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Help us open Foodseum's first interactive exhibit by Spring 2015.
Help us open Foodseum's first interactive exhibit by May 2015.
Help us open Foodseum's first interactive exhibit by May 2015.
312 backers pledged $33,445 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Chicago Foodseum Creator on

      Thanks to everyone again for the amazing support! We're currently sending out the survey's for your Kickstarter rewards, if you have any questions please feel free to message us.

      We're excited to have everyone's picture as a part of the Kickstarter mosaic. Please be sure to send a photo of yourself to Thanks!

    2. Missing avatar

      Vienna Beef Ltd on

      What a great Chicago endeavor. Chicago, Food, Crops, Livestock, Restaurants, Creativity, History and Tradition all wrapped up in one. Welcome Foodseum.

    3. johnny McWilliams on

      Congratulations! I can smell the deliciousness of foodseum already! Let’s get cookin’ on this exhibit.

    4. Chicago Foodseum Creator on

      Please excuse the typo in the last update, 38 hours to go when it was posted :) Thanks!

    5. Chicago Foodseum Creator on

      Thank you all of the encouraging comments! We can't say enough how much we appreciate your support!

    6. Missing avatar

      Vito Fasulo on

      Congratulations - we very proud of you!

    7. Virginia Thompson on

      Keep it up!!! I'm a little late to the party but super excited for the first exhibit next year!

    8. Chicago Foodseum Creator on

      Thanks for all the great comments! Hot Doug fans, the first 15 donors are in, thanks for the support!

    9. Kristen Machczynski on

      We love Doug!! Hooray for Doug!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      We love Doug!

    11. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      We love doug!

    12. Brodi C on

      We love Doug! :-) This is a great idea!

    13. Missing avatar

      Amy Harris on

      Thrilled to support Kyle, Suzie and the rest of the hard-working Foodseum Team -- nomnomnom!

    14. Albin Antony on

      Can't wait to have foodseum in Chicago!

    15. Missing avatar

      Virginia Matulenas on

      Greatest idea ever! Foodseum speaks to the heart of everyone-- food is the universal language!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Shelby Montague on

      CAN NOT WAIT for Foodseum!! This is going to be an amazing contribution to Chicago and I couldn't be more excited!

    17. Aaron Senser on

      So excited! Good luck, guys!

    18. Christian Bundy on

      I'm way too excited for this – can't wait to fly out for the opening!

    19. Missing avatar

      Susannah Buckley-Green on

      Such a great project, I can't wait for the Foodseum to open!

    20. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      Sounds like a great project, looking forward to visiting!

    21. Aubre Andrus on

      Can't wait for Foodseum to enter the Chicago food scene!

    22. Missing avatar

      Lois Wilkins on

      Looking forward to visiting the Foodseum!

    23. Missing avatar

      Suzie Fasulo on

      Looks like we're moving the needle! Can't wait to see Foodseum open!

    24. Chicago Foodseum Creator on

      Thanks we really appreciate the support! And also thank you for the ranking information on Kickstarter. We'll be sure to encourage more comments!

    25. on

      I have enlisted some help from a couple of sources from fiver and will let you know when and if I see any traction.

      Peter from iDined

    26. on

      Kyle, perhaps you are unaware of this, but apparently part of the Kickstarter ranking in our projects has to do with the activity in the Comments section. Just a helpful gift from iDined to you for the holiday season, share this with your other backers of other projects and make the gift keep on giving. Make sure you tell your backers to come back and add a comment each day.

      Peter Gits from the iDined project

    27. Chicago Foodseum Creator on

      Thank you for the support Aaron!

    28. Aaron Siegel on

      Great idea. hope to see this fund!

    29. Chicago Foodseum Creator on

      Thanks Beau, we appreciate the support!

    30. Beau D'Arcy on

      Awesome idea! Can't wait for this to become a reality.

    31. Chicago Foodseum Creator on

      Hi Koyore, the annual membership card is included in the $100 pledge level!

    32. Koyore on

      How much is an annual membership card?

    33. Chicago Foodseum Creator on

      Thanks Sam! Really appreciate the excitement, will do!

    34. Sam Chau on

      Pretty excited about your project!! Please update us when it launches!

    35. Chicago Foodseum Creator on

      Thank you Atlantic Saltworks! We really appreciate the support and definitely will let you know, 'salt' would make for a really fun exhibit!

    36. Atlantic Saltworks on

      heard about you on Eater! best of luck and if you ever do something in the museum on salt, let us know!

    37. Chicago Foodseum Creator on

      Hi Koyore, thanks for the excitement! Good news! The mosaic is included at the $25 pledge level (and at all levels). General Admission Tickets are valued at $8 per ticket. If you would like to increase your donation by $16 (for 2 tickets) bringing your total to $41, we'll happily include 2 tickets when you receive your reward. Please let us know if you have any further questions!

    38. Koyore on

      How can I add tickets to my pledge? I did the $25 pledge, but also want 2 tickets as well, with the mosaic, I Northwest Indiana, and Chicago dogs are my favorites. Mcmurphy;s especially

    39. Chicago Foodseum Creator on

      Thanks Aaron!

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