I most definitely want to oblige. Believe me I want to see this game on as many platforms as I can, Linux included. Unfortunately due to the tools I'm using my options are limited at the moment to PC, Mac, and Ubuntu Linux (and maybe Ouya?). I'd need someone else to port the game for more comprehensive support on Linux and beyond, as I'm not very well versed in the sorcery of porting. I would rather spend my time on making the actual game than trying to recode a version or three that will run happily on every platform.


Any additional funding beyond the initial 100% will go towards achieving these extra goals. As far as I'm concerned, they're all high priority goals, and I will do my best to bring them to fruition if given the resources. They don't have hard dollar numbers next to them because I'll be tackling them as they come and funding them as necessary, but the money will all go directly into making the game as good as I can make it. I will accept nothing less.

Thank you again for all your support, but there's still much more we can achieve!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Hiya, new backer here. Just wanted to say that the game looks great, especially the video about the rock!
      I am a little worried that if there is co-op the single player game will suffer. I really hope not, as I prefer single player :p

    2. RagerX on

      Congrats! Oh, and Co-op!

    3. Beaver Toad Software on

      I would play the heck out of co-op mode.

    4. Missing avatar

      toth on

      Coop' is very good but yeah, as long as it's only local it's not that important imo. I even think that we should have more linux players than local coop' players ( see what i've done here :p ).

      I also think it's better to take your time ( more dev time ) to polish the game, the little stuff that makes big differences. Well if you go to 200k yeah, coop' will be cool i won't complain. But it's so much work, kind of a waste if it's only local like in Spelunky.

      Hope will see CK on linux thou.

      Anyway congrats ! Can't to play this game !

    5. Missing avatar

      Sergio on

      In all honesty, I wouldn't bother devoting resources to co-op unless I was confident I could make it work online. Local co-op can only be enjoyed by a minority, particularly when it comes to pc games.

    6. Anthony Giovannetti on

      I just backed this solely because of Co-Op, just so you know how important it is. My GF said her backing was reliant on Co-Op as well. There is a real *want* for co-op roguelikes.

    7. More_Badass on

      Co-op mode would be awesome. I could already envision some cool strategies with distractions and team work

    8. Seth Callaghan on

      Looks awesome!! Congrats at 100%
      Ill put my hand up for multi-player mode too.
      When are you expecting the Beta?

    9. Missing avatar

      IntentionallyLeftBlank on

      How much do you think you need to add in a co-op mode to the game? How much extra do you think you'd need to hire someone to take over as an artist and allow you to complete the rest of the game faster? These sort of # goals can help you get some more funding.

    10. Alex Smith on

      WOO HOO congrats!

    11. More_Badass on

      Congrats at 100% and I like the way you think. More KS devs should follow that philosophy.

    12. Missing avatar


      I believe this is a wise path to follow.

      Great games are games that take a core concept, and realize that concept. The concept can be expanded in sequels or side-quells, but it's all about getting the core concept right the first time.

      Extra development time is important for any game. Implementing the core concept doesn't mean that the core concept is complete. Sometimes things sounded better on paper, sometimes it's just getting the AI right, or sometimes it's ferreting out bugs or imbalances. I'd rather see more time spent polishing than fulfilling some stretch goal like "5 more things you can buy!"

      IMO you've made the right choice.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ege Kurdas on

      I hope for the best! I'm sure we can make those stretch goals a reality!