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Fort Triumph is a tactical RPG featuring interactive environments and epic quests in a world on the brink of destruction.
Fort Triumph is a tactical RPG featuring interactive environments and epic quests in a world on the brink of destruction.
1,457 backers pledged $78,311 to help bring this project to life.

Multiple game keys, first poll, and 500 backers!

Posted by Fort Triumph Team (Creator)

Greetings, fellow adventurers! 

We thank you, the brave 500, for joining our campaign and fighting alongside us to save the world (of Fort Triumph :) ). It's been an intense, emotional and elating first week, and we cannot wait to meet more of you as the campaign progresses.

Many of you requested a way to get more copies of the game, and from now on - you are able to.

If you have pledged for any reward tier except for Goblin Scout, you may now add 15$ over your pledge tier for an extra copy of Fort Triumph. You may pledge for multiple keys in that fashion, to be received directly from us nearing Early Access.


It is time for you to join our decision making process, and to choose what will be the first goal to aim for beyond the core game. We have gathered hundreds of suggestions and requests, and are putting the highest community priorities up for our First Poll. Help us choose our first stretch goal!

After the voting is over, we will evaluate the timetables and costs of the winning feature and add it as our first stretch goal. As ever, it is your support and your help in enlisting others to our warband that will decide the ultimate scope of Fort Triumph.

Troll Concepts (Omer Sharon)
Troll Concepts (Omer Sharon)

Patch notes (0.5.4b)

As ever we work as hard as we can to polish up the demo and add new features. We plan to release a major update with some new abilities next week, but have already released a smaller fix for version 0.5.4 (You can re-download the fixed version, or if you use Steam it should automatically update).

This includes:

  • Fixed large pillar crash in the dungeon level.
  • Fixed regular pillar toppling visual not properly drawn in some cases.
  • Solved an issue messing up tutorial texts when playing with unidentified controllers, fix will be part of the patch next week.

We still have a long list of suggestions and reported issues we are still working on, as well as many questions and decisions we will need your input for - we are ever grateful for your support and feedback, keep it coming! 

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