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Lead the Rabbit and Owl through a constantly shifting environment of light and dark space.
Lead the Rabbit and Owl through a constantly shifting environment of light and dark space.
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Progress on Release

Posted by Gary Chao (Creator)

Hi everyone,

The past few weeks have been filled with a crazy amount of crunch. Here's a run down of what we've gotten done:

  • Last week we released a closed beta build to about 30 people to test out the entirety of the levels. Out of that has come a lot of great suggestions and fixes so far
  • A whole lot of bug fixes and quality of life fixes. The game is virtually bug free
  • Another optimization pass with the underlying code for physics, with up to 7x speedup (at least on my machine) on the CPU bottleneck
  • Support for all aspect ratios (game always plays in 16:9 but has horizontal or vertical bars to keep things proportionate)
  • Story paintings have completed their first pass (14 paintings in all!)
  • Character animations are smoothed out and have animations between character states
  • Music done (pending final tweaks)

Still aiming for the June 1 release, and we'll try our hardest to meet that deadline. The game will be out the door very soon! Thanks for your patience everyone!

- Gary

June 1 Initial Release

Posted by Gary Chao (Creator)

Hey everyone,

I apologize I did not update at the beginning of this month. I'm excited to announce we've set June 1 as a specific date of release on Steam that we're going to try our hardest to go for.

Here's a little overview of what we've got done over the past month:

  • All levels ready to be beta tested (which will go out to a closed group of people next week)
  • Story is fully written out and in art production
  • Main menu revamp
  • First pass of sound (most, but not all, sfx have been touched)

Here's what's left:

  • A laundry list of little bugs/issues
  • Only 3 more animated backgrounds left, concept/sketches complete, story paintings - to be complete by end of April
  • Rolling credits
  • Final cinematic
  • Second pass of sound
  • Making sure things are good to go for Steam release

Also, a very special painting to be included in our story paintings, as requested by one of our top backers:

This is going to be a very busy 1.5 months, but I have every reason to believe we can make this deadline! Will update again at the beginning of May.

- Gary

Mid March Update

Posted by Gary Chao (Creator)

Hey everyone,

Happy Friday! We've completed the levels we set out to do, but we're going to squeeze ONE more level in which is in production for a total of 48, plus a few extra levels that I mentioned before that will be unlocked after finishing the game. 

The reason is because it covers a puzzle mechanics combination that we overlooked before, and it allows us to use another unique background for more storytelling. As I might've mentioned before, the backgrounds are significant to telling the story in combination with the paintings that will be presented every few levels. 

I'm really excited for the cool reveal (I hope I'm not over hyping it) when you all reach the end of the game. Andrew and I have been working to dream up the final level background sequences which will be a pivotal moment for the Rabbit and Owl.

In addition to levels, we've spent a lot of time squashing bugs. Oh, so many little bugs.

That's it for now! Just checking in with everyone :)

- Gary

Two more levels to go!

Posted by Gary Chao (Creator)

Hey everyone, apologies for posting this a day late. We're right on the cusp of finishing all of the levels for the game! Afterwards, we can move on to polishing the rest of the features in the game, which is basically a laundry list of small to medium things. The only major features that remain are the credits, story paintings (which we've already started to work on), the ending cinematic, final sound design, and final pass on music. Huzzah!

Here's some sneak peek of a background nearing the end of the journey for the Rabbit and the Owl...

Yes, I realize it's similar to how Mt. Doom was at the end of Frodo and Sam's journey :P

- Gary

Continued Progress

Posted by Gary Chao (Creator)

Hi everyone,

I'd like to provide a little update of what's been going on since last time. We've completed three more levels, with two more in the works. These completed ones have been sent to our artist for artwork. 

These last levels are challenging to create since there are multiple layers and mechanics interactions, so progress is slow. However, because of all these interactions, I have a feeling that the difficulty of these last levels have been turned up to 11. I hope you're all ready for a tough ending to the game!

Features currently being worked on: Revamped tutorial for more clarity, adding transitional animations between player states, and as always, squashing bugs as they come up (this taxes development quite a lot).

Hope everyone's feeling some love today! I know the Rabbit and Owl will have to spend today apart as usual :(

- Gary