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Update #7

Fort Apache Trailer

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Dear Kickstarter Team,

I am thrilled to announce we have a picture lock for FORT APACHE and are starting to submit to Festivals around the world. 

It's been a wild ride and over a year in the making but this film would not have been possible without your support and we are very excited to share the trailer with you first! 

Check it out on Facebook Here -

We have been deep in post production for the last couple months working with the amazing editor Joanna Naugle and were able to do our sound design at C5 the leading audio post-production facility in New York. (HUGO, Life of Pi) 

We are still finalizing color correction and sound but we hope to roll out with the finished film, DVDs, Postcards and Tee-Shirts by Mid-March. 

 We will keep you updated on screenings and festivals and will be following up on sizes, delivery addresses, and upcoming screenings in February or March. Also let us know if you would like us to try and organize a screening in your area and we look forward to taking the next step on the journey with you,

Please feel free to contact me directly at if you have any questions and we hope you enjoy the teaser! 


Addison & Team Apache 

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      Creator virtualDavis on December 14, 2012

      Bravo! Thrilling to hear that you're catapulting forward, and love-love-love the trailer. Beautiful cinematography. Looking forward to a premier in the Champlain Valley. Let me know how Susan and I can help.

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