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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jul 1 2015


Posted by FORGE ANIMATION (Creator)

We are receiving so much proposals from composers for the music of WINDWALKERS that, even if we already work with the wonderful group STARWALKER composed by Jean-Benoit DUNCKEL (from the former band AIR) and Bardi JOHANNSSON, we decided to create a special contest to open the project to a new composer. 

Here is how it works: 

  • Compose a music on our official trailer : (we can't provide to you the sound FX sorry about that, but it will be the same for everybody)
  • Send it to us via the Kickstarter page (message) before June 21st.
  • On June 22nd we will publish the ones we prefer and let the public decide which one is the best! 
  • Don't forget to send your credits with the video!! 



If you haven't already done so, here is a link to an awesome looking open world action-RPG game called Umbra by our friends SolarFall Games, they only have 2 days left on their campaign. If you're a hack 'n' slasher, well then it looks like you're in for a treat! It's your last chance to be part of this project!!



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    1. Missing avatar

      StrangeCat on

      Simon Sapin
      (If this was for free)
      As much as I hate to say...There would be over 20 composers that would do this for free.
      You see more projects you do the more projects you get.
      You do Windwalkers Animation for free, use that as a Show Real and you would be able to get a lot more Films Games etc.
      that's how it works.
      I think is a fantastic Idea!
      Of course they say they will pay for the composers work for hire on the project so Free isn't part of this work.

    2. Missing avatar

      StrangeCat on

      Hey this is a fantastic Idea for composers! I wish I could be apart of it!
      I look forward to see what you guys decide for the music.
      But I am going to check out the trailer with out sound and see what I would do.

    3. FORGE ANIMATION 2-time creator on

      Hi Simon,
      We totally agree with you! We absolutely don't want to exploit anybody, and people who're working with us get paid, and well paid. We are doing this contest only because we received A LOT of demands to work on the Music, and actually we DO have composers working on the project, but we thought it is a good thing to open the project to someone new, someone wo's motivated to work on it, and this contest is only a way to select someone. We will not use the work freely, if we find a new composer and decide to exploit his work, OF COURSE he/her will get paid for that, this is our value, this is the way we wrok, and concerning the author rights, be sure that in France we are pretty aware of that, and our authors are very well protected.
      So we understand your comment, and that is why we want to reply to you quickly!!
      Thanks a lot for baking us and for sharing your thoughts.

    4. Missing avatar

      Simon Sapin on

      I backed this project as it looks interesting, but doing a "contest" like this is really not cool. You’re asking people to work for you for free. And you do it *while* raising money!

      Musicians, if you take part in this you’re being exploited.