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CLOSER is a short film narrative presented by students of the DePaul University Digital Cinema Program.


Written & Directed

by Jin Choi


by Katie Kapuza & Erin Piddington


by Miguel Torres

Running Time: 15 minutes

Format: HD - Shot on Canon 7D


CLOSER (Crime Drama/Neo-Noir) – After serving a 7 year felony drug conviction Ignacio Jimenez sets out to find his daughter and atone for the 7 years that were stolen from her. Two rival factions from his gangster past attempt to lure Ignacio back into the criminal life as he struggles to find a way back into his daughter's life.

Cast & Crew

CLOSER is a student production presented by the undergraduate and graduate students of DePaul University's Digital Cinema Program. Professor Dan Klein will be overseeing our short narrative project as our advising faculty mentor.

All contributions will help facilitate production costs for our independent student produced digital cinema production.

Principal Photography will begin May 13-15 and run through 20-22, 2011

We intend to submit our short film narrative to the Chicago International Film Festival this fall along with other regional film festivals.


Ali Navid, Andrew Straw, Celease Brown, Jazmin Ortiz, Joseph Ortega, Sarah Henry, Tom Brousseau, Claude Lanier Jr., Ethan Faure, Gabriel Plante, Gabrielle Joly, Jason Banares, Michael Fuller, Cisco Corral, William Soler, Adam Bialy.


Volen Iliev, Ray Pritchett, Mike Ramirez, Jose Sanchez, Phillip Sanchez, A.J. DeJesus.


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