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Flytraps cool new range of 'Black Toof Rebels' designed to function as airship bomber crews for those with a penchant for Globlims.
Flytraps cool new range of 'Black Toof Rebels' designed to function as airship bomber crews for those with a penchant for Globlims.
48 backers pledged NZ$ 2,596 to help bring this project to life.


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NZ$ 2,596


Globlim Service Announcement!

Flytrap Factory and 'The Black Toofed Rebellion' need your help beautiful people!

The aim of this project is to generate enough funds to launch our patiently awaited alternative range of (28mm sized) science-fiction Goblin-esque inspired white metal miniatures for designed for collectors, painters, enthusiasts and tabletop miniature gamers alike.

The initial set (pictured below) comprises of Five (5) 'Black Toof Rebels' and Two (2) 'Guard Squidges'. Seven (7) figures in total (not including anticipated Stretch Goals).

All miniatures have been sculpted by Anton Ducrot of Flytrap Factory. They will be molded, cast and packaged by the sculptor (Anton) also to ensure maximum product quality is achieved.

Plans are already underway to expand upon this range if this project is as successful as we hope it will be. Additional miniatures will be released in due course so watch our space. Here is a selection of pictures detailing each of the characters in 'the Krew'.

Grotter Bomber Pilot
Grotter Bomber Pilot


Grotter Bomber Co-Pilot
Grotter Bomber Co-Pilot


Grotter Bomber Krew Mekanik
Grotter Bomber Krew Mekanik


Grotter Bomber Bombardier
Grotter Bomber Bombardier


Grotter Bomber Airborne Kombat Medik
Grotter Bomber Airborne Kombat Medik


Grotter Bomber Dropgrot Guard Squidges
Grotter Bomber Dropgrot Guard Squidges

Thank you so much for just taking the time to look at our campaign and even more for choosing to support us by pledging your hard earned spondooleys to our green cause.

 PLEASE NOTE: These miniatures are not toys and not recommended for children under 14 years. The miniatures may contain lead which may be harmful in case of chewing or swallowing. All miniatures are supplied unpainted.

Risks and challenges

Risk is minimal for this campaign. Flytrap Factory is an experienced miniatures company which has operated successfully for more than four years and has a reputation for both quality, communication and reliability.

Anton has been sculpting, molding and casting for 15 years for both of his own companies (previously Flashpoint Miniatures/ now Flytrap Factory) as well as other client companies in need of sculpting/molding or manufacturing solutions. These companies include Warlord Games, Treefrog Games, Battlefront Miniatures, Zombiesmith Miniatures, Mike Bravo Miniatures, Campaign Books and Hobby logistics, IDesigns, Flashpoint Miniatures (Reloaded), Clearhorizon Miniatures, Worlds End Publishing, ACP Games, Microworld Games, Siege Work Studios, Sword and Boardgames and others my old brain can't quite remember at this point.

All miniatures as depicted in the photographs have already been sculpted and tabbed and are ready for molding.

All casting/manufacturing and packaging will be done on site by Anton in Flytraps manufacturing premises here in New Zealand. If this project is funded, both master and production molds will be created immediately upon the conclusion of this campaign and casting will begin once molds are completed.

Based on previous experience with our suppliers, we expect the first miniatures to be delivered no longer than twelve weeks following the completion of the campaign. We expect all pledges to be fully completed and in the hands of our supporters no later than February 2017.

Regardless, updates and progress reports will be posted regularly and Anton will be on hand to the best of his ability to answer questions. Also feel free to pm Anton via Facebook where he is never too far away to chat :)

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