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Embers of Caerus Investor Prototype's video poster

Be whatever you want to be in our massive medieval low-fantasy world. Putting the sand back into sandbox, and Massive back into MMORPG. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 19, 2012.

Be whatever you want to be in our massive medieval low-fantasy world. Putting the sand back into sandbox, and Massive back into MMORPG.

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Feature Week!

To thank everyone for their fantastic support, allowing us to easily achieve our funding goal, we are using the last week of our Kickstarter campaign to push out a whole host of updates describing some of the more interesting features of our game!

We hope you enjoy hearing about them, and continue spreading the word about our project and our Kickstarter. We want to know exactly who gives a buck about sandbox gaming, and who is excited about our game!

The features we have planned to cover include:

  • Death System - DONE
  • Dynamic Events Team - DONE
  • Naval System - DONE
  • Dynamic Ecology - DONE
  • Character Stats System - DONE

New Rewards

New $25 reward - Priority 2 Beta Access!

Anyone pledging $25 or more will get priority 2 beta access! The current priority beta access level is priority 1, and will gain first access to beta, but as beta progresses and we add more people to it, all of the priority 2 Beta access players will get in first before the general masses!

New $400 reward - Launch Party invites!

To celebrate hitting 400 backers, we have decided to extend the launch party invites to the $400 pledge level! Everyone who has pledged that level, or who decides to pledge at least that amount before the time is up, will get an invite to the office in Texas to celebrate the launch, have a quick tour of the office and meet the whole team!

Launch Party +1's!

As we realise making a trip out to Texas on your own is probably going to be a daunting experience, we are giving everyone who receives a launch party invite a +1 as well! Bring your friend or partner, and share the fun!

Work experience with the team!

We are giving you the opportunity to come out to Texas and work directly with the team on the creation of the game! Whether you have skills or not, this is your opportunity to have an insider, hands on view of the creation of Embers of Caerus, and maybe even get to see some of your handy work inside the finished game!

All backers pledging $2500 will get 1 week work experience with the team, and backers pledging $4500 will stay on for another week and get two full weeks working with the team! Accommodation will be provided, but you will need to make your own travel arrangements. The work experience will take place during one of the beta phases of the game.

Show your support of true sandbox games with the "I give a buck about sandbox gaming" campaign! We have added a $1 reward for those who want to help raise the profile of true sandbox games, but don't have the finances (or faith?) to donate more. Now there is even less excuse not to have your voice heard!

Embers of Caerus is a next-generation sandbox medieval fantasy MMORPG under development by Forsaken Studios. With a rich, player-controlled story, a massive, realistic game-world, and a host of innovative features, Embers of Caerus promises to be the game that sandbox fans have been waiting for! Now, with the fantastic support of leading software company Havok and access to their amazing technologies, we’re ready to take our project to the next level. And that’s where you come in…

Forsaken Studios is offering you the chance to support Embers of Caerus through our Kickstarter program. We’re developing a prototype of our game to show to potential investors and we need your help to make this a reality. In cooperation with Forsaken Studios, your generous pledges will fuel the development and production of our prototype, bring our game to the attention of the major players in the industry, and help put Embers of Caerus firmly on the MMORPG map!

We’re looking to raise $25,000 to cover software licenses and development costs. Every single cent pledged will be put towards this goal. Each and every member of our team is working on a volunteer basis to make this happen and, in return for your support, we are offering a veritable dragon’s hoard of rewards – check out the sidebar for details. And if we exceed our target amount? Then we have a fresh set of bonus rewards to sweeten the pot – but we’re keeping those under wraps for now. When we hit our initial goal, we’ll lift the lid on the pot and share some of the secrets with you!

We’re an independent game studio and we know how hard it is to make headway in the industry. So here’s our pledge: if we raise our target of $25,000 through this Kickstarter, we will kick forward at least $25,000 of our own to other independent game studios after our game is released (or if we do really well, over $25k and at least 5%). We want to recognize the generosity shown to us and give the same back to our fellow indie game designers. By helping us, you’re helping the future of our industry.

Support Kicking it Forward!

So what makes Embers of Caerus worth your pledge? It’s simple. At Forsaken Studios, we’re gamers. We love this crazy hobby of ours and we want it to be the best that it can be. But the one thing we all agree on is that we still haven’t found that perfect sandbox game that matches all our expectations and fulfills all our wildest dreams. So we decided to make it ourselves.

When it is released, Embers of Caerus will include a whole host of features that will set it apart from the rest of the pack. Level-less, classless character advancement? You got it. Massive, seamless, persistent world? You got that too. Full loot, full PvP and full-on PvE? In the bag. Extensive crafting systems and a player-controlled economy? No problem. Combat based on your skill as a player rather than tied to some in-game abstraction? Look no further. 

