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Fort Triumph is a tactical RPG featuring interactive environments and epic quests in a world on the brink of destruction.
Fort Triumph is a tactical RPG featuring interactive environments and epic quests in a world on the brink of destruction.
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Special: Meet the Devs #1

Posted by Shay Zeldis (Collaborator)

Greetings Adventurers!

We have been sharing the warpath with you for 10 days, and it was high time we told you a little more about ourselves and our roles in the team:

Adam's greatest passions are gaming and dancing, believe it or not. He is the one who started the project over three years ago, and has not had a life since. He is the fort's cornerstone and our Lead Scapegoat - if you experience any bugs, it's definitely his fault :)

Needless to say, Xcom is one of Adam's main tactical inspirations, but he is also a huge fan of Mass Effect's storytelling, and Heroes of Might & Magic's great strategic gameplay. Since starting Fort Triumph, he has been striving to emulate the best of all worlds.

Prior to FT, Adam shipped over 15 apps and held the position of R&D Director. Reach him at

The castle's construction crew manager, making sure the plebs are on schedule and whipping us into action wherever we slack (as well as whipping us on actual Slack). Defending our castle from the bloodthirsty hordes of bureaucracy and logistics, he enables us to rise up and do our best.

Yali is hugely inspired by HOMM3, and believes it exemplifies strong atmosphere through art, music and solid GUI. Being one of the first three to join Adam, it goes without saying Xcom has taken its toll on him in some hundreds of challenging hours.

In his past life, Yali was VP of R&D of a successful internet startup. Reach him at

Our chief code wizard and an eternal night owl, most of us meet Eran in the morning, when we arrive and he is about to hit the sack. A cybernetic miracle worker surprising us often with creative solutions, he strikes fear into the heart of bugs everywhere.

Eran's work is heavily inspired by Rogue Legacy, for its excellent dynamic difficulty and the hero trait system. When it comes to narrative, he often mentions The Stanley Parable and Undertale as the bar to aim for.

Professionally, Eran has over 11 years of code, as well as experience as a senior software engineer in the IDF. Reach him at

Towering at 6.5 feet and found sketching at all times, he's our own poetic giant. A master of everything visual, Eyal provides the art team with leadership and direction, making the Fort prettier by the day.

In the tactical genre, Eyal is most inspired by Jagged Alliance 2's depth, character personalities and hardcore gameplay. However his true love is forever Quake 3, where he still crushes on a weekly basis.

Shipped over 9 games, graduated from Ringling College of Arts & Design. Likes cookies. Reach him at

Rigger, puppeteer and our gameplay design lead, Guy is our Savage, attacking challenges head on and leading the front line of defense against balance and user experience issues.

Guy's love for strategy began with Warcraft 3, a game he still insists is the best in the RTS genre which hooked him for decades to come. Later on came HOMM3 which inspires him in the fantasy genre, and he also harbors a semi-secret flame for Dishonored's artistic style.

Before FT, Guy has been a character animator for over 3 years working on a variety of projects including with Disney and Mattel brands. Reach him at

Master scribbler and OP content generator, Omer is a powerhouse of creativity able to draft worlds from thin air with only basic definitions and a couple of hours. Honored Warchief of the Pencil-Bearer tribe, Omer's works inspire us daily to glory and greatness.

His first love in the strategy genre was Warcraft 2, and the art style he developed in the ages since is greatly inspired by Blizzard's masters.

Graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design. Reach him at

Dungeon architect and under-utilized portrait master, Uda brings our world to life by converting stories and legends into fantastic art. Having previously sold his soul to his high-tech industry overlords, he now dreams of a life where all he has to do is paint.

Uda's inspirations range far and wide, from Age of Wonders' style through Dark Souls' challenge, from FTL's campaigns to Quake's fast paced action. Reach him at

Our resident champion of multitasking, Tomer can design dungeons in his sleep while creating new 3D models and organizing a launch party to boot. Ever ready to extend a helpful hand to teammates in distress, he is clearly a Paladin at heart.

Tomer looooves Blizzards' catalogue, and while he currently mostly plays Overwatch, he has a long history with practically every Blizz game out there.

A graduate of the Israeli Animation College, previously lead modeler in a 3D printing studio. Reach him at

Herald of the Fort and bringer of likes, Shay leads our community and content arenas. Finding the right words to inspire our players to glory and making sure each one walks away with a grin or a chuckle.

His inspirations are many, but his passion for tactics started with the first CD he ever bought - UFO: Enemy unknown. Having worked for years as a game journalist, he played everything, and can probably give you a scathing opinion on each. On weekends he still meets his pen and paper roleplaying group, going for 13 years straight.

Shay has almost a decade of content and community experience, as well as marketing analysis and consulting. Reach him at

Caught us a big one
Caught us a big one

We can't wait to get to know you better in turn, and urge you to share the project with friends, as well as share your thoughts and suggestions with us.

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    1. Shay Zeldis Collaborator on

      @Game kNight Our pleasure matey, it's huge fun when someone outside the team takes a fancy to our game, really gives us a boost (not to mention tons of good feedback we can use). Plus we really enjoy watching others play the game while we're working on the game, so thank you so much for doing them! :)

    2. Game kNight on

      You guys are a great team - even greater is the way you engage with us. I've had the pleasure of communicating with several of the team already and it has been a lot of fun!

    3. Guy Wolfus Collaborator on

      @Ko-chin Chang Thanks for your support! Glad to hear we're like minded :)
      While personally I don't shy away from a good FPS, I know what you mean. That's exactly why we had the urge to create Fort Triumph, since we all feel there's more to it than just another TB formula.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ko-chin Chang on

      Perfect! X-com, Mass Effect and Heroes of Might and Magic are some of my favorite games. I am tired of the current trend of FPS games that are like cookie cutters of each other. Plus never mind the fact that I get simulation sickness on anything but isometric tactical games.