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A co-op adventure about childhood, inspired by The Goonies & Earthbound, from developers on Tearaway, LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet & Clank.
A co-op adventure about childhood, inspired by The Goonies & Earthbound, from developers on Tearaway, LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet & Clank.
A co-op adventure about childhood, inspired by The Goonies & Earthbound, from developers on Tearaway, LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet & Clank.
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    1. Mike Waters 2 days ago

      would throw in my support for a Switch version too btw

    2. Foam Sword Creator on November 1

      Ha ha. No worries at all. I just didn't want you to think I was going around deleting your comments. :P I love spending time in these comment sections with all you lovely backers. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      carwin on November 1

      Sorry about that :/ Didn't mean to be a pain in the...wheel :)
      And thanks again for being so responsive and connected to the people who really care for your game and work!

    4. Foam Sword Creator on November 1

      Hi again, Carwin! Your message wasn't deleted. It's just over here on our latest backer update:…

      For this demo, we are planning to take it around ourselves so we can see how people are getting on, get feedback, give help, and reset it when things go wrong. But as we get further and further along in development, we will start thinking about when and what we will be sending to the alpha and beta backer tiers (and maybe more).

    5. Missing avatar

      carwin on November 1

      As told in the previous message (deleted?), me, myself and I (and the whole family) can't wait to play the game.
      So we did that steam thing.
      By the way, do you plan to release any demo for the backers?

    6. Foam Sword Creator on November 1

      Hey Jimmy! We hear you loud and clear. I was just considering picking one up for my trip to SF for Day of the Devs. Now if only I had more hours in the day to work on some secret projects. Ha ha.

    7. Jimmy Walker on November 1

      I’m here to add more Switch love, would love to play this on it. It’s become my go to platform. Also I heard studios are making a killing releasing on Switch, just saying. ;-)

    8. Foam Sword Creator on September 26

      Hi Daniel! You haven't missed anything. We're running a bit behind schedule on the rewards, but will hopefully have some time soon to get the pre-release rewards in motion. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience!

    9. Daniel Parker on September 26

      Hey guys, have you sent out surveys yet? Worried I might have missed the boat.

    10. Foam Sword Creator on August 19

      Hi Johnny! Unfortunately, we haven't yet finished making the game, but we're working as hard as we can to make sure it lives up to the promises we made during the campaign and will try to get it to you as soon as possible. We're doing our best to keep you all updated in the monthly backer updates, but I understand it's a big time commitment to read them especially if you back lots of stuff on here.

      I just wanted to provide a quick link to the update in February where we talked a bit about the expected delivery date: but it's worth checking out some of the more recent updates to see where we are now.

      Also, if you ever have anything you want to ask or talk about, feel free to email me at moo at foamswordgames dot com.

      Thanks for backing!

    11. Johnny on August 18

      I'm a backer and saw that this was out in April and I have not received my code to download the game

    12. Foam Sword Creator on July 14

      Hey Justin! Sorry, totally missed your comment! Thanks for that link and glad you enjoyed the stream. :)

      Good to know, Larry. We don't have any concrete plans around Switch at this point, but if anything changes, we'll definitely make sure to let you know!

    13. Missing avatar

      Larry Price on July 14

      I know it was last brought up in February, but I would totally upgrade to a Switch port if it were offered. Since it's unlikely, I'll continue to look forward to the release of the Linux version. :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Justin Dean on June 16

      Caught the demo of Knights and Bikes during the E3 stream earlier today. Game is looking great guys! For those who missed it, here's a link to the spot in the stream where Double Fine was showing it off:…

    15. Foam Sword Creator on March 25, 2017

      Thanks for checking in, Louis! And I'd better get started on March's backer update! :D

      Ha ha, William. I have one other friend who constantly mentions Goonies 2 for NES. I've never played it and left my NES back in America. :(

    16. Louis Clare on March 25, 2017

      Been a while since I've commented, so i decided to check in, REALLY looking forward to the game, and cannot believe its been a year since this project went live. Will be watching for the March update!

    17. William Rozell on March 22, 2017

      If the final game is a huge success, it would be cool if you could do a partnership with Warner Bros Interactive on an actual "Goonies 3" videogame, since this looks to be the spiritual successor to Konami's "The Goonies 2" NES game. (Considering they even made "Goonies 2" as a videogame instead of a movie, it wouldn't matter that there is no movie sequel to The Goonies). It would essentially be the Knights and Bikes game engine with an official Goonies IP.

      Since Netflix's "Stranger Things" has sparked a new interest in 1980s-era adventure, this would be the perfect time to capitalize on that.

    18. Foam Sword Creator on February 6, 2017

      Hey Foeluex. Congrats on your PS4! Not a problem at all. We'll sort all that kind of stuff out when we sound out the reward surveys.

    19. Missing avatar

      Foeluex on February 6, 2017

      Hey guys,

      hope development is proceeding well. I want to ask if it is possible to upgrade the pledge to a PS4 version, as I pledged for PC, but recently got a PS4, and am curious if it is possible?

    20. Foam Sword Creator on February 4, 2017

      Hey Hawken! Rex has been doing a pretty good job of showing off his process through our backer updates, but I'll get thinking about what kinds of stuff on my side would be interesting to get a glimpse behind the curtains. Watch this space. :)

    21. Hawken King on February 4, 2017

      Hi guys hope all is going well. Would love to see more development videos, the one you have is really interesting to watch.

