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A beautifully designed tiny Bluetooth module, packed with features: Fully control your DSLRs settings. Wireless. From your smartphone.
A beautifully designed tiny Bluetooth module, packed with features: Fully control your DSLRs settings. Wireless. From your smartphone.
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foolography and Triggertrap. BAM!

Posted by foolography GmbH (Creator)




with just 4 days to go, we are nowhere near the end! Once again, we have exciting news for you:

We are proud to announce a cooperation between foolography and Triggertrap. That's right, we're making our Unleashed compatible with the Triggertrap app, and the Triggertrap app compatible with the Unleashed! So every one of you backers can use both our app as well as all the cool triggering features of the Triggertrap app that you might already be used to, but now wirelessly with your Unleashed!

  • Cable Release Modes like the 'Quick Release' (Push and hold the app's shutter button, then release button to take a picture) or 'Press and Hold' (Touch to the button to start the exposure, release to stop).
  • Sensor Modes like the Sound Sensor (Trigger your camera using sound, perfect for remote selfies or high speed photography.), Vibration Sensor (Use the accelerometer on your iOS device to trigger the camera based on vibration.), Peekaboo (Use face detection to trigger the camera! Set the number of faces that need to be in shot and then your iOS device will trigger your DSLR as soon as it sees enough faces.) or Motion Sensor (Use the camera on the iOS device to look out for motion and trigger your DSLR as soon as there is enough movement.).
  • Timelapse Modes like 'Timelapse' (Type in your interval and hit the red button to start.), 'TimeWarp' (Like timelapse, but with added acceleration.), 'DistanceLapse ' (Uses the GPS on your phone to trigger your camera based on distance travelled. This mode is perfect for road trip timelapses.) 'Star Trail' (Set the number of exposures, exposure time, and the interval. This mode gives extreme exposure control and allows you to create perfect star trail shots every time.) 'Bramping' (Bulb ramping timelapses for everyone! Perfect for nailing the day to night, or night to day timelapse. Set your start and end exposure, number of exposures and interval and the Bramping mode takes care of the hard bit for you.)
  • Long Exposure HDR Modes like 'LE HDR' (Long exposure HDR sets. Set your middle exposure, the EV step and the number of exposures and Triggertrap Mobile takes care of the rest.)
  • LE HDR Timelapse (Like LE HDR, but with timelapse. Set the middle exposure, interval and EV step and Triggertrap Mobile will capture brackets of three shots, perfect for timelapse.)

(NOTE: timelapses, exposure ramping, etc are even more precise in the foolography app, as the interval timer is in the Unleashed’s hardware, and will continue to work even when the bluetooth connection might drop - but of course you can use the Triggertrap app for those too)

We’re convinced you’ll love this and think these news are even more worth sharing (hint, hint!). Buying the Unleashed you’ll now have the perfect smartphone remote control with our advanced app, packed with features, as well as the popular app allowing you to trigger your DSLR in fun and unusual ways, which we're sure many of you already use and love - now you can enjoy it without the cable! For those of you worrying about the iPhone 7's lack of a headphone jack, you can now stop worrying and look forward to the bright, wireless future.

Let us know what you think, and don't forget to tell that friend of yours that loves to use Triggertrap all the time ;-)

Greetings, back from Berlin

And here some cool examples of what you can do with the Triggertrap app – now wirelessly:

Eggexplosion by Alex Molick
Eggexplosion by Alex Molick


Long exposure by Calvin Munhuweyi
Long exposure by Calvin Munhuweyi


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    1. foolography GmbH Creator on

      @Darren: We completely understand everyone disappointed by Triggertrap and the ADA project. Big mistakes were made, no doubt! We're sorry if we opened old wounds with this announcement.

      Just because we're cooperating to make their very cool and very popular app (unrelated to ADA, btw.) compatible with our Unleashed, in no way do any of our Backers have to worry that we're going to put our project at risk, or that we might repeat Triggertraps mistakes. We won't!

      This is only about making the fun triggering methods in their app available to you. For free! Wirelessly! In addition to all the great features in our own app!

    2. foolography GmbH Creator on

      @C.D., @Maurice: You have absolutely nothing to worry about. We are cooperating, not partnering per sé. Our cooperation means that we each make our own parts compatible with each other - Their extremely popular triggering app, with our Unleashed. The huge customer base of this app (and the accompanying red triggering cable) was the reason why they finally had to cancel their ADA project. We're just providing that same user-base a wireless future together.

      To clarify: we remain seperate entities, each working on their own products, and providing everyone with additional functionality. We are opening our triggering API to them, and they will add the wireless triggering part to their App. If anything else comes of the cooperation with a "failed KS project" company, it's only positive - we can learn from all their mistakes, and make sure we won't make any similar ones.
      I'm sure most backers of the ADA project backed Triggertrap because they loved the Triggertrap Mobile Kit (the red cable with dongle) and the Triggertrap mobile app, right? It's this great app that the Unleashed will become compatible with.

    3. foolography GmbH Creator on

      @Tobias: Ja, aber eben nur im Bulb-mode für Long-Exposure HDR.

    4. Missing avatar

      Darren on

      @creator, I believe there's nothing particular about foolography but after reading the following story, @triggertraphaters sound right to feel angry & worried.

      Although I didn't backed triggertrap's failed kickstarter project and you still remain separate entities, this co-operation didn't make me happy, as well. I'm gone too.

    5. Missing avatar

      Maurice Uijlenbroek on

      I completely agree with C.D.

    6. Missing avatar


      Oh, the same TriggerTrap that ripped off its backers by giving them nothing for their pledge? Are you out of your minds? If you partner with those crooks, I'm canceling my pledge and so should everyone else. Just go over to the TriggerTrap Ada Kickstarter page and take a look at the comments.

    7. Missing avatar

      Tobias Weiler on

      Bedeutet das die HDR Bracketing Funktion (bis 12 Bilder) kann dann sowieso über die Triggertrap App genutzt werden? ;)