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Fort Triumph is a tactical RPG featuring interactive environments and epic quests in a world on the brink of destruction. Try the demo!
Fort Triumph is a tactical RPG featuring interactive environments and epic quests in a world on the brink of destruction.
Fort Triumph is a tactical RPG featuring interactive environments and epic quests in a world on the brink of destruction.
1,457 backers pledged $78,311 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. K Swanson on

      Thank you that was a very fast response.
      Activated on steam all seems good.

    2. Fort Triumph Team Creator on

      Hey K, no worries, let's get you sorted: I just triggered a resend for your access. Could you please look for an email from the Humble Bundle in your address and let me know you got it? You can also send a PM here or at if you prefer not to post publicly.

    3. K Swanson on

      I have not checked in on this in a long time.
      I am seeing comments about keys being sent from Humble Bundle?
      I seem to remember receiving an email from them awhile ago but as I am not and have never been a customer of theirs I assumed it was a scam and deleted it. I am paranoid about such things since I have been badly burned in the past.
      Any chance of having it resent?

    4. Willie Escaba on

      Thank you for resending. I have the email now. Look forward to playing.

    5. Fort Triumph Team Creator on

      Thanks for reaching out and for supporting us Willie, please check your inbox for a message from the Humble Bundle, I've just resent your access.

      If there's any further issues please reach out via

    6. Willie Escaba on

      Hi, I completely forgot I backed this project. I don't think I received an email explaining how to get my final version. Would you please let me know how to get my final version.?

    7. Fort Triumph Team Creator on

      Thanks @Thomas! We'll keep at it and are planning quite a few major changes to the world map down the road :) Hope to keep you entertained!

    8. Thomas Shey

      Just wanted to say that while I've only played it a little bit, and until the more strategic layers get in its a kind of shallow experience, so far, so good.

    9. Fort Triumph Team Creator on

      Hey Corleone,

      Your key was sent a couple of days ago to the mailbox under the domain, please look for an email from Humble Bundle in that mailbox.

      If you no longer have access to it or you cannot find it, please reach out to me at and we'll resend your access. Thank you for the patience!

    10. Missing avatar



      I also did not receive my final version. Can you let me know when I can expect to see it?


    11. Shay Zeldis Collaborator on

      @Ariel Benzakein Hey Ariel, your key was sent to the email you listed during Kickstarter (Just checked and it's an Email address under the domain). Please check your inbox and/or filters for a message from the Humble Bundle, the download links are there.

      If you no longer have access to that mailbox or have trouble finding it, please reach out to and we will assist.

    12. Ariel Benzakein on

      I never received a way to download the final version.

    13. Jeff Adams on

      Cool thanks for quick feed back.

    14. Fort Triumph Team Creator on

      Hey Jeff, glad to have you in the Early Access :)

      The windows DRM-free version is a self-extracting archive, it does not reinstall each time but unpacks game files (we were limited to 1 file per platform on Humble).

      You can open the exe in winrar/7z/your favorite extraction software, extract it permanently to your folder of choice and run the game using 'Fort Triumph.exe' which you will find inside.

      Hope this helps and have fun :)

    15. Jeff Adams on

      Hey so just got my early access however it seems to need to install each time I open it. Is this something with the build or is my computer mucking something up?

    16. Barry Pitcher on

      Thanks for the response. Just like to know progress is still being made. All looks good here!

    17. Shay Zeldis Collaborator on

      Hey Barry! Thanks a bunch for sending word :) We've been running silent for a few weeks sprinting development, but we'll have some new public announcements soon, probably before the end of February, including information about Early Access launch that's coming closer. Also feel free to send a PM to any of us on the team if you have more questions or things you want to get updated on.

    18. Barry Pitcher on

      Hi. Any chance of an update for us non beta backers

    19. Randall Stevenson on

      Backer #962 here, keep up the good work

    20. Missing avatar

      dwight whitley on

      how do i get the beta as an early access backer? i really did want to be involved in the process...

    21. Fort Triumph Team Creator on

      @Cleve Plumley Sorry we didn't see your message in time, but glad you got it :) Remember to share your thoughts and feedback to help us develop.

    22. C. Plumley on

      Nvm. I got it. �

    23. C. Plumley on

      Would like to know how to download the betas. I goto steam but no way to download just only the demo.

    24. Shay Zeldis Collaborator on

      @Igor Thank you!

      @Terry Whisenant Thanks for the suggestion, will look into merch options down the road and that's a good place to start. As for beta access - we hope to begin within a few weeks, in the beginning it will provide access to main branch builds not publicly distributed, and during Early Access it will provide access to testing branches not available publicly.

