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Embark on a perilous adventure with turn-based combat and strategic exploration in this single player and online cooperative roguelike. Coming Soon to Steam Early Access.
Embark on a perilous adventure with turn-based combat and strategic exploration in this single player and online cooperative roguelike. Coming Soon to Steam Early Access.
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Spring Update!

Posted by IronOak Games (Creator)


It’s been awhile since our last update but I am here to fill everyone in on all things happening at IronOak Games in 2019 so far.

Let’s address the #1 question right off the bat. Physical Rewards! We’ve been getting peppered with questions about this for awhile and rightfully so as we are long overdue in delivering them.

We have made some big strides with production of the art book and it is coming along very well. Given that it is a big task we’ve recruited a third party to help expedite the process with design and layout. Hopefully in the near future we can give an accurate date on when we will begin the shipping process. In the meantime, let’s have a look at a sneak peak of the art book: 

A preview of "The Art of For the King" 1/3
A preview of "The Art of For the King" 1/3
A preview of "The Art of For the King" 2/3
A preview of "The Art of For the King" 2/3
A preview of "The Art of For the King" 3/3
A preview of "The Art of For the King" 3/3

As you all know FTK will be on PS4, XBONE and Switch in the very near future. We have been working with our publisher on a daily basis for the past many months helping work out bugs and dealing with a number of unexpected issues that have arisen. It has been an ongoing bottleneck on our side but we are very much looking forward to releasing FTK onto consoles and continuing on with our future plans.

Console Keys For Backers

You might remember that we promised to give our backers free console keys for either PS4 or XBONE. We will be sending out a survey to each of you to gather the necessary information to get you the key of your choice. Unfortunately it will not be possible to include the Switch as an option for the free key given that Nintendo does not allow developers to generate mass quantities of keys for their games without substantial cost. 

Language Addition

We have recently added two new languages to For the King: Japanese and Korean! This brings our total up to 12! It’s been really wonderful watching people from across the globe get party wiped in a multitude of languages and we are very excited to expand our Asian market. These will be the final two languages added to the game. 

Seasonal Unlocks

As FTK has now reached a feature complete state, we have added a few more fun ways to keep things fun and interesting in the long term. Seasonal unlocks are now something you can spend some of your extra Lore Points on during any holidays allowing you to get limited time cosmetics for your characters.

Future Plans

Deciding the next major steps as a game studio is not something we take lightly. Do we continue to support For the King or is our time best spent starting a new project? That is of course a popular topic around the office these days.

An idea we had been toying with (and have mentioned a few times to gauge interest) is the idea of FTKMaker, an adventure making tool for FTK. We took big strides towards completing such a tool and would love to see what the community would create. Unfortunately we have instead decided to cancel any plans we initially had for it. Weighing the pros and cons we have concluded that FTKMaker would consume too many of our resources in the long term as it would require a tremendous amount of support to be successful. The engineering lessons we learned in building our FTKMaker prototype will prove very valuable for our next project, all is not lost!

As far as what that project will be, we have had some early design discussions taking into account community feedback with the current iteration of FTK. We want to hear from everyone and get all the good and bad feedback along with some additional information from players to help guide our decision. More than likely we will be conducting a comprehensive survey that players can fill out for a chance to win some giveaways.

This will be great time to have your voice heard from the ground floor so if you have some information you would like to share about the type of gamer you are along with constructive feedback, that will be when to get involved.

Happy adventuring!

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    1. Geoff Doty 3 days ago

      I really liked the game, however eventually you will get far into the game/story and have a full party-wipe and to level a new party to where you were at takes *hours* and THAT felt a bit too grindy

      That said, I would back a similar game in a heart beat.

    2. Kevin on

      Was pleasantly surprised with this game once it released, plus the continued support really goes a long ways! Sad the creator wont be coming to FTK but I think yall made the right tough-call. Can't wait to see what you have in store next!

      @clint - I don't know why you thought this would be like HOMM. Additionally I feel the devs response, you wanted an entirely different game as to their vision.

    3. Missing avatar

      Melcirion on

      I guess that's sad for switch owners and since I don't have a PC to play then the key will stay dead in my library

    4. Missing avatar

      clint on

      As a backer, I have to say I was pretty disappointed in this game. It seemed from the early previews it would have been more like a HOMM game, but in reality it was nothing like that. I remember writing an email giving some feedback on what might could have made the game better and all I got was a 'sorry you didn't like it, oh well" type of message. Consequently I've only played 4 hours of it and got turned off completely due to it being not-that-fun.