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A highly functional minimalist wallet/pocket multi-tool for your bike. Made out of the strongest stainless blade steel available: S35VN
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Cards heat treated!

Posted by CHA / O / HA Design Co. (Creator)

Hey everybody, sorry about the update silence. Nothing new to report until now!

I just picked up the Cards from heat treatment, and they are looking really fine!

Monday I will drop off the cards to be media blasted along with the handles, and away we go to etching then shipping!

Fill out those surveys, because you'll be getting your product in the mail soon!

Very glad to be getting everything finally in place, it's nice to be at this point for multiple reasons: I get to finally ship out to everyone, and now the process is set for manufacturing these--it will not take nearly as long.

Thank you everyone for your patience, I look forward to feedback on these parts.

Pardon and typos etc. this update is provided on my phone!

Stay safe and look forward to seeing your pledge product!


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    1. Aryeh Goretsky


      They are looking good! I cannot wait to add this to my collection of credit card form-factor pocket tools.


      Aryeh Goretsky