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The Cinder Cone Build Book documents the process of building the two tree houses and a bowl from inception to the final result.
The Cinder Cone Build Book documents the process of building the two tree houses and a bowl from inception to the final result.
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My name is Foster Huntington, you may have seen my projects The Burning House, the vanlife #tag or the photobook Home Is Where You Park it. Last spring, I started working on a treehouse and skate bowl in the Columbia Gorge with a group of friends. Inspired by the people and places I’d seen during my time on the road as well as childhood dream of building a Treehouse, we started planning in February.  After months of preparation, we started building in June and kept going through fall and into the winter. Friends old and new stopped by to work and stay on the property. Some of us worked as carpenters professionally, others learned on the go. Over the course of build, I took thousands of photos and kept sketches, models and notes from the design process. 

Since finishing the tree houses, I’ve been organizing these images, drawings and notes into a book. This book will be different than my last two photo books.  Think of it as one part instructional book, one part photo book, and one part tiny homes book. My goal is to make something that shows the process from dreaming up a seemingly outlandish idea to the final result after thousands of hours of hard work and the moments that happened in between.  I hope that the result ignites the imagination of people’s inner kid and gets ideas going for their own projects.  

To finish the book,  I'm turning to the Kickstarter community to help raise money to complete scanning the film, to finalize the layout and send the first edition to print.  I'm working with Farm League on the production of the book. They produced films like 180 Degrees South and The Fisherman's Son and do print projects for companies like Patagonia. I'm really excited about the progress we've made and can't wait to finish it with your help. Here are some examples of the page layouts and what the front and back covers will look like. 

The Cinder Cone Build Book will be 10 inches by 7.5 inches, about 135 pages and have a hardcover. During this campaign, the book will be $30 for a signed copy, if the campaign is successful,  the book will retail for $35.

Material lists, build notes and process photos are organized into sections, like this wood burning hot tub.

Full color and printed on matte art paper,  sections of the book document the steps and process of building large and small projects.

In addition to my photos, shots by Ian Durkin, Trevor Gordon, Java Hernandez and Alex Yoder will be in the book.  The majority of the photos in the book were shot on medium format film. 

 Daily schedule. For more photos of the project, check out the Tumblr here.

The design and philosophy of building a tree house.

Tucker Gorman's (the tree houses designer) sketches from the build were scanned and included in book to show how ideas evolved.

 The building of the skate bowl. 

Man down.

Along with the book,  I made a video about the building of the tree houses with Farm League.  The video goes hand in hand with the story of the book.  Here it is.  Thanks for your support.

 For more on the project check out:

@Fosterhunting (Instagram)

The Cinder Cone (Tumblr)

Risks and challenges

This is my third book and my second produced through Kickstarter. I've learned a lot over the years from the last two books and, while there are always potential hurdles, I feel very confident in getting this book produced on schedule. We are ahead of schedule on production and just waiting for the funding from the Kickstarter campaign to finish the scanning and layout and send the book to print.

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