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Lightweight  and highly efficient all-in-one design pedal assist that fits on practically any bicycle.
Lightweight  and highly efficient all-in-one design pedal assist that fits on practically any bicycle.
Lightweight and highly efficient all-in-one design pedal assist that fits on practically any bicycle.
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2,358 backers pledged $701,239 to help bring this project to life.

Update #22: Street smart? Get ready for a smart move.


Hello friends,

As you know our FlyKly Smart Wheel Kickstarter campaign came full circle. Did it, done. Thank you for being a part of this exciting venture. We have learned a lot, gained plenty of experience and worked really really hard. Now we are ready to make a smart move, are you? Join us on a new urban adventure!


The new FlyKly Kickstarter campaign just kicked off! Smart Ped is your perfect urban getaway. This beautifully practical kick assist e-bike is the smartest move around the city whether you’re on your way to work traveling distances or combining other means of public transport. Or maybe just cruising around and enjoying the view. Smart Peds easily foldable design makes it the most wanted piece of transportation tech in any city - it folds in a moment and accompanies you anywhere you go.

FlyKly Smart Ped
FlyKly Smart Ped
FlyKly Smart Ped
FlyKly Smart Ped

Intrigued? See the shiny new Kickstarter campaign right HERE.

We would love to see and read what you think. Do share your thoughts with us on Twitter and in the comment section and share the love with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, in the gym, office, favorite bar … :)

Can you kick it?

- Yes we can!

Stay Fly!

FlyKly Team

Update #21: Campaign Completion, London Joyride and Exciting Announcement



FlyKly Smart Wheel came full circle. After the immensely successful campaign when our goal of $100,000 was met in less than 35 hours, reached 3 stretch goals in the following weeks and raised $701,239 USD with 2,358 backers at the end of our Kickstarter campaign, we can’t begin to explain the intensity of the feelings and overwhelming work that hit us. And here we are, almost 2 years later, announcing each and every FlyKly Smart Wheel has been shipped. 

We sent email notifications with tracking numbers and shipping details. If you did not receive an email notification with the tracking number please contact us at and we will provide you with the shipping details.

Our production and service support is now all setup and running. We increased production capacities to 80 Smart Wheels a day and we are now preparing to expend to other sales channels. Soon you will be able to find FlyKly Smart Wheel in your local bicycle store.

You can now spot a bike with the FlyKly Smart Wheel in every major city and quite a few smaller cities and towns on every continent! Lightweight and highly efficient all-in-one design pedal assist that fits on practically any bicycle is really wheeling it in as our Smart Wheel technology is already riding in more than 60 countries around the world, proving FlyKly as a trusted and efficient tool on a global scale. 

Browse through happy customers’ photos and reviews, media articles and all other FlyKly news and get inspired:


For our second Journey we danced on the streets of London Town with renowned dancer Ross Sands. He danced for FKA Twigs, Beyonce, Robbie Williams, Kyle Minogue and Rihanna, but the real stage for Ross Sands riding the Smart Wheel by FlyKly is the street. Check out his moves:

Credits: Creative Direction: Jure Pozun; Photography, ACD: Sash Manev


We are dedicated to improving the way we travel from A to Z in the fastest, smoothest and smartest way possible. And FlyKly is street smart – delivering smarter tools for smarter urban transportation for people on the move. As cycling enthusiasts, we know what people have to deal with on their daily commutes. We are on a constant lookout for improvements and help grow a strong cycling community enabling open dialogue, following urban culture and being aware what's going on in the city streets. 

Our journey has only just become and very soon we will invite you to stay fly! Countdown already started:

Stay Fly!

Update #20: Falling in love, riding around the world and other urban stories


Dear community,

they say spring is the best time to fall in love. At FlyKly we are head over heels every time we see one of your smarter bikes around the world. We are now present in more than 50 countries and our community is bigger than ever.

Take a look at the reviews and smarter bike photos on our community page & Instagram.

So what’s new? In the past two months we shipped the first batch and got some great reviews from your side. We started preparations for second shipping batch with improving our assembly, shipping and logistics. There’s also a brand new blog, which is all about urban mobility and full of useful tips for urban cyclers. And we're so excited about joining the Northside festival in NY.


Summer is coming and so is the second shipping batch of Smart Wheels. We’re starting with second batch in June and estimate to get the Smart Wheel to all Kickstarter backers until the end of August.


There are so many bike communities driving the change around the world. We’re sure you’ve already crossed paths with some but hope to inspire you to meet the new ones. Meet them on our latest blog.

Do you know a bike community, that was not mentioned on our blog and think others should know about it? Email us at with some info about your local community and we would love to add it to our blog. Thank you. :)


Having a bike stolen is the least pleasant of things. That’s why we did our research to share some of the best locks on the market. Join the pioneers that never get their bike stolen and become the master of locking:


FlyKly has proved to fit on almost any bike out there. But now when we got these photos of the first Smart Wheel on a trike from Edna, proud owner from Florida, US, we are certain about its super compatibility.


