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Update #12

Update #12 - FlyKly & ZeHuS joining forces


Dear FlyKly friends!

For some time now, we have been quiet about the progress of the Smart Wheel. It has been very difficult not to share any information with you, since we have been working on some very exciting things and we really wanted to share the progress with you. However, we couldn’t do that, due to the sensitive nature of information and the technology we have been working on. Everything had to be secured and official before a public announcement. Now, the day has finally arrived and we can officially announce it.

With a huge pride at what we have accomplished, we are announcing that FlyKly & ZeHuS have joined forces!

With this merger, we have joined forces with an accomplished tech team, patented technology and high quality production. Together we are bringing the FlyKly project to the next level and building a healthy venture for the future.

ZeHuS is a team of skilled engineers and highly motivated PhDs from Politecnico di Milano - mOve research team. They have gained their experience, knowledge and a rich history of technical innovation by working with prestigious companies. ZeHuS’ mission is to innovate the panorama of the human-propelled mobility and to promote efficient emission-free mobility in the cities. ZeHuS stands for Zero Emission Human Synergy.

ZeHuS tech team and production is located in Milan, Italy. With the merger, FlyKly production and development is also being moved there, joining in the great Italian tradition of high quality manufacture and design. FlyKly products will now be “made in Italy”.

Electronics testing lab
Electronics testing lab
Wheel housing testing
Wheel housing testing
Software & App development & testing
Software & App development & testing

We’ve been working together with ZeHuS for a while now and we have developed some very exciting and breakthrough products. We have upgraded the Smart Wheel technology and design. We didn’t want to wait and release the new Smart Wheel as a Smart Wheel 2.0 in a year. Instead, we wanted you to have the latest technology and the best possible product now. As a result, we are introducing two new products. FlyKly Smart Wheel powered by ZeHuS and FlyKly bicycle with Wize, equipped by Bike+ technology powered by ZeHuS.

New FlyKly Smart Wheel powered by ZeHuS
New FlyKly Smart Wheel powered by ZeHuS

The new FlyKly Smart Wheel powered by ZeHus is smaller, lighter and more efficient. We can achieve this because of patented innovative solutions, i.e. a smaller and more efficient motor, smart electronics and the perfected design.

One of the most exciting things that we have developed is the FlyKly Bicycle with the Wize, equipped by Bike+ technology powered by ZeHuS. Due to increased efficiency and a special mounting procedure, the batteries will never need recharging. Ever. Bicycle with the Wize is a brand new concept of integrating a sophisticated technology that optimizes the energy of the rider through an advanced energy management system.

FlyKly Bicycle with Wize, equipped by Bike+ technology powered by ZeHuS
FlyKly Bicycle with Wize, equipped by Bike+ technology powered by ZeHuS

We are preparing an Update #13, which will come out next week. In it, we will go into more detail about the products, tech specs and what is new.

It has been an exciting time for FlyKly and ZeHuS and we really appreciate your patience and support. None of this would be possible without you, so we are very happy to finally have you join us on our every step forward.

Stay Fly!

Update #11

FlyKly App, Smart Light & Smart Wheel progress


FlyKly App

The awaited iTunes approval for our FlyKly App for iOS finally got through. It has already been published in the iTunes and is there for you to test and use it. If you've got any feedback, you're most welcome to send us the suggestions and we'll make sure our programming and designing team will review all of them. You can read more on what the app encompasses in the Update #10.

As the FlyKly App can be used with or without a Smart Wheel, it becomes your bicycle speedometer, as well as route, distance and time tracker. You can anonymously share your cycling habits with bicycle communities and city officials and thus help build more bicycle friendly cities. It also enables you to share your cycling achievements and compete with your friends by collecting fun badges and carbon footprint points.

Once you receive your Smart Wheel, you will be also able to use the app as a controller for your Smart Wheel.

The FlyKly App is available for iOS users at:

As for the Android version - it's still in the works but now that iOS version is out we can focus on the little green man. We'll give you a heads up when the app gets to the Google Play.

 Smart Light

The Smart Light is entering the production phase. We have made a few more improvements before the production.

First, we have moved the switch for the light from the side to the back of the light, right next to the USB plug. This makes the light much easier to control and secures the USB plug with a stronger silicon cover.

Second, we went through many iterations of the housing and were therefore able to come up with the one piece design for the Smart Light housing, which makes it much lighter and sturdier.

Third, we have added a silicon elastic holder to the bottom of the Smart Light. After a great deal of testing, we came to the conclusion that this is the safest and the neatest way to have any size phone attached to the bicycle.

Now that we have finalized all the necessary components, the production is finally beginning. The molds for Smart Light housing are in the production, the electronics are being prepared for assembly and packaging is getting designed.