    22. Foam Sword Creator on February 1, 2017

      Hey Devin! We hope eventually we can get the game in as many hands as possible, but right now we're focused on the platforms we've already announced.

    23. Devin Galmarini on February 1, 2017

      Considering all of the platforms you're supporting, is there any chance to see the finished product on the Nintendo Switch?

    24. Foam Sword Creator on February 1, 2017

      Thanks for being so supportive, Corey!

    25. Corey D. Willis on February 1, 2017

      Take your time! Don't put it out until you're confident. :-)

    26. Foam Sword Creator on January 17, 2017

      Hey John! That's wonderful to hear! Sadly, we aren't set up to do anything like that right now, but if we find ourselves able to accommodate such requests in the future, I'll definitely make sure to let you know. :)

    27. John Miller on January 17, 2017

      Hey @Foam Sword over the past weeks I've fallen even more for this project and was wondering if there was a way to upgrade my pledge to a higher tier.

    28. Foam Sword Creator on November 4, 2016

      Thanks, Tracey! So do we!!

    29. Tracey Craig
      on November 4, 2016

      Congrats on scoring Double Fine as your publisher... I love all their games!!

    30. Hex on October 19, 2016

      @Foam Sword - Thanks, I really appreciate it!

    31. Foam Sword Creator on October 19, 2016

      Hey Hex. No problem. I'll get do it tonight. :)

    32. Hex on October 19, 2016

      Hi guys!
      Besides being a backer on this project, I'm also a researcher doing my PhD on games crowdfunding. Please, consider participating in an academic crowdfunding user survey we created, and help us better understand why people back campaigns! You can find the survey at:

    33. Foam Sword Creator on June 25, 2016

      Hey Alexander. No bother at all. Sorry that it didn't make it through to you. You can just enter your email address here and it should send them right over.

      If that doesn't work, send me a message by clicking "Contact me" on this page and I'll dig into it deeper for you.

    34. Missing avatar

      Alexander Gruber on June 25, 2016

      Hey guys! Can't wait for this game. Not to be a bother, but I never received and email from Humble Bundle for the ringtones and wallpapers. Thanks.

    35. Foam Sword Creator on June 21, 2016

      Hey Claes. We're currently trying to do them monthly around the first of each month, but sometimes they'll move around a little bit depending on what's happening around that time. :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Claes on June 21, 2016

      When's the next update coming out? :)

    37. Foam Sword Creator on June 2, 2016

      If you're missing your Humble Bundle rewards, try entering your email address here:

      If that doesn't work, send me a message by clicking "Contact Me" on this page.

      Sorry for the troubles.

    38. Missing avatar

      Ben Fraser on June 2, 2016

      Hello, just read the update, it's looking good :)
      I don't seem to have received a mail from humble and I backed above £3, so the update says send a message and here one is...

      Many thanks and hope it all goes well.

    39. Foam Sword Creator on May 18, 2016

      @Jason: Thank you! Glad everyone is enjoying them! :)

    40. Jason on May 18, 2016

      The wallpapers and ringtones are fantastic! Amazing work. thank you for these :-)

    41. Foam Sword Creator on May 18, 2016

      @LRSerinG Nice! Thanks for putting that together. We're always happy to see you guys get involved. :)

    42. LRSerinG on May 18, 2016

      The ringtones are here! And I should say that I would love to have a longer one, so I quickly remixed all of them xD. Hope it's fine with @Creator if I'll share it for free:!51hBVaYb!OF_zyR_pxK5AJ9zur8JJ38_Bcj2psUiIsYVgQC7CvQc

    43. Foam Sword Creator on May 10, 2016

      @Disastercake: Daniel Pemberton is putting together our soundtrack and I don't know how familiar he is with Chrono Cross. Funny enough, though, Mitsuda-san has cited Celtic influences in many of some of his works, especially the Xenogears soundtrack. There is a significant Celtic influence in Cornish culture so who knows if there'll be some similarity.

    44. Disastercake on May 10, 2016

      @Robert Brown - Chrono Cross definitely has one of the best soundtracks in JRPG history. It was often referenced for Soul Saga's soundtracks as we were finding the core inspirational roots. I listen to songs from it at least once a month.

      Was Chrono Cross referenced for Knights and Bikes music?

    45. Tom on April 25, 2016

      (/^▽^)/︵ ┻━┻

    46. Tom on April 25, 2016

      Congratulations Moo! :)

    47. Foam Sword Creator on April 25, 2016

      Hello, backers! Just wanted to give a quick warning that the May update is going to be a little late. Rex and I will both be off at my wedding, but we'll make sure to write an update as soon as I get back. Sorry about the delay!

    48. Foam Sword Creator on April 2, 2016

      @Robert: Oh really!? I had no idea. I was in the states when it came out. It really is one of the best soundtracks in video game history. There are plenty of debates about the other aspects of the game, but nobody doubts the soundtrack. :)

    49. Robert Brown on April 2, 2016

      Chrono Cross looks great.
      It's a pity is's never been released in europe and that the ps1 is regionally locked...

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