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A highly functional minimalist wallet/pocket multi-tool for your bike. Made out of the strongest stainless blade steel available: S35VN
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They’re here!

Posted by CHA / O / HA Design Co. (Creator)

Finally here, more than a year of waiting...can’t believe it. They are better than any of the prototypes and the tolerance kinks are ironed out.

The pins are a little longer than the initial size making for a more secure hold on the card portion; you’re less likely to drop the card off the pins.

The finish is superb, it’s our special in-between grit, it’s grippy but not rough. Rub it down to darken the color and create a signature patina.

Keep in mind the pins may be a little tight at first, they will wear in with time and use, and will get easier to slot. I’m hand picking and sorting each pair before they’re sent out to make sure they match together.

All right let’s get shipping! Please give us some honest feedback on the tools when they arrive and you’ve used them some. We appreciate your feedback (hopefully with forgiveness on the wait period).


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    1. Jason Binde on

      Have they shipped?

    2. Miguel Angel Torres Ontiveros

      Attaboys, keep up the good work!!!

    3. CHA / O / HA Design Co. 2-time creator on

      Woot woot!

    4. Kevin Perry on

      Yay! Can’t wait to try mine out!