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From the mind of Fight Club author, Chuck Palahniuk, comes a once-in-a-lifetime film adaptation of the award-winning novel, Lullaby.
From the mind of Fight Club author, Chuck Palahniuk, comes a once-in-a-lifetime film adaptation of the award-winning novel, Lullaby.
5,186 backers pledged $405,189 to help bring this project to life.

An Update on Fulfillment and IndieGogo InDemand

Posted by Josh Leake (Creator)

Hello backers!

We wanted to give everyone an update on where we’re at with the fulfillment process, as we’ve been receiving some questions about the status of shipping and the ETA of rewards.


The first wave of Lullaby t-shirts are now being shipped! Our first Lullaby rewards have arrived at our warehouse with more shipments on the way, and Team Lullaby is processing and shipping with the hopes of getting as many rewards to backers by the holiday season as possible. Please be patient as the volume of rewards is immense and we will be working hard daily to deliver your rewards in a timely fashion. 


So why is it taking so long? We’re using all American businesses for fulfillment, many of which are local Portland businesses. This includes screen printing the t-shirts, printing the art prints, and embroidering the beanies. Sure, we could have outsourced this process and gotten you your rewards a little sooner, but we’re Portlanders, and keeping our business local is important to what we believe in and our campaign! We here at Team Lullaby are all about quality, and that’s what you’re going to receive with your rewards.

Keep in mind that we have a lot of things to ship. Over 3,000 t-shirts, nearly 1,700 art prints, and over 1,200 beanies. That’s a lotta merch! We at Team Lullaby is tackling the shipping ourselves, and all of it is going to be done here, in-house, so you can only imagine the task we have ahead of us. We are excited and looking forward to getting everyone together and shipping all of your rewards. We’ll make sure to post some pictures to our SnapChat and other social media accounts during the process! If you haven’t added lullabymov on SnapChat, here’s our SnapCode:


If there has been a change in your address, and you’d like us to ship the rewards to a different location, please contact BackerKit at and they’ll straighten that out. If you have any other questions, please send us a message here on Kickstarter and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Also, if you have not yet filled out your survey via BackerKit, please do so. There's still 369 unanswered surveys. Even if you pledged a dollar, filling out your survey will greatly speed up the process of fulfillment on our end.

IndieGogo InDemand

We’ve got some new and exciting news to share will all of you!

A couple months ago IndieGogo approached us about opening an InDemand store. Seeing the success of the Lullaby Kickstarter campaign, IndieGogo wanted to help us make sure Lullaby gets made into the movie everyone wants to see.


Today we are launching our Lullaby IndieGogo InDemand store. Through our InDemand store, you’ll be able to get exclusive IndieGogo t-shirts and art prints, with designs not previously available here on Kickstarter. You’ll also be able to get tickets to backer only screenings, beanies, DVD/Blu-Rays of Lullaby, as well as autographed and personalized copies of Lullaby and the Lullaby movie script co-written by Chuck and director Andy Mingo! We’re also offering a new reward, the Lullaby swag bag, which includes Lullaby stickers, bookmarks, temporary tattoos and more. All rewards on IndieGogo will also receive a behind the scene photo book and Lullaby soundtrack download.

We at Team Lullaby also want to reassure all of our Kickstarter and BackerKit supporters, that orders for all of your Kickstarter rewards will be fulfilled and shipped before the IndieGogo rewards. Shipping your rewards is our utmost priority.

As a special thank you for your patience and support, following these links to the Lullaby IndieGogo InDemand store and purchasing an exclusive IndieGogo t-shirt or art print, will unlock a free Lullaby swag bag! This secret perk can only be accessed via these links and numbers are limited and only available to Kickstarter backers.

Thanks again for everyone’s patience, as well as your donations and support. We’re really excited to get you what you pledged for and to make this movie!

-Team Lullaby

Don’t forget to follow us on social media for everything Lullaby! 

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    1. Josh Leake Creator on

      @Matthew Upton: depending on your item purchased.

    2. Matthew Upton on

      When our items ship, will we get a confirmation or tracking?

    3. Boaz Halachmi

      @Josh: Maybe you should add a 3rd secret perk (which I didn't know excised and it's quite exciting idea) with the shirt+print+swag. If anyone will want everything.

      @Hayley: I don't see the problem. They want to raise more money and they came up with a great idea. Don't want to spend more, up to you. It's a chance for you to spread the word and maybe offer some of your friends the option to get this secret perk. They will get a better reward and you will enjoy a better movie, as the creators will have more funds. It's a win win for you.

    4. Josh Leake Creator on

      @Air The signed books will go out in the first wave of shipping with the t-shirts, beanies and art prints. That includes copies of Lullaby, FC 2, Bait, and all the leather bound editions as well.

    5. Air Weaver on

      What's the status on signed books? I figured there would be a lag time for Bait, so I got a fresh copy to actually color in, but I am psyched to get my signed copy soon.

    6. Josh Leake Creator on

      @Hayley Thanks for your comment and your concern. We wanted to clear a few things up about what the differences are between the IndieGogo store and the Kickstarter campaign. The IndieGogo InDemand store is another way that people can help to support the movie now that the Kickstarter campaign is over. There's no funding goal with IndieGogo, no target to reach, we just want to provide people with another option to support making this movie and at the same time, provide some cool perks and rewards.

      Making movies is a really expensive endeavor, and we want to make Lullaby the best possible film. The IndieGogo store shouldn't take anything away from the Kickstarter campaign, and the amazing support we received, only allow people the opportunity to help make Lullaby the best film it can be. We are incredibly grateful to all our Kickstarter backers. Without the 5,186 Kickstarter backers, we could never even begin to imagine making Lullaby.

    7. Josh Leake Creator on

      @Lauren Thanks for all your support!

    8. Josh Leake Creator on

      @Boaz The art print and t-shirt designs will be up shortly

    9. Hayley Rosenblum on

      I understand the need to continue to raise funding, and your willingness to experiment and use the internet in interesting ways, but writing about your IndieGoGo store to your Kickstarter backers expecting us to be excited about is a real shame. It dilutes the community you built here to link us to another store with "exclusive swag" - I mean we've already bought the pitch and gave money, now I just wanna hear stories about how you're working on the film and the people you're working with, not more stores to shop at.

    10. Lauren Hogan on

      No worries Josh (and team!) Looking forward to the rewards .. hope the project is all going well!

    11. Boaz Halachmi

      Where can we see the shirt and print design? I cannot order if I don't know how it looks. Thanks.