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A highly functional minimalist wallet/pocket multi-tool for your bike. Made out of the strongest stainless blade steel available: S35VN
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We're still on track - Not to worry

Posted by CHA / O / HA Design Co. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

I wanted to wait until I had parts to show you all, but seeing as a lot of people are worried about incompletion, let me just clear up what has happened the last few weeks.

OK, basically, we've hit most every snag we could for this production round. These things happen in manufacturing, and we just happen to bump into a lot of life issues revolving around the people working on this. 

I am not making this up I promise: first our head guy had to take care of his elderly mother, the whole family pitched in and that was very hard and upsetting for everyone and work stopped for a time because of it. Directly after (the very next week) our machinist's sister passed away... family first.

You can't make this stuff up; it's unfortunate but things like this happen. I have been shown time again that our products can get made in a timely manner from our current manufacturers, but for some reason things have been out of hand with the whole picture of bringing this together, our thoughts are with David our machinist, his family and Paul our head guy, and his family.

So, no matter how upset you may be about the delay, just keep in mind that we are on top of this as much as we can be. Keep in mind too that we don't own any of the machinery and we rely on a network of people to accomplish our goals. This is why we have been taking steps as we go along to localize more and more processes, and we will be speeding up different areas as time goes on.

I wanted to have something to show you but, alas the messages...we're here, just hold on I promise it will be worth it and you will get a top notch product!



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      David T McClellan on

      It has been a month and a half since your last comment. You missed my son's September birthday. Any chance you'll be ready before Christmas?