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$86,835 pledged of $750,000 goal
$86,835 pledged of $750,000 goal

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Until Next Time!


We see now how we've missed our mark here on Kickstarter. We came in thinking way too much of our design and not enough of our effort. We are going to change that. We are going to regroup, rework, and return.

We would like to thank each and every one of you that backed our project. You showed your faith in us and we have every intention of proving your faith was well-placed. To those that decided not to pledge, we understand and appreciate all the feedback we've received. It is our hope that you will give us another look when we return. You won't be disappointed!

In the meantime, please join us on our forums to help us plan our return to Kickstarter!

Until next time!

Forged Chaos

PS: PLEASE, if you were one of the ones that passed us up, we would love to hear why! We want to make our product and KS project better and the only way we can do that is with your input. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email us at or private message us here and let us know how we can improve!!!

Details of a Spell


Happy Friday Everyone!

Today's update is about a topic we have always been very hush-hush about - spells! We've never announced what any of our designed spells will be but it's time we changed that. I'm about to let fly with the details of a spell from the Ethereal school of magic - Scry.

A mage can cast Scry on nearly any object. He or she may then view the world through the objects point of view, even from great distances. In the right hands, the possibilities of this spell are mind-boggling!

We've also only lightly talked about spell enhancement. Let's get deeper into that as well.

Each spell will have its own list of properties you can individually enhance through research. Scry for example comes with the following properties:

  • Range - the distance at which you can still scry on the object.
  • Duration - how long the scry spell will remain on the object.
  • Stamina - lessens the amount of stamina required to cast the spell.
  • Component - lessens the chances of the spells required component being consumed. Enhance this property enough and you won't need a component to cast the spell!
  • Multiples - allows you to have Scry cast on multiple objects simultaneously.
  • Evade Detection - makes your scry harder to be detected.

And there you have it. Happy scrying!

Exploring the Depths


Hey Everyone!

Here's a video of us exploring a cave.  Sorry for the volume in the beginning - the recording software decided to auto-level me or something weird like that.  Volume gets up to normal a few seconds in.

This video should give you an idea of just how terrifying dungeon crawling can be and show you how prepared you need to be before entering!  Personally, I thought the best part is the fact that I only went about 80 meters and some of our dungeons will go on for over a mile and be filled with intersections and twists and bends to get you lost.  Yeah, we're evil like that! :)

Falling - For Your Entertainment


Someone somewhere asked if they could see falling in the game. Don't remember who or why (sorry!) but we were doing a lot of work in the game today and I thought I'd capture this little diddy for everyone to enjoy.

Poem of the Pickthorn Ghost


In 7526 the tale of the Ghost of the Pickthorn Wood begins to circulate. Though unsubstantiated, common wisdom holds that the woman who became the ghost ventured into the forest one night in an attempt to follow her fiancee to a neighboring town, became lost, and met her end somewhere in its darkened depths.


For the sweetest young lass of the city
To have no beau was a pity.
Quiet and kind,
In fact she could be quite witty.

Then came the handsome young stranger.
A clear and present danger.
He strolled into town,
On his luck he was down,
And for her it was a life changer.

She asked him “Whatever’s the matter?”
Her heart on a silver platter.
“My love cares not for me,
Tragic, you agree?”
He looked as if he would shatter.

“Perhaps you might love me instead?”
Her cheeks turned a rosy red.
A smile lit his face,
His heart began to race,
“I believe I could!” He said.

“Will you wait for me to return?
Her affections I must spurn.”
She kissed him goodbye,
Felt as if she could fly,
And for him her heart did yearn.

Every week a new excuse
But her love did not reduce.
He’d say, “It was not the time!”
It should be a crime.
For her heart to be so abused.

Her smile she kept in place,
Felt it stretch across her face..
Her lover had lied,
She’d rather have died,
Than face this kind of disgrace.

This time he came in a rage.
It was clear a war he would wage.
“The fault is on you!
My heart she slew!”
Her guilt he tried to assuage.

“You knew that this was in store.
For you said she knew of us before.
Yet she stayed by your side,
Even while you lied,
And treated me as your whore.”

Yet still she knew her love had not died.
“She fell in love with another.” He cried.
She patted his head,
“Then take me instead.”
“I could never have you for a bride!”

Disbelief shown in her eyes.
Rejected after all her tries.
He fled into the wood,
Left her where she stood,
And did not heed her cries.

So after him she chased,
Though her hope was sadly misplaced.
He was nowhere in sight,
How terrible her plight,
For it was her death she faced.

In those woods her soul became hollow.
So if you hear her sobs, do not follow.
To the ground you’ll be flung,
Your neck will be wrung,
And your heart is what she will swallow.