But it doesn’t stop there. Ever wanted to create your own religion? Ever felt like forging your own kingdom, setting the laws of the land and commanding your minions to enforce your every whim? Ever wanted to take part in a realistic siege, or become the terror of the ocean waves with your fleet of warships? Embers of Caerus will bring you all that, and more!

The following is the current feature list (see our official features page for more detail):

  • Medieval low-fantasy MMORPG

  • Level-less, classless character advancement

  • Massive (44,000sq km), seamless, persistent world on one massive server

  • "Living World" dynamic ecology

  • Dynamic weather and seasons

  • Rich back-story and player-influenced evolving storylines

  • Dynamic Event Team

  • Immersive first-person view

  • Player skill-driven combat

  • Full loot, open PvP combat

  • Death Hurts

  • Involved, dynamic naval systems

  • Realistic siege warfare

  • Territorial controls

  • Player-controlled political and legal systems

  • Player housing and city building

  • Rich player-controlled market and economy

  • Extensive crafting systems

  • Unique and challenging magic system

  • Player-influenced or created religions

  • Dozens of professions

  • And just because it’s a sandbox doesn’t mean that there’s no story to it. A rich and compelling story is at the heart of our game, with an epic main plot that spans thousands of years, and a number of major subplots and minor stories running alongside it. And all of it is influenced by you. In Embers of Caerus you are no passive bystander to a pre-scripted narrative. You’re in the thick of it, determining the fate of the world itself.

    That’s why Embers of Caerus features the Dynamic Event Team, a group of highly-experienced GMs dedicated to bringing the world to life before your very eyes. The Dynamic Event Team will be monitoring the progress of the game as you play it, modifying events, unleashing surprising plot twists and triggering fresh turns of fate from one moment to the next. You will be in the heart of a living, breathing world where everything you do feeds back into the game as a whole.

    For more details, check out our website:

    Forsaken Studios is proud to already be partnered with some fantastic middleware technology providers. Foremost among these is Havok, the award-winning software company that helped bring you hit games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, and L.A. Noire, and box-office smash movies like The Matrix, Clash of the Titans, and Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix. Havok is at the top of their game and is a recognized industry leader in the games technology field. At Forsaken Studios, we couldn’t be more excited about this partnership and can’t wait to see what incredible results it brings!

    So what do you get for your pledge? We want to make it worth your while, so we’re offering a whole host of rewards to show our eternal gratitude. We wanted to give you plenty of cool stuff for when this game releases, but as this project is just for an investor prototype, and release of the game is quite far away, we have also made sure to add in lots of rewards you can get your hands on right away! Every level of reward offers early adopters fantastic rewards, from in-game assets and wallpaper, all the way up to super-deluxe offerings including wining and dining with our executives and tours of the Forsaken Studios offices. You’ll find a summary in the list to the right, but here is a detailed list of all the rewards:

    Reward Matrix
    Reward Matrix

    Our Deepest Gratitude

    All supporters will gain our undying gratitude for choosing to spend their own hard-earned cash to support our project! Every supporter will have their name listed on our game website with a thank you for the world to see.


    You may notice we have given each of our rewards a title. Show the world of Caerus that you supported this project, with an in-game title that you can display for your character! You can also show off right away, as we are also going to include an avatar, title and special badge that you can display on the EoC community forum!

    Forum Gold

    All supporters will get varying amounts of "Forum Gold". You may be wondering what forum gold is? All active members of our community gain a weekly amount of forum gold simply for being a forum member, and forum gold can also be obtained in a number of other ways. As we get nearer to release, community members will be able to declare their allegiance to one of the 12 in-game factions. Once the game releases, all of the forum gold accrued by a faction's supporters goes into a big pot for that faction, which will help boost to that faction's starter city at the release of the game! As the game will begin with the world in a very raw and broken state, this will provide a substantial boost to all members of that faction!

    Exclusive Desktop Wallpaper

    All Yeomen and higher will recieve an exclusive supporter desktop wallpaper, with higher support levels getting additional exclusive wallpapers!

    Free download of the "Sisters of Salvation" .mp3 featuring Malukah!

    All Yeomen and higher will receive a free download of the .mp3 for the song "Sisters of Salvation", as seen recently on Youtube, and performed by Malukah! Check it:

    Reserve Your Name!

    Every Squire and above will be able to reserve their character's name for release! Names should include a first and last name, and are subject to a sensible naming policy (no vulgar names, no trademarked names etc.) and availability. Name reservations will be allocated on a supporter level, then first-come, first-served basis. Reserved names will be held for up to 6 months after release, and can be changed up until 1 month prior to release.

    Digital Copies of the Game!