Meet us at the Northside festival in Brooklyn, NY on 11th & 12th of June. Northside Innovation is where those in the know come to discover what's next in technology. Come, talk to us, test ride the FlyKly and have fun at the festival. Yes, it will be pretty awesome.


We’re proud to collaborate with Aceteam Berlin and have the Smart Wheel in their showroom in Berlin, Germany together with their beautiful wooden bikes. Besides Berlin, you can test Smart Wheel in Bay Area, Copenhagen, Ljubljana, Brussels and Oslo. Check test locations here.


Anja Humljan, author of the the Urban Yoga project, and FlyKly share the same passion for exploring urban spaces. That’s why the first of the #journey series happened in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Find out more about Anja’s journey.


For best pictures and special offers, follow us on Instagram. #flykly #smartwheel


With FlyKly Smart App, you can follow the carbon footprints you save by using your bike instead of other means of transportation. Download the app and become eco ninja.

Have a nice ride and keep in touch.

Stay Fly,

FlyKly team

Update #19: The wheels are turning

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Dear KS backers,

New year is in full motion for us at FlyKly and February was a very exciting month, since we‘ve received amazing feedback from you, our community. So many photos of smarter bikes and comments came in from your first rides. And believe us, each and everyone is priceless motivation for our team.

This is a quick update of the past months: we’ve established several test locations worldwide, where you can try out the Smart Wheel. We’ve launched crowd investing campaign on Circleup, received first reviews and journeys from our customers and built a new community page. We’ve shipped almost all EU and US orders and Smart Lights orders. We are now sending Smart Lights together with the Smart Wheel and we’ve published the Smart Light installation video.

Our community has a new home 

Find customer reviews, customer photos, media reviews and all other FlyKly news in one place:

Can’t find your smarter bike on our community page? Don’t hesitate and email us with a picture of your smarter bike at

Journey’s from all around the world

We are eager to hear stories about your journeys with your smarter bikes. Here are two journeys from our backers, Marcin from Poland and Marcel from Netherlands.

Marcel from Netherlands: “I like the Smart Wheel’s performance, it really impressed me and installation wasn’t so hard. Moreover, wheel holds up very well in hard weather.” Read more about Marcel’s journey here.

Marcin from Poland: "SmartWheel is amazing, all of my friends want to have this wheel. My mother (75years old) is interested to ride, a family friend (92 years old) wants to ride using the FlyKly’s Smart Wheel. And my old bike is finally trendy again.” Read Marcin’s story here.

Win a prize while riding your bike

Do you want a free Smart Light? Do you bike to work? Do you have a favorite view while you ride your bike? Yes? Get involved in the #smartview competition. 

Its as easy as riding a bike;) Send us a picture of your favorite view from your bike ride to work and tag it with ‪#‎smartview‬‬‬‬‬. The best picture we receive till the end of March gets a free Smart Light. You can post the picture on Facebook or Twitter, tag FlyKly and mark it with #smartview or send it to It would be really cool if you add the location of your favorite view.

Example of #smartview picture and text:

I love riding to work, my favorite view is from Roznik hill, that offers a great view of Ljubljana, my hometown. #smartview

Test locations all around the world

We established first test locations in Europe and US. You can test the Smart Wheel for free (just drop by in any of the shops) in Europe: Oslo, Brussels, Ljubljana, Copenhagen or in US: San Francisco. Coming soon: Berlin, New York and Los Angeles. Check test locations here.

 FlyKly on Berlin bicycle week

We’re so excited to be a part of Berlin bicycle week, a place, where people gather to celebrate bikes. We had so much fun every time we were there, so don’t hesitate to drop by our stand. We are sharing it with our dear friends, Musguard, from 20th to 22nd of March.

Find you name among our backers

We owed you something for a while and here it is. List of backers, that made all this possible. Find you name on our website: Thank you again for your support, we couldn’t do it without you.

Smart Light installation video

Most of you received the Smart Light by now. In case you still need to install it, don’t miss our support page with installation video.

Shipping to US

First batch of the Smart Wheels will be on their way to US and Canada in few days. Everything is ready, all the boxes are packed. All we are waiting now is transportation of the boxes to the port and for the ship to leave the port. You can expect an email with tracking numbers soon. Smart Wheels with Smart Lights included will be on ship to New York and from there they will go all around US and to Canada. We apologize that it took us a bit longer and the reason is delay in our production. We are doing things step by step, since we are here for the long run. We are all about lean startup are we are focusing on smaller quantities to keep the quality. Note, that there are two shipping batches to US and this is the first one, second one will go out in July/August. Thank you for your patience, your bikes will be smarter soon.

International shipping orders update

We have a new estimate for international orders, which is July/August. We have a new order coming up and since international orders are a part of our second big order, it will take a bit longer to deliver you the wheel. We again apologize for the delay and we hope you will survive riding your bike some time longer as it is.

