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Folk to Folk is a documentary project about young folk-inspired musicians and communities in America today.
Folk to Folk is a documentary project about young folk-inspired musicians and communities in America today.
99 backers pledged $5,662 to help bring this project to life.

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New videos, new site, new life

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Hello Kickstarter backers! It's been a while but we have exciting news. We've officially launched our new site at It's an interactive map tracking our travels around the country during the past two years, with photos and videos from our stops. Please click around, explore and share. And note that while the site works on most browsers and screen resolutions (it looks kinda weird on Firefox, and plz don't look at it on your phone), we suggest full screen on Chrome - but you do you.

Tell us what you think! And if something doesn't work - tell us that too. We'll be adding more features and continue updating the site as we finish editing the last of our interviews. YAY!!!

While you're clicking around, we hope you'll notice a few new videos we've recently posted. First, a performance by Spitzer Space Telescope at his studio in Chicago, and an interview with Zoe Boekbinder, filmed during the last days of her August 2012 Beauty Shop residency in Fairfield, Iowa. Please enjoy and spread the word. We couldn't have made this happen without your support. 

Hoping Machine: A short on DIY spaces across the country

Hi all - 

We cut together this short last week focusing on DIY spaces we've visited in our travels, featuring some not-yet-seen road and interview footage. We hope you like it! 

Emma, Nina and Andrew

March March March

Hi all,

It's March, a year since we began this Kickstarter, and its been an incredible year for us thanks to all of your support. We wanted to check in and let you in on our progress, and take a minute to keep you updated on some changes we're making to the Folk to Folk project.

First, for fun new things! Early this fall we were invited to True/False Film Festival in Columbia, Missouri to be the festival's "Official Busker Film Crew" - which means that from Feb. 28th to March 4th, we got to run around with cameras and audio equipment capturing as many of the street performers who come to town to busk during the festival as possible. We've already got one video from T/F up - Yes, Ma'am, a street band from New Orleans.

That's the latest in our filming news, but more importantly, we want to talk format.

In editing all our footage over the past 6 months since our last trip, we've decided that this project will work best as a transmedia documentary project, rather than a short film. So, instead of working to scrap together the themes and talking points and insights we've gathered into one 45 minute documentary, we're experimenting with multimedia storytelling of a different nature.

Our first step is to create an interactive map to organize our videos. This will give every voice we've captured the space to be heard, without having to squeeze into the context of a larger film. It will also give our audience the power to pick and choose who they want to hear/see/experience each time they visit our site, putting the creation of a narrative into your hands. We've been working hard to develop this map concept with a designer and developer, and we hope to have a beta version sometime in early April.

We're also researching other interactive storytelling platforms, and we're excited to see where this idea ends up. But in the meantime, we promised you DVDs and full film downloads, and we still want to show you how much we appreciate your donations - because, seriously, without you guys, none of this would exist at all.

So, we've come up with a couple of ideas, and we want to know what you think.

Option 1 - Digital downloads of any/all webisodes we've put up or ever will put up for your personal collection. We've made it so you cannot download our webisodes without a code, and we will give you that code.

Option 2 - DVDs with a compilation of these webisodes for your offline consumption. You can send us a list of the ones you want, or we can choose at random. DVDs will come with custom-made DVD cases and notes and love.

Option 3 - You tell us. A Folk to Folk flannel? Pajamas? A drawing of what we imagine your face looks like? A detailed atlas? Stickers? If we can do it, you can have it... within reason.

Again, we are so, so thankful for your support. We'll continue to update everyone on our progress as we... progress.


Folk to Folk

Folk to Folk is thankful for all of you

Hi friends,

Here are some updates since we last spoke:

1. We DID go on the road. We spent all of August driving around the country, stopping in Buffalo, Columbus, Bloomington, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, Seattle, and Fairfield. We spoke to amazing people, heard amazing music, learned about amazing community projects, and did our best to document it. And we couldn't have done any of it without your help. Thank you all so much. 

2. We are now in post-production, which is going to take a little while. But we don't want you to forget about us. So we'll continue to release songs and mini-interviews. Most recently, we've put up an interview and session with The Wild, and a session with Paper Bird. We embedded the sessions in this update. We hope they make you smile.

3. Our bud A City Lion helped us make a gorgeous website! From now on, will house all of our completed videos, while will continue to chug along with quotes, inspiration, thoughts, photos, updates, and other digital ephemera. Update your bookmarks<3

4. We were invited to True/False Film Festival in Missouri at the end of February! More updates on this later. We couldn't be more excited.

5. REWARDS. We haven't forgotten! Our first batch of compilations went out before we took to the road. The second batch will be on its way shortly. The atlas is on the verge of being completed. And the T-SHIRTS are in the crafting stages, due out right around the holiday season. So if you haven't sent us your size/address or if those have changed since we sent out the survey, be sure to update your information. 

That's about it! We'll try and send more updates as we continue post-production, but we don't want to flood your inboxes. So be sure to

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Check out our Website

for continued updates.

Folk to Folk

Folk to Folk is throwing a show and we'd love to see you there!

Hello wonderful supporters of Folk to Folk!

As we gear up for our jam packed end of summer adventures from Newport Folk Festival to the West Coast and back, we're putting on a show in good old Allston, Mass.  on Monday, July 16th with three wonderful bands. If you are in the area, please come! 

We've got:




Here's the Facebook event information:

RSVP and message us for the address! We hope to see you there.