    Every Reeve and above will receive a free digital copy of the game at release! Free copies of the game include 1 month of game time, after which a subscription applies (approximately $15/month.) Higher rewards also include additional game time, up to 12 months, and multiple digital copies of the game for your friends!

    Faction Wallpaper

    All Knights and Dames or higher will also recieve a special wallpaper depicting the faction of their choice! Take pride in your chosen faction!

    Priority Beta Access!

    All Knights and Dames or higher will also gain priority beta access! Priority is given based on reward level, and beta terms and conditions will apply.

    Child of Prophecy Special Reward

    "The Prophecy" - Your character name will be written into the lore of the game by a prophet in their books, journals and scrolls for others to discover and read about in the game world. You will also start the game with a fragment of a prophecy scroll that may help lead to a great discovery!

    Faction Heraldry!

    Every Baron, Baroness and higher will gain access to special faction-specific heraldry, which they can use in-game to apply to any shields, banners or certain clothing! Pick your faction, and show their colors with pride!

    Limited Reward: EoC Tee-Shirt and Mouse Mat!

    Starting with the Baron/Baroness reward, up to the first 10 supporters of each reward level will recieve an exclusive EoC tee-shirt and mouse mat!

    Platinum Club!

    Members of the Platinum Club will always be the first to know, with access to a special "Platinum Club" restricted forum on the EoC site, exclusive Q&A sessions with the developers, and hands-on access to all early test releases! This is your opportunity to get closer to the development of Embers of Caerus, and really have your say! Available to the Count/Countess level and above.

    Pioneer/Champion Special Reward!

    Choose your path! Are you a builder or a fighter? As a Pioneer or Champion of Caerus, you will gain 6 months of free game time. You will also recieve either the Pioneer or Champion desktop wallpaper, and a Pioneer or Champion full-sized poster, signed by the artist!

    Limited Reward: EoC Official Soundtrack!

    Starting with the Pioneer/Champion reward level, you can get your hands on the official EoC soundtrack! (Limited to the first 10 supporters at each level, to be delivered once the game releases.)

    Lifetime Game Subscription!

    For all Dukes, Duchesses and above, you will recieve a full lifetime game subscription! Secure your place in Caerus for a long time to come!

    Launch Party Invite!

    For all Dukes, Duchesses and above, you will also be invited to come on over to our office in Texas for the grand launch party! In fine Texas tradition, there will be a big BBQ, plenty of refreshments, and the chance to mingle with and talk to the whole development team! (Transport and accomodation not provided.)

    Signed "Sisters of Salvation" Score!

    Another reward for Dukes, Duchesses and above: receive a copy of the score to our song "Sisters of Salvation", signed by internet sensation Malukah, Miles Hancock and Dan Kobylarz from our audio team, and senior writer Mark Hope.

    *** Song and Video coming soon!!! ***

    Limited Reward: Design a Weapon, Structure or Creature!

    Really make your mark in Embers of Caerus by working with Forsaken Studios to design your very own weapon, structure or creature for the game! A special thank you also will be given to you in the games credits. Limited to the first 5 supporters at each reward level of Duke/Duchess and above!

    Get Your Face in the Game!

    For the Defenders of Caerus and above, we are giving you the opportunity to have your face in the game! We will use pictures of you to create a character in your likeness which will play an important role in Embers of Caerus, and will be in the game at release!

    Create Your Own Custom Heraldry!

    As a Defender of Caerus or above, we really want you to stand out in a crowd. Therefore, we are providing you with the opportunity to work with our artists to design a fully customised, and beautifully created custom heraldry which will be available to you in-game to apply to any shield, banner, or certain clothing!

    Name a Landmark!

    As a Lord/Lady of Caerus or higher, we are giving you the opportunity to have a landmark in the game named after you, or a loved one. We will provide supporting lore, and a special monument on the spot for players to discover! (Subject to naming policy and theme.)

    Exclusive Reward: Custom Song!

    As an exclusive reward to the Lords and Ladies of Caerus only, our audio team will write, record and master a song which matches your character's theme, and which will be used in the game soundtrack! (Available at release.)

    All-Access Pass!

    For the top 4 supporters, you will recieve an all-access pass to ALL future events hosted by Forsaken Studios! What is more, it is your "key to the studio", and it grants you access to the studio office, and the team whenever you feel like dropping by to say hello!

    Meet a Director of Your Choice!

    Again for the top 4 supporters, pick any of the directors (Dave, Lee or Rob), and we will stick you on a plane, train or automobile to go meet and dine with that guy! You will be free to ask any and all questions you may have about the game and the project, before having your photograph taken with the director and autographed! (Subject to signing an NDA, must be able to travel to the director's country, lodging is not provided.)

