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A highly functional minimalist wallet/pocket multi-tool for your bike. Made out of the strongest stainless blade steel available: S35VN
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So the fixture was damaged....

Posted by CHA / O / HA Design Co. (Creator)
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Hello everyone,

Just a quick update on the Cyclist Card.

So we had an unfortunate accident in the machine shop: our machinist's assistant entered the wrong vector for a machining process and it had the unfortunate side effect of hitting the fixture that holds the parts in place, and damaged it pretty badly...

So that's no bueno, but as always we are keeping on it. Paul is on top of it, and has taken it upon himself as he always does for us to get it right, rather than quick+wrong, which is what we love!

So you/we're in good hands, not to worry. There's just always some growing pains with new products, it's how it goes. 

You will be getting your pledges! I'm all about that! I'm quite ready to get your feedback and input, constructive criticism, the whole lot so we can make this and future products the best they can be!

You can Look forward to well & properly made products with our full attention to it's detail! 

Thank you all for being patient,


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