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A teenage coming-of-age story. A live event that reveals what people really think. A way to more meaningful political dialogue in 2012.
A teenage coming-of-age story. A live event that reveals what people really think. A way to more meaningful political dialogue in 2012.
275 backers pledged $27,082 to help bring this project to life.

Lucky sevens 71%, $7775-to-go say TODAY is the Day Before the Last Day

FIRSTLY: If you'd like to while reading or anytime, you can listen to one of our favorite tracks the incredibly talented Zack Martin did for the film -- appropriately titled "Coming-of-Age" -- by pressing play at the bottom of your screen. And now on to "Update #12":

To those who are making it all happen,

We welcome 34 backers since our last update – thank you, wonderful people! And thanks to you, we now stand at just over 71% of our goal with just 43 hours to go (Check out the top photo below -- trending upward!)! That's just $180 per hour until the end of the campaign in LESS THAN TWO DAYS – and we're becoming more confident we can get there!

You have already done so much! And because I know you believe in what we are doing, I hope you'll you'll help out with a final push – and that you'll tell friends & family about the important work we are doing to change the political conversation in our country for the better. It is urgent work, time-sensitively linked to the current election cycle, and I think you know by now that all pledges made already completely disappear (whoosh!) if we don't meet our goal that is now just $7775 away.

Did you realize that if every person who has already backed us figures out a way to raise $42 more somehow that we will meet our goal? Some of you have been generously adding more to your pledges – in some cases even multiplying them because you realize how close we're getting -- completely amazing of you! Some of you are also sending individual, personal emails to others you think may want to support us but haven't yet – and it's these emails that are bringing us new backers at an incredible rate. Can you go that extra mile and recruit a couple more backers at any level today?

The people you may want to write to might even be mutual friends of ours. Perhaps you want to write to a few of them individually and ask if they've supported us too? They may not be on my personal distribution list, and may not even know about the project. Thank you for including this link with any emails you send:

If you have Facebook and Twitter accounts, we would also be grateful if you can help continue raising awareness by pointing to the URGENT situation we're in right now – by sharing the above link via social media with an urgent call for action: “It's YOUR LAST CHANCE to support a film with the power to change the political conversation in America for the better!

Tonight we also received a visit from my Godmother Sharon, in with my only first cousin, from Vancouver. You know it's getting late in a Kickstarter campaign when family comes over and someone (that would be me) says “You know what I just realized – this is a gathering of five backers!” At least they thought it was funny (see below)!

Thanks again for your support – more updates will be coming very soon (including details about a last-minute opportunity for an exciting live streaming show featuring ALL THE MAIN PARTICIPANTS at 3pm TODAY as soon as we have them).

You are making a huge difference, and we can't tell you how much we appreciate it!


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