    Saint of Caerus Special Reward

    If anyone decides to donate the maximum amount, we have decided we will support the charity of their choice, through our game website and social media sites (must be a recognised and registered charity.) What is more, a statue will be erected in-game of you (in themed attire) in each of the main cities of Caerus. Lore will be added to the game explaining the statue, its meaning, and the message of the charity. We will also add an in-game event which will be held each year in your honor.

    Dinner with ALL the Directors!

    After we release the game, you will be invited to Texas to have dinner with ALL the directors! They will give you a tour of the Texas office, after which they will either take you out to dinner, or Dave will cook you his internationally-renowned spaghetti and meatballs! All transportation and accomodation will be provided.

    Founded in 2011 and based in Texas, Forsaken Studios arose out of a desire to exceed expectation in delivering a new revolutionary standard in MMO gaming. We aim to deliver quality in everything we do, from the in-depth core mechanics to the smallest graphical detail. We think about everything we do with the goal of providing ground-breaking immersion and a challenging and highly entertaining gaming experience. We have a feature list to die for and, while we work hard to include those features in the game, we’ll also be maintaining the standards we set on day one. No short-cuts will be taken. Forsaken Studios will provide a challenge and experience which the online gaming community has been screaming for. This is no theme-park, but you are in for one hell of a ride! 

    Rob Steele

    CEO, Founder and Creative Director

    For the majority of his life Rob has been a gamer, one with an unyielding love for a good RPG, and MMOs are no exception. Having followed countless MMOs, he has shared the heartache and frustrations experienced by so many players searching for a good game. This perspective, combined with over 10 years of amateur writing, puts him in an excellent position to help guide the Forsaken Studios team toward the creation of a great game. Even his experience with metal-working is being put to use in helping design realistic crafting systems, weapons, and armor.

    Perhaps the most exhilarating part of this project for him is that it has always been a dream of his to make his own game and to make one of his stories come to life in a RPG. Now, as the Creative Director of Forsaken Studios, Rob has the opportunity to do just that, and share it with the world.

    David Belcher

    CTO, Founder and Technical Director

    Dave started out at a young age nurturing a passion both for games, and for programming, cutting his teeth on small games written on the Commodore 64 in Basic, while learning the frustration of spending days writing code, hours recording it to cassette tape, only to be scuppered by the dreaded "Syntax Error". As an avid gamer, Dave got involved in online gaming with "Gemstone MUD" then "The Realm" (playing on a 9600baud GSM modem!), and hasn't looked back since. He has subsequently played almost every well-known western MMORPG that has been released, plus a few more obscure ones!

    While he nurtured the idea of making computer games, Dave was hindered by the fact he had no-one willing or able to create the game art, so his life took a different turn for a while and saw him enlisting in the British Army where he served for 5 proud years.

    He never lost his natural aptitude for IT however, and it soon became apparent that IT was where his true passion lay so, leaving the forces, Dave embarked on a new mission. He managed to secure a place at University, where he studied Software Engineering and honed his programming and system design skills (and achieved a First Class degree, with Honors), before moving into the IT security field. For the last 7 years, Dave has worked on all manner of systems, performing research and security assessments on numerous technologies, and providing consultancy on all forms of systems design and architecture to the highest levels of UK industry and government.

    It is this broad and very deep technological experience and training that makes Dave the perfect candidate for the position of Technical Director. He brings a deep and thorough understanding of most technological fields, and has the aptitude to pick up and learn new systems and technologies with ease. Now he is using all of that experience to ensure not only that all of our systems and designs are technologically feasible, but also to help us really push the limits of what is possible in an MMORPG.

    Lee Perkins

    COO, Founder and Art Director

    Lee's previous experience as a project manager, a manager of a small company of concept artists, 3D modelers, and animators, and as a freelance 3D artist for a Swedish games developer, has left him poised to seize his life-long dream of working in the gaming industry. Now, as Forsaken Studios Art Director, he works to ensure that the game's appearance stays true to the concept, and assists greatly in keeping the project focused.

    We are privileged to have Lee on board, as his artistic flair and eye for detail ensure everything that is created for the game is of the highest standard.

    Lee started gaming at a very young age experiencing MUDs at first before moving on to games like the Eye of the Beholder series back in 1992. He then went onto games such as Daggerfall in 1996, with its vast, open world and the sheer amount of things you could do in a PC game. After that, in 1997 – and still his favorite to this day – Ultima Online! Lee believes to this day that this is the game to beat and fails to understand why games companies refuse to see this. Since those memorable days, Lee has dabbled in many of the world’s well-known MMORPGs, but is still waiting for a company to release that perfect game using today’s technology.

    Lee got bored of waiting.



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