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$86,835 pledged of $750,000 goal

The Mighty Mawktopus!


Very few creatures in TerVarus are feared like the mawktopus. Known to be over 30 feet tall, this behemoth has an insatiable appetite for flesh.

Its gaping maw, comprised of row after row of serated teeth, takes up nearly the whole head, leaving little room for a brain and no room for eyes. It makes up for its lack of eyesight with an acute sense of hearing and can pick up on the foot steps of a human one hundred meters away.

They are green to brown in body color with its tentacles ranging from dark purple to blood red. Scholars believe their tentacles change color based on how much flesh they've recently consumed. Mawktopus are typically covered with patches of moss along with the occasional snail or leech. Their short legs are equipped with hundreds of suctioncups near what would be its feet, enabling it to grip any terrain and move across it with ease.

They are almost always found in the swamps and jungles of TerVarus, preferring to stay close to murky water to help camoflauge themselves. Only rarely have they been sighted outside their environments and many believe it was lack of food that drove them from their native biomes.

When attacking, the mawktopus will lash out with any one of its eight tentacles. Landing a strike spells disaster for its pray because each tentacle is armed with hundreds of small hooks that are filled with infectious disaeases, but more urgently, it means the pray is now in the grasp of the mawktopus. What comes next is truly horrific.

The mawktopus will bash its pray against the ground or use another tentacle to rip it apart. Once killed or stunned, it is sent to the maw for devouring. With a mouth that is so large and has such great jaw strength, a single bite is all it takes to rip even the heaviest armored pray in two.

Luckily for the other species of TerVarus, mawktopus sightings are rare and they typically feed on the native creatures of the jungles and swamps. However, they have been known to assualt settlements that infringe upon their hunting grounds, ripping down wooden walls and towers in an attempt to kill all its inhabitants.

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    1. Madison Butler on

      So Vandar is a noooooooo

    2. Blake on

      A swamp settlement with a few of these on leashes should do the trick.

      They take care of pesky visitors and act as garbage disposals at the same time!

    3. Missing avatar

      Ryan Getchell on

      Holy Crap!, I want to slay that beast and take its corpse to a taxidermist and then mount that bad boy on my wall. That is one prize kill right there.

    4. Forged Chaos 2-time creator on

      Replace "pray" with "prey". Can't edit and I'm laughing at myself for doing that!

    5. Josh Purple on

      LUV it :) !


    6. Ace Spad3 on

      I wanna fight one, just cuz.. Haha