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A brutal platformer roguelike that pits you against the deadly Catacombs aided only by magic, steel, and your quick reflexes.
A brutal platformer roguelike that pits you against the deadly Catacombs aided only by magic, steel, and your quick reflexes.
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Rockin' It

Posted by FourbitFriday (Creator)

Woah, we've struck upon and surpassed that 50% mark! I'm super grateful to all of you backers who've decided to take this journey with me. It's gonna be so fun!

In the meantime I've made a little video for you all showing some of the level of interaction I hope to achieve in the game.

Development Video 1

So, I don't use the term 'roguelike' lightly when describing games. To me, roguelike means more than just procedural levels and permadeath: it indicates a whole philosophy that applies the same game rules to everything, and gives players the tools to engage with this system in ways that allow truly unique stories to emerge. While Catacomb Kids is obviously not turn-based like traditional roguelikes, it doesn't abandon their spirit of freedom, interactivity, and a universal system.

This first development video aims to show some of the ways these simple elements can interact to create more complex situations, by exploring one of the game's most basic objects: a rock.

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      Sean Printz on

      You should seriously consider, if possible, combining this with your pitch video. I came across your kickstarter a few weeks ago and though your pitch video had some interesting elements, it just didn't do enough to catch my eye. When RPS posted this took me about half the video to decide I was donating. Like John points out, it just does so much better of a job explaining what is intriguing about your project, doing everything that your pitch video should do.
      Cannot wait to play!

    2. Ben Crowley on

      Holy shit. I love Spelunky because of the great combination of roguelike elements + platforming, but it's generally much less complex than most traditional roguelikes. This game seems to be a perfect combination of a reasonably complex roguelike and a platformer and that's super exciting. I generally suck at roguelikes but I love playing them because of all of the various complexities and unexpected combinations and this looks to have that sort of thing in spades. Cannot wait.

    3. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    4. Missing avatar

      Graham Goring on

      Very "Exile" (the old BBC-B/ST/Amiga game)! :)

    5. Robert "HealyHQ" Healy III on

      Best ten dollars you ever spent, eh? ;)

    6. Jarod Long on

      Man, this looks so fantastic.

    7. kriptosporidium on

      I'm not gonna lie, from what we initially saw of the game in the first trailer, I figured it was mostly going to be a fun little distraction with a neat looking combat system and a cute style. I had no idea this was gonna have such a deep and intricate system.Brilliant.
      I completely agree with your philosophy, and I really hope this project makes it.

    8. Beaver Toad Software on

      When you throw the rock at the torch, why doesn't it hit/bounce off the guy too, though?

    9. Beaver Toad Software on

      I don't even like roguelike games but I wanna play this so bad!

    10. Missing avatar

      Ege Kurdas on

      This is absolutely amazing!