European shipping update

We shipped most of the Smart Wheels by now and we expect to finish everything by the end of March. When we send your wheel, you can expect an email with tracking number.

Eco Ninja, Captain Planet, Heavy Weight or Green Master?

Our vision is to make cities more bicycle friendly. With Smart App, all that is possible. Currently FlyKly app is available for IOS only and Android is coming soon. Anyone that is cycling can use the Smart App – Smart Wheel is not required at all to track your routes, collect badges and carbon footprint points. Join to movement and become a part of FlyKly community, which is creating the future of urban cycling. Download the FlyKly App.

Thank you for your support by now on this journey. 

Let’s make bicycles friendly cities together. Our plans for the future are exciting and we are already getting invited to urban mobility conferences and events around the world. This is our way of impacting the society and we are proud to have you on board.

Stay Fly,

FlyKly team

FlyKly on the go: CES 2015, Smart Light shipping and Smart Wheel installation


Dear backers,

We’ve had a very productive December and exciting start of 2015. In December, first Smart Wheels were delivered, first Smart Lights were assembled and shipped, we fine tuned our Smart Wheel assembly process and got first feedback from Smart Wheel users. In January, we were present at CES - the biggest consumer electronics show in the world, where we officially launched Smart Wheel. We’re so excited about Smart Wheel being the first all-in-one electric pedal assist to hit the market. Woo hoo :)


We made it to CES 2015, that took place in the beginning of January in Las Vegas and united the most innovative companies in the world with 170.000 industry professionals and more than 3600 exhibitors. We officially launched Smart Wheel on the market and won the race among all-in-one electric pedal assists.

FlyKly booth at CES 2015

We got a lot of media attention at CES and here are few of them:

“FlyKly’s new electric-assist bike wheel takes the huff n’ puff out of hill climbs. We want one. Badly.” by Popular Science.

"FlyKly has won the race to be the first company to ship their Smart Wheel to customers." by Electric Bike Report

"Riding a FlyKly bike feels like the wind's at your back." by VentureBeat

“The FlyKly Smart Wheel puts the foot down on pedaling with a 250-watt boost.” by Digital trends

"If you want to ride a bike to school or work without being sweaty, Smart Wheel is for you." by CNET


We are proud to say that first Smart Lights have been shipped. Take a look at the final product. Looking good:

Smart phone, Smart Light and bicycle belong together

 Most of you can expect your Smart Light together with your Smart Wheel delivery. We already shipped first 100 Smart Lights and the rest will be ready by the end of January. Most of you, that already received your Smart Wheel, will receive Smart Light separately.


We take our Smart Wheel assembly very seriously. Each hub is assembled by hands, carefully centred and measured thoroughly, so you will get optimal experience while riding your bike.

We test every wheel that comes out

Tine during Smart Wheel assembly 

The assembly process is performed by bike assembly professionals – read about detailed process of Smart Wheel assembly and Tine, one of the people behind it on our blog.


We are fully occupied with Smart Wheel shipping. Our production is limited to 80 Smart Wheels per week. Thank you all for your patience.

Smart Wheels waiting to be shipped

 Estimated delivery time:

  • Expedited shipping orders – white sent, silver sending
  • European orders – white Smart Wheel orders sent, silver Smart Wheel orders will be sent end of January 
  • US orders – white and silver Smart Wheel orders will be sent out end of January, you can expect them by the end of February
  • International orders – white and silver Smart Wheel orders will be sent out in the end of February, you can expect them by the end of March


Take a look at our new support page. You can find all the help you need in 11 support videos like Smart Wheel first installation or using Smart App and more. We also have a list of FAQ and we are sure it will help to answer many of your questions.


Once you receive your Smart Wheel, please follow all the steps of installing the Smart Wheel carefully. It is very easy to install it and you will find the steps in the manual and in first installation video. In case you do not follow each step of installation, your Smart Wheel will not start properly, so take your time to install it.

Note: at least one hand brake is required on your bike. The regenerative brake is strong enough to slow down the bike, but not strong enough to stop the bike. At least one mechanical (hand) brake is suggested to be on the bike, back pedal brake is not enough.


We are hungry for your first ride experience with your smarter bike. What are your first impressions of the Smart Wheel? How do you feel about it? What do you like the most? Why, where, when and how do you use it? What’s your story? We would be thrilled to share your experience and pictures with our community.

We would ask you for some pictures of you with your smarter bike (while driving, walking or standing next to it etc.) and story of your experience with Smart Wheel. Please send us journeys and pictures from your first rides at Thank you for sharing!


As most of you already know, we now offer two colors of Smart Wheel: pure white and silver gray. In case you have not informed us about your new color choice, please email us at with your new color choice. Thank you for your flexibility.

Again, thank you all for your patience and support. We’re making cities smarter together and we are thrilled to be on this journey together with you, our amazing community.

Stay Fly,

FlyKly team