Smart Wheel

You've all been waiting for this update the most. We wanted to upgrade the initial prototype, since we've been trying to get the perfect solution for the Smart Wheel. That's why it's taking a bit longer than we expected, but we are making progress.

So much is happening right now and we would love to share it with you, but we cannot yet discuss it publicly, since there are certain business agreements and negotiations we have to respect. The Smart Wheel is turning out truly amazing and we are really excited about what we have prepared for you. We are in the final stages and a big announcement is coming your way very soon.

Stay Fly,

FlyKly Team

Update #10

FlyKly App


We are happy to announce that the App for iOS is finished and submitted for iTunes approval. The plan is to have the FlyKly App available in January so we hope it will be approved soon. At the moment we were focused on the iPhone app and now Android version is next. It will be out very soon.

Great news is that you will be able to start using your App right away, as soon as it is available on iTunes, even without a Smart Wheel. The idea behind this early release is to get to know the App better, as well as to begin creating a fast growing cyclist community around the world and improve the cycling experience for everyone.

The app is designed to work with or without the Smart Wheel. Once the Smart Wheel becomes available you will be able to connect the App and operate the Smart Wheel. For Now you can only view the functions for operating the Smart Wheel and get more familiar with them. In the settings section turn on the Smart Wheel and the Ride sections will change to Smart Wheel controls. 

Without Smart Wheel, you’ll be able to use the App to track your route with the built in GPS tracking system, monitor your current speed, as well as keep track of your average speed, distance and time. You will also be able to observe your contribution to the environment by collecting carbon footprint points. To make it more fun there are also badges to collect. 

The App will enable you to share your cycling habits anonymously by uploading your data to our servers. These statistics will be available to various cycling initiatives, traffic safety advocates, urban planners and city officials, who can use it to make urban environments a better place for a large cycling community.

We will let you know as soon as the App gets approved, so you will be the first to start using it.

Ride Section (while not connected with Smart Wheel) enables you to start or stop tracking of your rout. It shows you current speed (KM/H or Miles), time and distance. 

Map shows your current route. In the top left corner the History tab opens list of all your routes.

 Me Section displays your profile. Your profile info is generated from your Facebook or Twitter profile. In your profile you can view total time and distance traveled as well as Carbon footprint points. In the profile you can also see the list of your friends and their profiles on FlyKly. 

 FlyKly app comes with many badges that can be unlocked. They can be viewed on the bottom of your profile.


Stay Fly,

FlyKly Team

Update #9

Status and the next steps


Happy 2014 everyone!

2013 has been an amazing year, thanks to your support, and we wish to thank you once again for showing such an interest in our project. We wish to make 2014 even better by making the world a friendlier place for bikers everywhere.

We are sorry for the lack of communication in the past month. We haven't posted any updates for more than a month, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy. Our team has gone through a bit of restructuring on the communication and marketing side. On the other side, the tech team have been busy with technicalities and improvements and we are very happy with the progress. Thank you for your patience.

As of now our plan is to have the App available in January, the Smart Light by April and the Smart Wheel by May, as planned. We are very happy with the progress we have made and that we will be able to deliver the App and Smart Light way before the date we first promised.


The app is already finished and is only waiting for iTunes approval. An all in-depth update about the app is coming on Wednesday, January 15th.


The Smart Light is practically finished and ready for the production. The production starts in February. The detailed update about the Smart Light and the progress is coming on January 27th.


We've spent the past month working on improving the molds for housing and sourcing the electronic components. If everything goes as planed the production of the housing starts in February. An all in-depth update about the improvements, progress and production of the Smart Wheel will come in early February.


We finished the website and later today we will send the survey to get your preferences about how you wish to be listed on the website, as one of FlyKly supporters.

We will focus on other topics in detail in new updates.

Stay Fly!

Update #8

Funding successful!


Dear FlyKly friends!

After exactly 40 days we have reached the end of our Kickstarter campaign. Not only did it turn out successful in just two days but it has also exceeded every single of our expectations in all other regards as well. And this couldn’t have ever been possible without every single one of you out there.

We now have over 1100 Smart Wheels to produce and deliver until next May and that’s definitely a good basis for a blooming community which has already proven to know exactly what they want and need. The responses in our comments section have been overwhelming and direct messages to our e-mail inbox have also been numerous. This kind of interest is the best indication we’re doing something right. We wish to continue having this level of involvement with our backers and fans so we urge you to connect with us through Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with the most current developments. We’ll also keep working on the FlyKly App extensively and try to make it available until the end of the year so you’ll be able to use it and get acknowledged with it and in turn connect with other Smart Wheel users all around the globe. As one of our backers stated in a comment earlier today, we understand the importance of keeping the community going.

So we haven’t reached the goal just yet. We reached a goal which is only the first step in a series of many, and we’re looking forward to every single one of them. And you’re kindly invited to come along for the ride.

Thank you and Stay Fly!

Team FlyKly

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