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Folk to Folk is a documentary project about young folk-inspired musicians and communities in America today.

Folk to Folk is an evolving multimedia documentary project looking at a new generation of folk musicians and folk communities across America. Through a combination of words, photography, audio recording, video, and online media, we've set out to explore the role that folk music plays in different music scenes across the country and talk to the people playing it about how they're using it to promote participatory spaces, punk/DIY ethics, and a new look at an old tradition. 

UPDATE (3.30.12)

We've reached our Kickstarter goal! Thank you so much to everyone for all of your support! Anyone who's pledged a donation and/or shared our project - we really couldn't have done this without you. This means all the funds are going to go through and we can actually make this a reality! We can't wait to continue working on this, and we promise that it's going to be worth it. 

We still have some time to go, so we are still welcoming any and all donations. There are a lot of expenses associated with filming, producing, recording, and traveling, and the more funds we get the better this will be. Also, the Folk to Folk extended family is composed of amazing people who have been helping us out for free, but we'd love to be able to pay them. This way, we can support the amazing audio crew who's been mastering our sound, and even add on some graphic design/web design help! Our stretch goal is $4500 - can we hit it?


We're the three kids you see awkwardly busking in that video up there. Separately, we're music journalists, storytellers, photographers, writers, creative nerds/nerdy creatives, and enthusiastic show-goers. Together, we're a powerhouse of determined documentary makers who began this project out of a love of folk music, people, and the people who make folk music, and proceeded to pack into a Toyota Camry and drive around the southeast for three weeks to track the evolving folk narrative through America's contemporary music scenes. And we can't wait to do it again.


Although there's always an element of nostalgia in folk, there's something new happening here. This is not a revival of the sixties. Contemporary folk communities don’t deify Dylan-esque figures - they encourage a polyphony of voices. Plus, everyone knows that the internet gave us bedroom DJs and synth-goddesses, but more traditional forms of music are still important to a lot of people. And while some people think the internet is out to squash acoustic music and human interaction with a Garage-Band-shaped fist, the internet actually democratizes the way people organize shows and share music, and facilitates offline interaction by connecting people on a local and national level. 

This is an important story, and we'd like to tell it. 


OUR VIMEO ACCOUNT features interviews and performance videos we've already shot and edited into stand-alone segments.

OUR BLOG has posts about things that are folkin relevant.

OUR FACEBOOK PAGE wants to be friends with you. 


Non-linear narratives are cool and all, but we're hoping to cut together a documentary short and enter it into some festivals. We need to cover entry fees and post-production costs. 

We have more stand-alone episodes to cobble together, and we'd like it if our website looked less thrown together. So we need a domain/hosting and a steady supply of caffeine for coding time. 

There are certain gaps in our footage, and we're really hoping to go on another road trip and fill those in now that we're [a year] older and [a lot] wiser. We need to cover gas...and peanut butter. 


Gracious Calamity (Jamaica Plain, MA), Auld Lang Syne (Rochester, NY), Sons of an Illustrious Father (Hudson Valley, NY), Mornin Old Sport (California by way of Colorado by way of Allston, MA), Caleb Groh (Boston, MA), Pearl and the Beard (New York, NY), Ryan Harvey & Mark Gunnery of Riot Folk (Baltimore, MD), Honeycutters (Asheville, NC), Uncle Mountain (Asheville, NC), Yo Soybean (Athens, GA), The Wild (Atlanta, GA), Geoff Hing of Defiance, OH (Chicago, IL), Hurray for the Riff Raff (New Orleans, LA), and Lobo Marino (Richmond, VA).

Thanks to all the awesome people we've come in contact with!



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