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$66,350 pledged of $225,000 goal
$66,350 pledged of $225,000 goal

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    1. Stephen Bonanno on November 7, 2012

      I really want these as well, but it's hard to be hopeful of raising 100k at $80 a pair when only 66k was raised at $75. I haven't seen anything else from these guys that makes me feel like the word has gotten out to more people. I sure hope I'm wrong though

    2. Sebastien Hubert on November 6, 2012

      I'm pretty excited for tomorrow. That's excellent news! I've been wanting these rugged shoes ever since I heard of them :)

    3. MayoikondaInu -迷い込んだ犬-
      on May 15, 2012


    4. Missing avatar

      schmani on May 15, 2012

      So sad :( Please keep us updated about the progress and any decisions you make. We still like the shoes (also in Europe ;) )

    5. Leetcat on May 14, 2012

      NO!. Where can we buy these?

    6. Missing avatar

      Doug Doyle-Baker on May 14, 2012

      Too bad! I was really looking forward to having a pair of these shoes for next winter!

    7. Missing avatar

      James on May 10, 2012

      why don't you make this on IdieGOGO? so you keep what you get and can give your devoted fans the shoes they want? :)

    8. FORSAKE 2-time creator on May 9, 2012

      Thanks John! Yes, we're staying busy meeting with retailers to discuss a Spring 2013 debut. You can follow our progress via Facebook, Twitter, and our Blog. Stay in touch!

    9. Missing avatar

      John Fries on May 9, 2012

      I really love these shoes! Unfourtunely, it appears that you will not reach your goal. I was wondering if they were going to be for sale later and where? Thanks for the love.

    10. Scotchworthy Productions, Inc. on May 9, 2012

      I agree with Zach's comment! I want a pair of these shoes, why isn't anyone helping get these made? Come on KS throw these guys some love, eh?

    11. Zach Jiganti on May 7, 2012

      How is this project not more popular? I've told a bunch of people about the idea and everyone's enthusiastic about it. I guess most kickstarter funders live in CA/FL or something and don't need waterproof shoes!

    12. Missing avatar

      James on May 7, 2012

      Really worried I wont get mine :( More people need to hear of these, suprised they haven't smashed the target!

    13. Missing avatar

      Shane Edington on May 4, 2012

      I want these so bad to stomp around MT in.

    14. FORSAKE 2-time creator on May 3, 2012

      We're working on it, Ed!

    15. Missing avatar

      ed rider on May 3, 2012

      come on lads, step up your game! I'm going to be pissed off if I dont get these! Go and post on every snowboard/ski/MTB/BMX/skateboard/wakeboard/surf group on facebook, do a "share this post and we'll pick someone to get free pair of shoes" thing. Not enough people have heard of kickstarter or you guys.

    16. coldh4nds on May 2, 2012

      I live in Raincouver and would pay like $200 for a pair of these retail. I wore a pair of Supra high-tops camping once, that was a bad decision.

    17. Maxwell Troop on May 1, 2012

      edit: testing Thurston Tan/Black/Purple. Super fly.

    18. Maxwell Troop on May 1, 2012

      I, like Phil, am lucky enough to have average sized feet and therefore fit perfectly into size 9. I've been testing these bad boys for the past few days (currently wearing right now) and they are great. WELL worth their weight in not-so-much-gold. A+ in comfort, style, durability and functionality

    19. Missing avatar

      Ingrid Small on May 1, 2012

      love it. Love your dance moves too. Who knew? lol. No, really it's great. Wish you great success.

    20. Evan Pulse on April 29, 2012

      definitely a product that could be marketed towards the northwest being that it rains here alot and there are lots of outdoor type people. Just an idea to help you guys grow!

    21. Missing avatar

      Tobster on April 28, 2012

      I've increased to 2 pairs to help get this moving along. Come on!!!

    22. FORSAKE 2-time creator on April 27, 2012

      Phil is a good friend of ours from college who is fortunate enough to wear size 9 which is the international sample size. Put 'em through their paces Phil!

    23. SaintWacko on April 27, 2012

      @Phil - I'm so jealous, that's the exact pair I want! How did you manage to luck out?

    24. Missing avatar

      Phil Lambert on April 26, 2012

      I just got a pair of all black Hikers for durability testing and they're wicked awesome! They're so comfortable! They look and feel like modern, stylish footwear but provide the support and protection I'd expect from a hiking boot. I can't wait to take 'em out this weekend to really put them to the test!

    25. Missing avatar

      spudman88 on April 26, 2012

      will you restart this project if the funding dose not come through? i have seen this done and work well.

