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We're trekking the globe, seeking out farmers who are doing things differently—whether their reasons are intellectual or intrinsic. Read more

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We're trekking the globe, seeking out farmers who are doing things differently—whether their reasons are intellectual or intrinsic.

About this project

Farm Trekkers is documentary project to find stories about food being grown differently around the world, and the people behind the processes. Our curiosity was originally piqued by these stories given our interest in the burgeoning “organic revolution” in the States, and we had plans to travel the world in 2012. What to do with said interest, travel plans, and a video camera? Voila. Farm Trekkers was born.

We spent the first five months of this year in South America finding and filming people farming differently. The stories we found range from biologists turning to radical permaculture as a way to reclaim native land, to indigenous communities that farm organically simply because it’s the way they’ve always worked.

We think that these stories are especially pertinent as the debate at home heats up about processed foods, agribusiness, and sustainability. The more we all learn about traditional methods of agriculture—and the reasons behind them—the closer we become to our food, even in a world that seemingly pushes us farther from it.

Several of these methods, however, are fading. Children are moving away from traditional ways of life, and the threat of globalization and commercial farming has begun to effect even the remotest of communities. The time to tell these stories is now.

We learned quite a bit from our experiences in South America, and now we're headed to Asia. To keep the project going here we have a whole new set of challenges: translators, for one. (Note: We're not just going to be in Bangkok—we'll hopefully be shooting in India, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.)We’ve discovered ways of getting access to impressively off-the-beaten-track locations, and want to continue to be able to do this. We also need some new basic equipment—such as extra camera batteries, a tripod, and computer memory—to be able to keep producing and editing these shorts on the road.

Farm Trekkers isn’t only about what’s happening abroad. We plan, in 2013, to bring our newfound skills and experience back and focus on stories closer to home. The goal is to put out a long-form documentary by the end of 2013, and then, in 2014 and beyond, to return to some of these communities and more elaborately and eloquently tell their stories before it’s too late.


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