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A beautifully-crafted table encapsulates electronics and robotics, allowing images to be magically sculpted in a layer of sand.
A beautifully-crafted table encapsulates electronics and robotics, allowing images to be magically sculpted in a layer of sand.
125 backers pledged $35,537 to help bring this project to life.

Long Overdue Update

Hey All!

We are still working hard to fulfill your pledges. After several months of development, we now have a completely new software package to convert picture files into things that ZenTable can sculpt, it is in the final stages of being tested and packaged, and will be ready within the next few days. 

 In February our brand new 3D printer arrived, which is capable of printing at a much higher resolution than the older parts we had made. Since then we have re-designed many of the parts used in the ZenDesktop and in the Coffee Table, both are running more smoothly and quietly as a result, which means we can deliver a higher quality product to you. The desktops are also significantly easier to assemble and callibrate, which will help us get them out to you sooner. We continued to ship out a trickle of the Desktops which use the older mechanism to those of you who were tired of the wait, but starting next week we will only be shipping units out with the new mechanism, and believe we will be able to get them out at a much faster rate. 

 Earlier this month we shipped our new showcase coffee table up to a trade show in San Francisco, it was for a company who thought it would fit perfectly with their branding, and appears to have been a big hit at the show! We worked very closely with one of their top engineers to help develop a package which connected the coffee table to the internet, and allowed visitors to sculpt patterns into the sand in realtime by swiping a finger over the screen of an iPad. In time we hope to make this package available as an option for everyone with a ZenTable. 

 To everyone who pledged towards pictures and videos, we have not forgotten you. Until recently we did not have a working table of our own to take pics and videos, every one that we had constructed was shipped out as soon as it was ready, and the original prototype coffee table has long since had its internals pulled out and used. Now that there is a coffee table we can keep around, and it has been returned from the trade show in San Francisco, we can begin to get those pictures and videos taken, and sent out to you. 

 Take care, and thank you for sticking with us, your stuff is coming soon!

Simon and Melissa Hallam


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    1. Marcus Frasier on

      Thanks Simon, no biggie! At least I know I wasn't messing it up :)

    2. Simon Hallam Creator on

      Marcus, your table did indeed ship ready to recognize the newer format that the tool outputs. The tools that are currently on the website use some older commands which the firmware in your table (and all future ones) no longer support. I should have let you know about that in advance.

      We were hoping to include the software on disk with the shipment of your table, but there simply weren't enough hours in the day to get it fully packaged and put it in the box. As soon as it is ready we will either email it, or send you a download link, or drop a disk in the mail :)

    3. Marcus Frasier on

      Simon, it was in jest, I'm not in the least upset, and will be happy with it upgrade or not :)

      I am curious though, I tried two custom images and the table got stuck. Did mine ship ready to recognize a newer format you're working on? Will I just need to wait until the new tool releases? Or perhaps I just tried some tricky shapes

    4. Simon Hallam Creator on

      @Paul, I will ping you on twitter sometime soon. Have had a "day job" for a while now, so it is not as easy to instant message/twitter as it used to be.

    5. Simon Hallam Creator on

      @Marcus, didn't mean to imply that you are impatient - I don't think that word could be applied to anybody who has backed this project :) Am really happy that you are pleased with your table though, and in time we will try and figure out how to make a mechanism upgrade work.

    6. Marcus Frasier on

      Thanks guys, love the table! Maybe down the line us impatient folk can upgrade to the quieter mechanism?

    7. Paul Byford on

      Hi Simon,

      Great to see your project progressing and the interest the table has been getting at the trade show. It sounds like you have thought up more interesting uses. Hit me on twitter or email if you want a chat to catch up. Paul