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A beautifully-crafted table encapsulates electronics and robotics, allowing images to be magically sculpted in a layer of sand.
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Simon Hallam

125 backers pledged $35,537 to help bring this project to life.

More videos, and last minute hope for funding successfully.

With just under a day to go, things are getting down the the wire, will Zen Table get funded or not?  My fingers are crossed :)

I know that many of the images and videos I have shown the table sculpting aren't exactly Zen like, they are mostly the result of ideas I have had for places that might be interested in purchasing a few of them, like hotels, and others are the result of special requests from people.  Here are a few more along the same lines:

This video speeds up to get through the action quickly, but it is one of my favorites:

This one takes a while to draw, but it is cool to see the lion take shape:

Several people have asked how the table prepares itself ready to sculpt a new shape.  This video shows it going through one of a few sweeping techniques used.  The sand does not build up around the edges of the table as some have wondered, the more times these patterns are run, the more level the sand becomes.  I sped up the action part way into the video, in reality it takes about 10 minutes to perform a full clear:

I'm not saying Zen Table is self-aware or anything, but it does now how to sculpt its own name...

Thanks to everyone for your interest, and for all the kind and uplifting emails I have received.  You have really helped keep alive my dream of building Zen Table for a living.