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Make stylish cocktails with creamy foam on top, and bring your guests a new and fun drinking experience for any occasion!
Make stylish cocktails with creamy foam on top, and bring your guests a new and fun drinking experience for any occasion!
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    1. Pablo Carmona on June 2

      Hi, guys again, I'm backer 168 and still waiting my tracking number.

      To this day I still have no idea where is my Foampresso.



    2. Pablo Carmona on May 26

      Hi Guys, do you have my tracking number, because to date I have no idea where my Foampresso is.



    3. Nana
      on May 18

      anybody experience that the foam disappears pretty quickly???

    4. Wolf Hindrichs on May 13

      @Richard, I'm not 100 percent sure, man. I just don't think dealing with shipping it back/etc is worth it. Don't laugh, but the only thing I got it to foam as I went through a bunch of liquid tests is some hard cherry lemonade someone brought over. I had been under the impression this was going to work like a coffee frother or something for all drinks. And yes, as I understand it, adding sugar can help with the effect, potentially. I think it essentially amounts to shaking a carbonated drink without shaking it. The design is neat and everything, just was expecting it to do something a bit different.

    5. Missing avatar

      Richard Instone on May 11

      @Wolf - Sugar? I've tried it with just carbonated drinks included in the cocktails I've done but all I've succeeded in doing is decarbonating the drink and losing all fizz/bubbles/no foam, does sugar need to be added as well to create the foam? (As an example a cocktail I did was vodka, rose liqueur, raspberry syrup and lemonade - it just goes flat running it through the Foampresso, with it enabled and on that isn't the issue)

    6. FOAMPRESSO Creator on May 11

      Thanks Wolf, Appreciate your comments. We will keep our head up!

    7. Wolf Hindrichs on May 10

      I appreciate you getting back to me--no need for FedEx. Played with it a bit, was able to get it to work; hadn't realized it required sugar and carbonation. A neat device for what it is designed to do, and beautifully made.

    8. FOAMPRESSO Creator on May 10

      @Wolf, Fedex asking for your contact no., please email us asap. Thank you!

    9. FOAMPRESSO Creator on May 10

      Hi Sung, please send your address in English by email:

      You can receive foampresso in 3 business days.

      Thank you
      team foampresso

    10. Missing avatar

      sung on May 10

      i am still waiting for mine is coming.. how i can track or when i can receive it?

    11. FOAMPRESSO Creator on May 10

      @Wolf, Fedex asking for your contact no., please email us asap. Thank you!

    12. FOAMPRESSO Creator on May 9

      @Wolf, we will have fedex to pick up your foampresso and our engineering team to check it out. Thank you!

    13. Wolf Hindrichs on May 9

      No, no confusion. I'll shoot another email.

    14. FOAMPRESSO Creator on May 7

      Hi Philip,

      Appreciated your comments. At the beginning, we found it is difficult to have a physical button with waterproof feature. So, we come out the on/off touch sensor instead.

      We apologise for any confusedness so caused. And we do hope everyone enjoy using your foampresso.

      Best regards,
      team foampresso

    15. Philip Tong
      on May 7


      I believe the innovative ON/OFF touch sensor is what causing some confusion here.

      There's nothing to press physically. Just a light touch and hold to turn it ON. A faint buzzing sound can be heard when its in operation. Then touch the ON/OFF switch again to turn it OFF.

    16. FOAMPRESSO Creator on May 6

      Hi Philip, thanks for your comments! we are delighted to hear that you are happy with your foampresso. Thank you! team foampresso

    17. FOAMPRESSO Creator on May 6

      Hi Wolf, we do concern what is your problem with foampresso.
      What drinks did you try with foampresso?
      Our email works effectively, please contact us anytime.

    18. Wolf Hindrichs on May 6

      Excited to see some people got theirs to work -- is there any plan to replace defective ones?

    19. Philip Tong
      on May 5

      This had got to be THE Kickstarter project that delivers great products right after successful funding.

      It almost feels like ordering from Amazon.

    20. Philip Tong
      on May 5

      I'm Backer #118.

      Received my FOAMPRESSO delivered by FedEx today.

      Initially it does nothing at all even having fully charged it.

      Then ... the INSANE MAGIC happens!

      I read the instructions card. Press and hold the power button for few seconds. My beer came out SUPER REFINED FOAMY.

      Oh Yah! Great job Team FOAMPRESSO.

    21. Wolf Hindrichs on May 3

      The email is supposed to end in foampresso, I think. It still doesn't get a response right now.

    22. JayBee on May 3

      mine does nothing either

    23. Missing avatar

      Sania Khatri
      on May 3

      Hi, I got my foampresso today and used it. Like the other posters here, it didn't do anything except decarbonate my drink and make it flat. I tried emailing on the id provided but the email didn't go through. Does anybody have an update on why the item is the working the way it was shown in your video posted in an update?

