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Fort Apache - Film Adaptation's video poster

........ Walt wants to escape ....... ........ Walt wants to change ....... ........ Walt needs your help ........ Read more

New York, NY Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on May 8, 2012.

........ Walt wants to escape ....... ........ Walt wants to change ....... ........ Walt needs your help ........

New York, NY Shorts
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About this project

                 HELP US MAKE IT HAPPEN!

 APRIL 27th - 11 Days left! We are absolutely blown away by your support so far and have a VERY SPECIAL UPDATE!! 

Bid to win a poster of HUGO or GEORGE HARRISON signed by legendary filmmaker and NYU alum Martin Scorsese!

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The proceeds will go towards our Kickstarter goal and must be pledged via Kickstarter before 11:59PM on Friday May 5th, 2012.
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                                   Director - Addison Mehr
                                Cinematography - Marc Katz
                     Producers - Sara Eklund & Nathan Waters

"Fort Apache" is the story of Walt Freely, a fourteen year old who lives in the small town of Krafton, and is emerging out of the naive world of children and into the savage world of adults, a world of indifference, sexuality, and destruction.

It is an adaptation of the Award Winning Short Story by Alan Heathcock published in “VOLT” by Graywolf Press.

                       “DARING” – The New York Times

              “POWERFULL” – New York Journal of Books

                       “POETIC” – Barnes and Nobel

                      “PROVACATIVE” – The Millions 

It’s 1948.  Post-WW2 anxieties have reached a boiling point and in Middle of Nowhere America it’s all about to explode.

On the eve of his 15th birthday, young WALT discovers a burned down bowling alley with his older brother LONNIE (21). Walt desperately wants to escape, to get out of the small town. Together, they sneak into a picture show to watch John Ford’s “FORT APACHE”. Walt bonds with the mysterious HEP (21) and the movies provide them with a momentary escape before Walt gets kicked out.

Later- the kids steal bowling balls and drive to SELMA, an upper-class neighboring town. The kids take over and re-name the town “Fort Apache”. In an act of youthful rebellion and futile desperation the kids smash the windows and break into a dress shop.

Hep asks Walt if he wants to ring the Church bell and Walt is forced to choose between going with Hep or staying with Lonnie.

Walt chooses Hep and they run to the Church. They climb the bell tower and burst out onto the belfry. While they gaze at the moon, Hep fantasizes about the movies and Walt about going west. Headlights approach as everyone from the town returns. SUDDENLY - the story comes full circle as we learn that together they burned down the bowling alley. Walt begs Hep to ring the bell, wishing things could be back to normal. Walt raises his hand up ready to strike. His hand hovers over the bell. Cut to black.

Fort Apache is challenging and unique and we need your help to make it.

                       "A New American Voice" -Spinetingler

Throughout "Fort Apache" the stark realism is leavened by a lyric energy as the lives of our characters are set afire like signal flares touched off in desperation.

"What’s at stake here is the notion that we can deal with grief and                                                      sorrow and yet maintain a life of purpose and hope...."                                -                                   The Kansas City Star

We are shooting in beautiful post industrial upstate New York also Addison's birthplace in and around Westport and Lake Placid. 

Though it is a coming of age story, Fort Apache is also a film that explores the mythology of the West and the complex relationship between film and reality. 

It is a thesis film for NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.
We have been granted a Production Allotment but still need your help!

Help spread the word! Facebook and/ or Twitter Making films is expensive but with your support we will be able to make this film happen!

Your donations will go towards-

-        Equipment!  Your donation will help us rent the camera, sound, and lighting equipment we need to make this film beautiful.

-        Food! We are working hard, we gotta eat, and food is a great way to show your love. 

-        Transportation ! We are a NYC based production but will be shooting in Upstate New York part of the budget goes towards passenger and equipment truck rentals. 

-        ACCOMMODATIONS! During the original "Fort Apache"  the cast and crew slept in log-cabins, but we want to make sure our cast and crew feels as safe and comfortable as possible. Your support will help make sure we get a good nights sleep!


I grew up in a really small town where the nearest movie theatre was over an hour away. For me, film has always been an escape- a way out, a way to transport myself into another world, and ultimately a way for me to reflect back on myself and make sense of the world around me. 

While Fort Apache is a coming of age story, it’s also a story about injustice, social inequality, and the universal struggle to find your place. To me, the story is about pushing against boundaries and dealing with the frustrations, bitter disappointments, and ultimate realizations of growing up. It’s about escape and the deep desire to transcend ones place and time. By shooting in the places I grew up in I hope to bring the highest level of authenticity to the story while visualizing it to its full potential. 

To me, 'Fort Apache' speaks to the moment in our lives when, for the very first time, we see things clearly, as they are, and wished them different.


If our goal isn’t met before the deadline, we won't be able to share this film with the world! In the event, your credit or debit card will not be charged.

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