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Fort Triumph is a tactical RPG featuring interactive environments and epic quests in a world on the brink of destruction.
Fort Triumph is a tactical RPG featuring interactive environments and epic quests in a world on the brink of destruction.
1,457 backers pledged $78,311 to help bring this project to life.

Build 0.5.5 live, poll results are in!

Posted by Fort Triumph Team (Creator)

Greetings, fellow heroes!

Exciting week for us on the warpath, celebrating over 600 warriors joining us since we started this quest and achieving a third of our base goal. We are all very thankful and humbled by your support - and hope to live up to it as well as bring many more adventurers into the fold. 

An ungodly amount of appreciation also goes out to the amazing people at InXile Entertainment (Wasteland, Torment:Tides of Numenera, Bard's Tale and more), as well as for our battle brothers working on The Banner Saga for loving our demo and echoing our warhorns across the bloody plains of Twitter and showing their love for the tactical genre.

Along with the good folks at Obsidian (Pillars of Eternity, Tyrrany and more) who joined our campaign in the first week, they strengthen our resolve and give us motivation to keep at it. Thank you!

In our last major update, we asked you to weigh in on future development for the first time, and after many of you answered our community poll, it is time to announce the results:

It was a close thing, but it appears the greatest number of players would like to see a new environment introduced. We will price it based on the costs previous environments had, and add it as our first major stretch goal once we approach our base target.

Stay tuned for future community polls and vote to set our development priorities - we take this input to heart, and even single-vote ideas sent via the 'other option' text line are noted and discussed internally.

If funded, the Glacial environment will be visually unique, and also special in terms of gameplay: Since the ground is frozen, everything is going to slide farther and hit harder, rewarding environmental usage. In this frozen terrain fire attacks and mechanics will be severely handicapped, so don't count on fire based tactics saving the day here.

Build 0.5.5 is live! Steam users will auto-update, others can download the new builds via the campaign page links or on any of the websites listed, they are all up to date.

One of the biggest changes we made is adding the Lift basic ability, accessible to all heroes for the cost of 1 Action Point, allowing players to move an adjacent small object, ally or enemy to another adjacent tile. Lift enables many new combinations and also makes it easier to aim and hit environmentals and kicks by adjusting the angle before launching the attack.

We also added a level up interface to allow players to choose which new ability they get every time they level up. It's a temporary thing, just until we can implement the character sheets we're working on, but we wanted you to have access to your favorite abilities quickly with each playthrough.

Other changes:

  • Dialogues are now skippable.
  • Gharbarak can now level up and gain abilities.
  • Added 'retry' to mission failure screen.
  • Frighten now cancels enemy overwatch when used.
  • Tweaked cave level with more rooms and higher difficulty, following player feedback.
  • Fixed issues with frighten AI that caused enemies to run around rather than away.
  • Fixed Run+Attack detection in some situations.
  • It is no longer possible to open chests through walls.
  • Fixed mouse cursor not showing in main menu bug.
  • Fixed bug that caused potions to spawn in inaccessible tiles.

We would also like to point you towards another Kickstarter campaign, soon ending - check out Forged of Blood and show support if you like what you see. Beyond the current campaign, the devs will certainly appreciate your feedback and help down the line!


Another promising project that got us excited this week is obviously Phoenix Point, created by a team led by Julian Gollop (of original Xcom fame). We cannot wait to see some gameplay or get our hands on a demo.

That's it for today! Thank you for your continued support - please, keep sharing our project with friends and gaming circles and recruit new warriors to join our party. Fort Triumph's scope and success is in your hands!

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    1. Fort Triumph Team Creator on

      @Tracey Craig No worries, we take into consideration every feedback we get! and obviously we would love to add as many aspects (such as you mentioned) to the game in order to make it richer and more fun. :)
      Might appear in next stretch goals poll, who knows :D

    2. Tracey Craig

      I know i'm too late.. but i'd love to see more story and sidequests as a stretch goal :)

    3. Fort Triumph Team Creator on

      @NYAZ NEEDURDAB The short answer is - of course! :) The team would really love to implement all the mentioned features.
      We do however have limited sources, which is why we wanted to ask the community what we should prioritize.

    4. Missing avatar


      Even though modding was not the one that won could it be a possible future stretch goal

    5. Guy Wolfus Collaborator on

      Haha @seth that's a fun thought! Appreciate your support :)

    6. mixedsignals on

      Surely modding support would have made a new environment possible! people are so silly.

      Anyway, great update, and I can't wait til this is funded! Looks amazing!

    7. Shay Zeldis Collaborator on

      @Game kNight Thank you! Glad you liked the update and hope you enjoy the new build.
      Honestly the team was torn between Volcanic and Glacial as well :) So we really hope to be able to do both eventually, already have some ideas for cool gameplay twists if we get to it.

    8. Game kNight on

      Wonderful update and good with the enviroment! I chose Volcanic, but maybe that will come later ;)

      Can't wait to play the new build!