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A teenage coming-of-age story. A live event that reveals what people really think. A way to more meaningful political dialogue in 2012.
A teenage coming-of-age story. A live event that reveals what people really think. A way to more meaningful political dialogue in 2012.
275 backers pledged $27,082 to help bring this project to life.



We've had an incredible day! Thank you for all you are doing to make everything happen -- to everyone who has increased their pledges & to everyone who has who recruited new people to become backers! Today alone over $3,000 has already been pledged -- which any way you think about it is incredible!

At this point, it all comes down to some pretty simple math: We now have 244 backers (welcome backers #224-#245 since our last Update this morning!). If ONE QUARTER of our current backers recruit new backers (or a single backer) to the cause who pledges $50, then we WILL meet our goal. Earlier today Joy Campanaro, one of the hosts of our San Diego screening with her husband Tom, also made a suggestion in the comments section, which we think is best left in her words. You've already done so much, and we are already so overwhelming grateful for the belief and trust you have in all of us.

SO IF YOU ARE WILLING: In these precious next FOUR HOURS, can you call at least FOUR PEOPLE up on by phone & ask them to JOIN US?

-- You care about the future of our country & improving the level of the current political discourse
-- You believe in what we are doing with FTL & RCI to change the debate for the better
-- You feel that independent filmmakers working outside traditional funding should be supported
-- You are a thoughtful and independent thinker & you see a unique opportunity to encourage that in others through the unique distribution strategy we've mapped out for this film

And if you believe in me, and we, the Filmmakers -- that is of course an added plus.

Our micro team is working the phones & the internet non-stop until we meet our goal. And we're going to make it. If you can do that little bit more to push us over the edge from the 89% we're at now up over 100% we would be speechless!

ALSO: Since we mentioned this on Facebook earlier today -- we also feel that it would be totally AWESOME if in the NEXT FOUR HOURS we could surpass 300 BACKERS. That's 55 more BACKERS -- and in spite of the URGENT URGENT URGENT need we have to get another $2933 overall, we remain excited every time a NEW BACKER ALERT comes into our INBOX over here at Changeworx central in Brooklyn regardless of the amount pledged!

Thanks to everyone for all you've done & all you're doing to put us over the edge into the land of the "RECENTLY SUCCESSFUL"!

We are going to do it -- and as if you need any further inspiration, below are a few shots of the guys setting a tone of "strength" for us to follow!


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