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FMGreen is recording a new album - Victory! - and they are prepared to prove to the world that good old rock n roll ain't dead yet.

FMGreen is heading back into the studio to record our third album: Victory! In an effort to save money, we'll be going DIY for the majority of the project. Recording will take place in Steve's basement, saving us thousands of dollars in studio rental costs, and our good friend Brian Aloisio (Cow Licked Music Inc.) will be twiddling the knobs in the booth. The bulk of the budget will be spent on mixing and mastering. We will be taking a long road trip to Chicago in January 2011 to have the album mixed by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio (Steve Albini's studio). Even with our best efforts at keeping costs down, we still anticipate that the entire album will cost us at least $6,000.

FMGreen is planning to contribute $3,000 out of our own pockets, and filling the gap is where you come in. We've set our Kickstarter goal at a reasonable $3,000 and we hope that over the course of the next 45 days, we'll be able to find enough generous fans and friends to get us there. Only with your support can there be Victory!
Please contribute whatever you can, and please share the link to this page, our website, and our Victory! Video. Raising $3,000 would be great, but the sky's the limit here at Kickstarter; any extra donations we garner will only further increase the exposure and promotion of Victory!

Of course, we're not just flat-out asking for your hard-earned cash. Instead, we've chosen Kickstarter because it is simple, proven, and it provides project-backers with a low-commitment and incentive-filled contribution method. Take a gander at our list of rewards. There's a lot of great stuff in there and we feel as though each tier is very accessible.

Listen. We know times are tough and we know that most people don't have spare change to throw around, especially towards a band they've never heard of. We know that we can't really compete with a project trying to raise money for a cancer-cure or some other cultural benefit. But we also know that everyone likes a good dose of rock and roll, and we're prepared to release our best album yet. Victory! can be yours and ours, but it's going to take a lot of support to get there. Anything you can do to help will be much appreciated.



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    Digital download of Victory! (your choice of format)

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    (all of the above, plus): Your avatar or picture and/or name in the album artwork + a PDF of the album artwork.

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    (all of the above, plus): a physical CD of Victory! + digital downloads of both our previous releases: Yellow #5 and 3 2 1 Go!

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    (all of the above, plus): physical CDs of all three of our releases: Victory!, 3 2 1 Go!, and Yellow #5 (aka, the "FMGreen Box Set") with hand delivery to residents of Monroe County (NY)! + a custom video thank you message from the band to you!

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    (all of the above, plus): FMGreen Bonus Surprise Super Duper Care Package (contents a mystery, but guaranteed to be totally awesome - expect rarities, outtakes, and maybe even some gear) with hand delivery to residents of Monroe County (NY)!

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    (all of the above, plus): we'll record a cover song of your choosing and release it in your honor on our website + we'll pay your bar tab if you come to an FMGreen live show ($25 limit)!

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