    26. Missing avatar

      Johnnathan Kim on April 25, 2012

      I really don't understand why there aren't any more pledges, especially for the $75 level. For shoes of this quality, $75 isn't a bargain, it's a steal!!!!

    27. Missing avatar

      Parker Bomar on April 25, 2012

      I NEED THESE!.

      That being said at this rate it does not look like it will happen. I have posted it to reddit and some other sites but you need better look then that :/

    28. Missing avatar

      Leslie Brew on April 24, 2012

      Good luck guys! I look forward to having two great pair of shoes show up on my doorstep in the fall.

    29. Missing avatar

      Logan Zarfoss on April 24, 2012

      It's all or nothing. If it doesn't get funded fully they don't get any money, but we also don't lose any.

    30. Nathan Karlsrud on April 24, 2012

      I'm pretty stoked about getting a pair of these shoes. But, just to inform myself a little more as I'm a noob to kickstarter, if this project does not get funded in time, do we still receive the products allotted to the amount we pledged? Does the amount we pledge go toward purchasing those same products if the price goes up due to not being able to maintain wholesale pricing? Or does our pledge simply go to helping the company get off the ground? I'm fine with how it goes either way; yours is a cool idea and I'm glad to help support it. Here's hoping the rest gets funded so these questions don't need to be adressed :D

    31. Will Davey on April 24, 2012

      Yep, this seriously needs to be out there more. At the current rate this simply isn't going to get funded, but if enough people know about it, there's a much better chance of it happening.

    32. Bjørn Sætnan on April 23, 2012

      Me wants! Good luck from Norway!

    33. SaintWacko on April 22, 2012

      These look great, and right as I'm needing new shoes! Here's hoping they get funded.

    34. Missing avatar

      hannah on April 19, 2012

      i wonder if we could help... im going back to our offices in china in may. let me know

    35. Leetcat on April 17, 2012

      Woot from Canada! These boots are amazing for Canada's wet weather. I am excited to use these to hike in the snow, and run through puddles.

    36. Missing avatar

      James on April 16, 2012

      contact kickstarter or something ;)

    37. Missing avatar

      James on April 16, 2012

      Also try and get this kickstarter of the day :)

    38. Missing avatar

      James on April 16, 2012

      Thanks for the reply. You really need to social network the thing out of this. Once this becomes a big thread on a site like reddit or something you will hit it in no time. Try some news sites aswell. How are you looking target wise?

    39. Piero Manchego-Badiola on April 16, 2012

      Backing from Canada! You guys have really made a bold move and I am really excited to be a part of it! Just wondering if you could add some pictures of the t-shirt and poncho to the homepage to possibly entice those who are not getting sneakers to choose the smaller packages or for those who are just getting sneakers to upgrade to larger packages. Really want to see your goal reached!

    40. FORSAKE 2-time creator on April 16, 2012

      If we don't hit our target this year we'll be evaluating options for a 2013 release. And yes, we hope to offer pre-orders again at wholesale prices!

    41. Missing avatar

      James on April 16, 2012

      What will you guys do if you dont hit the target? will we still be able to get our shoes cheap?

    42. Missing avatar

      James on April 16, 2012

      Contact lots of media sites, we need the word out there!

    43. Wesley Whitaker on April 14, 2012

      Can't wait to rock mine!

    44. Missing avatar

      deleted on April 14, 2012

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    45. Missing avatar

      Aden Bahadori on April 14, 2012

      SWEET! Can't wait to wear these bad boys. GOOD JOB GUYS.

    46. FORSAKE 2-time creator on April 13, 2012


      Thanks! We're thrilled you like the project! To answer your question... Yes, all three styles have the same waterproof technology and perform equally. We hope to add a variety of low-cut styles in future seasons!

      Great to hear from you,

      Sam & Jake

    47. Missing avatar

      Patrick Sine on April 13, 2012

      I am making it a personal goal to get all my hiking friends in on this, we need to get you guys going, I want my Forsake shoes! The only problem at the moment is that I can't decided which pair I like the best. Do all three styles perform the same when it comes to waterfastness? Also, pending this fundraising is successful, do you have any plans for a low-cut collection?

    48. Atticus White on April 10, 2012

      Let's get these hot shoes off the belt!

    49. Marica Dacey on April 10, 2012

      great job guys! can't wait to see these!

    50. FORSAKE 2-time creator on April 9, 2012

      Thanks for the support Callum! Spread the word around Australia for us!

      Whitecat the waterproof/breathable membrane on the shoes reaches to the top of the gusseted tongue which is ~5.5 inches from the bottom of the sole.

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