      @Robert Kamphaus II Firstly, it's pretty likely we'll put up a Paypal solution soon to hopefully reach it. It is definitely something we'd love to have in the game, and even if it's not funded we will strive to make the time and resources to do it (Same goes for the environment people voted for). If we raise further funds through other channels or partnerships, they will also be dedicated to pursuing community priorities during development - so stay tuned for our forums opening and keep telling us what you'd like to see.

    25. Robert Kamphaus II

      It's a shame we didn't reach the Hero Customization goal. If we can't reach it by people pledging through paypal, are there any plans to add that and/or the modding support in the future after the game's released?

    26. Terry Whisenant on

      When do "beta playtester" levell backers get to play? Is there a timeframe? Also, on t-shirts, you should look at doing Amazon Merchandise - they do all the fulfillment and delivery, POD style. We're pretty happy with the shirts we got from them for our game convention in Austin, ChupacabraCon.

    27. Igor on

      Congratulations guys! So happy to see this game it!

    28. Fort Triumph Team Creator on

      @Game kNight @Matt Upton @Swedishbear Thank you guys so much for your amazing support!
      Watch for a Finalé Update in the coming hour, where we'll elaborate a little more about our future plans.

    29. Swedishbear on

      Great work guys!
      Really looking forward to this game.

    30. Matt Upton

      Well done guys, you've done great! I am backer No.470, so I've been with you most of the way! You've done brilliantly, your updates have been great and most importantly of all you created a great game and put out an awesomely playable demo on Steam, which probably made the difference �� There was a moment in the middle when I doubted, and actually upped my pledge to try and help (I started at Goblin Captain and ended up at War Drummer!) Congrats again and I look forward to the Beta and full game!

    31. Game kNight on

      Aaaaand over - sad that we didn't make the 80k goal :( Maybe MikeHumphreys suggestion can be implemented?

    32. Fort Triumph Team Creator on

      @Collin Wong That could be amazing :) We do have some things in mind, so we'll see how that pans out. Either way - we will involve all of our community in the process so you'll always be up to date.

    33. Missing avatar

      Collin Wong on

      Maybe team up with Indiebox for physical goodies after the game launches?

    34. Fort Triumph Team Creator on

      @Ben Burns We'd love some merch!
      At this point though, the reason we didn't plan any physical rewards was to maximize the funds towards the development of the game, which we believe is in everyone's best interest :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Ben Burns on

      You should think about making shirts. I would buy a shirt depicting a mage setting the world on fire.

    36. Shay Zeldis Collaborator on

      @MikeHumphreys Great suggestion, we're looking into it and hope to allow something similar.

    37. MikeHumphreys on

      @Fort Triumph Team. I have a suggestion for you. A number of recent games I've backed have kept a PayPal pledge page open on their site for 1-2 months after their KS ended. The reason being they were close to reach some stretch goals which the extra funding would make possible. Backers could also use it to add additional items (i.e. strategy guide, extra copy of the game) during that time. It's just an idea to consider if you haven't already done so.

    38. Fort Triumph Team Creator on

      @LocksmithArmy You are right, fire is pretty OP at the moment, but the bigger issue is that the indication of fire is unclear in the UI. It's something we're aware of and can promise that will change when the game releases.
      If you have any other feedback please share with us! The more we hear - the better we can make this game :)

    39. LocksmithArmy

      Fire, and the spread of fire is a bit ridiculous. I shot a fireball at an enemy near a house, expecting to catch the house on fire and damage the other bad guy at the opposite end of the house. This worked, but it also caught 2 of my people on fire that were several spaces away from the fire, including the caster of the spell. Then as the fight went on, the fire spread and killed most of the goblins that spawned in that area later in the game... Its a bit much... quite a bit too much.

    40. Game kNight on

      @TriumphTeam You guys deserve every bit - the game is great, but it helps even more that the dev team is so engaged and forthcoming! I only have praise for you guys!

    41. Fort Triumph Team Creator on

      @Game kNight Thanks for supporting us throughout the KS :) Appreciated

    42. Game kNight on

      Congratulations on achieving funding for your awesome game! I can't wait to see more and play more.

      In your honor, I've started another play through of the campaign, this time on Legendary difficulty... hoping I can keep everyone alive to show off the new cool skills!

      Check it out here:…

    43. Terry Whisenant on

      @TriumphTeam Oh, man! We're global! We have more than 100 language pairings available! When you guys get a chance take a look at, we've been translating games for a while now, on top of the kind of things you'd expect.

    44. Shay Zeldis Collaborator on

      @Michaeljack @AcesofDeath7 Thank you guys :) Appreciate your support!

      @Bardon Plays Your videos helped plenty, thank you for having our back!

    45. Bardon Plays on

      Congratulations on surpasing your funding target. I hope you guys hit your stretch goal too, you deserve every bit of support you get.

    46. AcesofDeath7

      Congratulations on hitting your funding goal!

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