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An affordable, high-resolution 3D printer for professional creators.
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Expos, Updates and Rewards

Posted by Formlabs (Creator)

Form Friends, 

After a wonderful holiday season, January whipped by in a flash. We thought we’d give you some of the highlights before February is upon us (and before the polar vortex returns). 

Shows and Events

This week, we’ll be at the 3D Printer World Expo in Burbank, CA! Pixologic and the Expo crew will be giving away two Form 1 printers over the course of the show in both a live sculpt-off and hourly drawings. Two weeks later, 3D Printshow New York will be in full swing in NYC. If you’re at either event, find us and say hello!

PreForm Advances

Our team launched PreForm software out of beta -- and after just a tiny bit of celebration, they went right back at it. PreForm 1.1 is available for download now, with a slick and intuitive interface and great new features.

Resin Rewards

We wouldn’t be here without our supporters, whether you’re a Kickstarter backer, early buyer, or ardent fan. Many of our users produce high-quality work that they show at events themselves, and we want to thank you for your enthusiasm and for spreading the word! Tell us about your Form 1’s field trip and we’ll hook you up with a liter of resin, so you can keep on Forming.

User Gallery

Our forums are a constant source of inspiration to do more, and we’re highlighting our favorite prints and posts on our new gallery page. We frequently feature your work in forum round-ups and creator spotlights. Up to something awesome? We’d love to share. Let us know on Twitter at @formlabs!

We couldn’t be doing what we’re doing without you. Form On!

Kickstarter, Done.

Posted by Formlabs (Creator)
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We’ve got something exciting to announce today. By the end of this week, we’ll have completed shipping our Kickstarter Form 1 printers.

Thank you. We’re here because of you, our first believers and first backers. Thanks for all of your patience, encouragement, and feedback.

What began as an idea and a break-out Kickstarter campaign has grown into an all-star team and a fantastic community.

Over 1,000 printers have left our warehouses. Today, there are Form 1s in the USA, Poland, Singapore, Hong Kong, and 30 other countries. A handful of printers are still in transit — we’re navigating various country-specific customs and importation processes — so if you don’t have your shipping notice yet, not to worry. Our growing logistics team is on it. As always, if you have any questions, make sure to email us at and take a look at our support site.

For our gyrocube backers — we haven’t forgotten you. These little gems have been shipping steadily. If you haven't received yours yet, you will soon. We’re shipping them out as fast as we can print them!

EuroMold: Come Say Hello 

We’ll have examples of our latest prints — and a sneak peek at our newest resin at Euromold in Frankfurt, Germany, this week. Stop by Hall 11.0 to say hello to our team and see the Form 1 in action. As always, visit our forums at and follow us on twitter.

Happy Halloween, Shipping Updates, & Company News

Posted by Formlabs (Creator)
Robert Vignone's (@polysculture) skull print is ready for its close-up.
Robert Vignone's (@polysculture) skull print is ready for its close-up.

Something about being able to create literally anything drives people — especially Form 1 users — to make the most mind-bendingly creepy stuff. It’s Halloween, and we’re thrilled to show off some of the spookiest builds that have shown up in our forums. Check out the complete round-up on our blog!

This update will also include the latest on our shipping status, company news, as well as some of the upcoming events we'll be attending.

Shipping Update

We're coming to the tail-end of fulfilling all of our orders in Europe. We still have printers left to ship to a number of countries there--Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Poland among them--but we're pleased to be able to announce that we should complete all of our shipments to Europe in the next week.

We've had some small, initial test-shipments to Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, that have gone well, but we know you're still waiting for your printers. We expect more initial shipments to go out next week, after which we'll begin shipping larger shipments over the several following weeks.

As for our Gyrocube backers--we haven't forgotten you. While we've been working hard shipping printers, we've also been working on printing more gyrocubes. Our printer farm is still growing--and not yet running at full-speed--but we're hoping to have all of our gyrocubes produced and shipped before the end of the year. Each gyrocube takes about five hours to print -- so until we have a large number of printers in our headquarters, it's slower going than we would like. Thanks for hanging on.

Big Company News

It's been a busy couple of months at Formlabs. We recently raised funds that will allow us to provide better customer service around the world, as well as focus on developing new materials and technologies. Read all about it here, in a message from our co-founder, Max.