    24. Sven Baumert
      on May 2

      I don‘t received anything. No Foampresso and no shipping number ...

    25. Adam Travis on May 1

      My Foampresso arrived today, but was not the color I requested. A received confirmation of my request for Surfer Blue, and blue was indicated on the shipping now, but the device I received was black.

    26. Wolf Hindrichs on May 1

      Hi, was very excited to get my package, but like Corey, mine doesn't actually do anything besides look nice in the packaging.

    27. Corey
      on April 30

      I just got mine... doesn't seem to do anything.

    28. Nana
      on April 30

      i just got my parcel!!!! can't wait to try it out!! thanks Creator!!

    29. Nana
      on March 25

      when will we get to do the survey to choose the color of our choice? is the shipping still expected to be in April 2018?

    30. FOAMPRESSO Creator on March 2

      Because everything needs to be planned solid, and since the campaign funding process, we have worked on a lot of things in order to kick off the sketch goal and don't want to spread any misleading messages to all backers. Hope my explanation is helpful for you to understand our situation. Thank you for your patient.

      In the meanwhile, if you have any questions, please don't feel hesitate to drop your messages here or email us at

    31. Nana
      on March 2

      why does your stretch goals only come after the project is funded?

    32. FOAMPRESSO Creator on February 27

      Hi Mr. Lee, Thank you for raising this question!
      You can't use foampresso to attach on pet or glass bottle type, only on can. However, we designed a stainless tumbler that is one of the ideas to use for bottle types, pouring any beverages into the provided stainless tumbler, and attach foampresso on up. You can enjoy a nice and creamy drink! Thank you! team foampresso

    33. Missing avatar

      gb lee on February 27

      could it use pet or glass bottle type beverages?

    34. Geist de la Muerte Gatito
      on February 26

      The only reason I'd want this is to make Butterbeer similar to what I had at Universal Studios.

    35. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland
      on February 18

      Chinese New Year, wow Kickstarter is a platform for entrepreneurs really you sound like this is a side project or whatever, I don’t sense desire or hunger to get this to market I’m out, I hate campaigns like this

    36. FOAMPRESSO Creator on February 17

      Hi David, we are in Chinese New Year holiday.

    37. Davin
      on February 16

      No updates or anything on this campaign??

    38. FOAMPRESSO Creator on February 7

      Hi Davin,
      Thank you so much for your questions!
      Exactly, we need a carbonated liquids to make creamy foam effects for your drinks.
      foampresso works pretty fine on chocolate milk with carbonated water^^
      Again, we will show all backers how does it work by short video.
      Thank you!
      team foampresso

    39. FOAMPRESSO Creator on February 7

      Hi Nana,
      Many thanks for your question!
      We did try brew coffee mixing with carbonated water by foampresso, and it came out a super creamy and slightly sparkling effects. We will show all backers how does it work by short video.
      Thank you!
      team foampresso

    40. Davin
      on February 6

      How about milk?

    41. Davin
      on February 6

      @creator so basically to make the foamy effect you need a carbonated/sparkling water in it??? Even for juice?

    42. Nana
      on February 6

      will this device work on cold brew coffee? to give a nitro brew coffee effect? have you tried testing on cold brew coffee?

    43. FOAMPRESSO Creator on February 6

      Hi Nick,
      Many thanks for your question!
      foampresso doesn't work on non-carbonated liquids, but once you mix up with carbonated liquids for instance sparkling water with black coffee. It will bring you a totally new drinking experience.
      team foampresso

    44. FOAMPRESSO Creator on February 6

      Hi Michael,
      foampresso has just only one standard size, we will consider to set reward tier to get 2. Thank you so much for your suggestion.

    45. Nick Russell on February 5

      Does this work on non-carbonated liquids?

    46. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland
      on February 5

      Unusual bit to do a double reward, I’d would be considering a 2 opiton but 3 is too much unless it came in different sizes?

    47. FOAMPRESSO Creator on February 5

      Hi Michael,
      Many thanks for your questions!
      We didn't set reward tier to get 2, as backers can get 3 sets of foampresso with more unbeatable price.
      We will have MSRP ready after the campaign ends.
      Please don't feel hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
      Thank you!
      team foampresso

    48. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland
      on February 4

      Will ye distribute within Eu to avoid vat and duty?

    49. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland
      on February 4

      Why no reward tier to get 2?

      What’s the rrp?

    50. FOAMPRESSO Creator on February 3

      Hi Michael, many thanks for your question!
      Yes, foampresso is able to mount on any normal can or use included stainless tumbler.
      Thank you!
      team foampresso

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