We're really excited about the changes that this will bring and the ways in which we'll be able to better serve you. It also means that we're hiring -- if you're interested in joining us, head over to our jobs page and take a look. We're especially keen to add more great electrical engineers and material scientists to the team.

Vote for Us!

Are you in London? Check us out at 3D Printshow London next week, from November 7 to 9. And don't forget to vote for us, here, for the best 3D printer

Close to New York City? Visit our team at Engadget Expand NYC the following weekend. We'll be giving out some great prizes.

And if you're in Germany, we just had a blast at Disrupt Europe in Berlin--but we'll be back for more at EuroMold in Frankfurt in December. 

For a complete listing of events we'll be attending, see our events listing.

As always, don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Shipping Update, Webinar, and Upcoming Events

Posted by Formlabs (Creator)
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We’ve shipped 874 printers! We’re incredibly proud of how far we’ve come -- and we’re not stopping.

International Shipping 

We know that many of our international backers are still awaiting news of their printer. We’ve begun shipping out to a number of international destinations: printers have gone out to the UK, France, and Germany. We’ve also just begun shipping to Italy, Netherlands, Israel, and Australia. 

Japan, China, Moldova, Belgium, South Africa -- we haven’t forgotten you. Your printers are coming. We have some packaging improvements that we’re rolling out, and we’re continuing to learn about the nitty-gritty of fulfilling packages around the globe -- but you’ll get yours. Hang on.

If your shipping address has changed, or if you haven't redeemed your coupon, get in touch with us as soon as possible at

Printing with the Form 1 

For those of you who joined us last week for our webinar on Printing with the Form 1, thanks. There were a lot of great questions. For those of you who missed it, we’ve archived the content on YouTube. Take a look. There’s a lot of good information on caring for your Form 1, as well as on some of the features baked into our latest software update, 0.9.0.

Have additional questions? Ask them in our community forums.

Upcoming Events 

Catch the Formlabs team at one of these upcoming events. For the latest information on events we'll be attending, take a look at our forums here: upcoming events.

Somerville Mini Maker Faire 

Somerville, MA, USA, October 5, 2013

If you’re local, come by. We’ll be in our backyard, in Somerville’s Union Square from 3 - 7PM, at the Somerville Mini Maker Faire, this coming Saturday, October 5. Stop by and check out what we’ve been working on. We’ll have a lot of the great prints that we were showing at MakerFaire NYC, including some of Robert Vignone’s gems.

New Hampshire Techfest 

Wyndham,  NH, USA, October 12, 2013

3D Printshow 

London, UK November 5 -7, 2013 

We're also in the running for 'Best Consumer 3D-printer' at 3D Print Show,  so vote for us!


Frankfurt, Germany, December 3 - 6, 2013

Gyrocubes Shipping Update

As we've been focussing on getting printers out of the door, it's been tough to keep enough printers on-hand, to really pump out 'cubes. We've been shipping them out in batches of about 20 (each one takes about 4 hours to print), but it's a slow road to shipping out the full 425. 

We've recently brought a full-time print-farm manager onboard, who'll work on getting these out faster. We know that you've been waiting a long time. As we bring more printers online in our office, we should be able to push these guys out faster as well.

As always, follow us on twitter, say hello on Facebook, and check us out on Google+.

Printing with the Form 1 Webinar

Posted by Formlabs (Creator)

We've had a busy week at Formlabs, what with MakerFaire, a major software update to PreForm 0.9.0! To take it all in, we'll be hosting a webinar this coming Thursday, September 26, at 3PM EDT.

This webinar will focus on the details of working with our software and the Form 1, to help those of you who already have your machine, and prepare those of you who will soon be receiving it!

Printing with the Form 1 Webinar

When: 3PM - 3:45PM EDT, Thursday, September 26, 2013

What: A live-streaming Google Hangout with our team

To join the event, follow us here, we'll be streaming the event live on Google Hangouts, so you'll be able to watch and listen in. 

We'll be giving a company update, with our latest Kickstarter shipping numbers, as well as some shipping forecasts looking forward. 

We'll have Matt Keeter on hand, who'll tell us about the new support systems built into PreForm 0.9.0, and walk you through using the new settings effectively. 

Will Walker will discuss using the Form 1 with multiple resins, best practices on tank cleaning, mirror care, and general maintenance. We hope you'll join us!

After the event, it will be archived on YouTube, so you won't miss it if you can't attend. 

We'll post a link to our live stream on our Google Plus page and on our blog! See you there.