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Lightweight and highly efficient all-in-one design pedal assist that fits on practically any bicycle. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on November 25, 2013.

Lightweight and highly efficient all-in-one design pedal assist that fits on practically any bicycle.

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    1. Creator Oliver Rebmann about 18 hours ago

      got the smart light!

      I did not like biking until I got the smart wheel. I am 46 years old and doing sports is more difficulty for me than fun, except skiing. My motivation to use my bike here in Stuttgart was very low, because we have many hills and valleys.
      Since I use the smart wheel, I am nearly addicted to my bike.

    2. Creator theadrew 3 days ago

      "....US wheels shipping in a week" so I guess that means add a month for boat shipping too. No mention of smart light so I suppose that won't be included in this shipment.

    3. Creator Dennis Fenske 3 days ago

      When should I expect to see my smart light? I am in the US. Thanks.

    4. Creator jcorbel 4 days ago

      Still nothing. No shipping number, no nothing. Starting to worry...

    5. Creator Jean-Baptiste RICHARD 5 days ago

      I've got my tracking number too. Thanks to Flykly. Awaiting for the wheel...

    6. Creator Robert Pleasance 5 days ago

      Just got my shipping number for the UK

    7. Creator Andrew R 5 days ago

      For those who care about such things, US wheels "shipping in a week. Assembly took longer than anticipated" per Facebook post.

    8. Creator SECHER Yann-Gaël 6 days ago

      when i removed the wheel i saw it might be the lockring as well.

      i checked it before i leaved but he unscrewed himself suddenly ... i'll get a lockring wrench to be sure

      but check it often, it's rather unpleasant to skid when you don't to

      never had such a problem with my fixed gear bike

    9. Creator Jeremy D. Huntsinger 7 days ago

      @SECHER, how did this happen? I don't get what you mean it locked up. I noticed with mine that once the cog got loose but that was easy to fix and secure. What happened to yours that caused it to lock up?

    10. Creator SECHER Yann-Gaël on February 24

      be EXTRA careful with your flykly ! i made a skid with mine today

      the wheel "locked" herself as i was cycling, made a nice skid and went home walking. Everything was stuck, since, i can't pedal backward and even going forward is really hard... a bit worrying after 262km ...

    11. Creator Tim W. on February 23

      I will try the contact below but to date I have heard nothing from them directly. Not happy.

    12. Creator Robert Pleasance on February 23

      In Uk no wheel yet!

    13. Creator Paulo Devera on February 23

      Here's the response i received regarding ETA. Dated 2/5/2015

      Subject: ETA
      FEB 05, 2015 | 05:16AM EST
      FlyKly replied:

      Dear Paulo,

      your wheel is already waiting in the box, ready to be shipped. We will add Smart Lights next week and we are finishing silver wheels assembly. So, we will ship to US in around 10 days and then it will take around a month, since we will ship by vessel. You wheel will be with you soon.

      If you have any other questions or need anything else, please let us know.

      Stay Fly,

      FlyKly Team

    14. Creator Jean-Baptiste RICHARD on February 22

      @Andreas : Very glad to know that you received your smartlight, because very few backers did.
      The main problem is why do they say that they will ship in september, then december, then january, then in two weeks if they don't

    15. Creator Andreas Steen on February 22


      We all are "early birds" and I am shure that at now they only fulfill the kickstarter orders. I have got my silver/grey wheel 4 weeks ago and I am only waiting for an update of a more stable Bluetooth connection, apart from that I am satisfied.

      Regards Andreas

    16. Creator Jean-Baptiste RICHARD on February 22

      @Eichar : Yes, but I'm an "early bird" and I was supposed to get my wheel BEFORE it's officially sell on their website

    17. Creator Jean-Baptiste RICHARD on February 22

      @Andreas : I already send them messages at, and they're always talking about an iminent sending, but I'm still waiting for my wheel.

    18. Creator M. Eichar on February 22

      @Jean-Baptiste They are making 80 wheels a *week* so it's slow. I'm impatient, too, but at least they are shipping ... Like Andreas said, is the only way to get a response.

    19. Creator Andreas Steen on February 22


      Nobody from FlyKly is watching here, please contact I allways get an answer within 48 hours if I have a question.

      Best regards Andreas

    20. Creator Jean-Baptiste RICHARD on February 22

      I already posted this last february 5 :
      I'm an early bird, in France (close to Italy where you are building the wheel) choosing the "silver" grey version.
      You told me that I will receive it in May 2014, then september 2014, then december 2014, then end of January 2015, then 2 weeks after february 5, AND NO NEWS RIGHT NOW...
      Please let me QUICKLY know when it will arrive.

    21. Creator Peter on February 21

      Wasn't here for a while because it proved difficult to get the right parts matching the wheels properties.

      1. The self moving bike: A hint from flykly put me on the right path. It was low chain tension which enables the crank to be driven by the rear wheel, which in turn activates the smart wheels assist pulse which turns the crank ... and so on. Basically producing an e-Moped... which runs entirely off the wheel without any pedaling.

      My problem was to find a matching chain tensioner. The original chain tensioner of my single speed bike wouldn't fit because the axle's diameter is too large for the ct's axle hole. I tried different things and found at last a proper solution. The "Salt Pro Chain Tensioner" (google that if needed) has a hole large enough and can be filed or milled to fit any (single speed) dropout. The axle of the smart wheel was long enough i could fit one on each side to center the smart wheel correctly.

      2. bluetooth connection. I found that the only way to get a stable connection is to hold your smartphone near the side and at the height of the hub. Which means you can't change settings while driving (not needed anyway) and you can't lock your wheel comfortably (i don't use this anyway because here your bike gets stolen the moment you turn away from your bike...).

      3. assist speed limit. I have not tested that yet but the speed limit until which you get assisted should depend entirely on the circumference you set. So if you get only boosted to a speed below 25 kph, you circumference is set too high. If you want a higher speed limit set circumference lower. In theory, needs to be confirmed.

      4. stuff falling off the hub? It didn't ... yet.

      5. separate smart light delivery. Promised end of January. Anyone?

    22. Creator theadrew on February 20

      "US orders – white and silver Smart Wheel orders will be sent out end of January, you can expect them by the end of February" -Flykly update 18

      So is the above still accurate? I thought I read somewhere wheels/smart lights are supposed to be shipped together to NY from Italy. Then assembled in NY and shipped to your home. So US regular white/silver backers should be receiving in the next week!?

    23. Creator Andreas Steen on February 16

      At my first ride I also lost a few cover plates of my Smart Wheel. They are very difficult to replace due of the rare diameter of 10,7 mm. In Germany I got them here unfortunately only in large quantities:

      Best regards Andreas

    24. Creator Pieter Vanhoutteghem on February 16

      Early Backer here, just did my first commute to work with it and damn the wheel is amazing.
      Lightweight but packs a punch.
      Some Initial notes:
      - Bluetooth connection could be better.
      - The hole covers in front of the blue led needs to be glued or they will come off in an instant

      Bug: IOS6 + Swiftkey keyboard = crashes the smartwheel app on input. So use the standard keyboard.

    25. Creator Andreas Steen on February 15

      At my iPhone6 following procedure helps:
      Disable Bluetooth, wait a moment and enable Bluetooth again and try to reconnect. Be shure to hold your smartphone in a short distance to Smart Wheel Hub. If this does not work repeat that procedure during charging Smart Wheel. FlyKly is aware that at Bluetooth connection is an issue and is working at a workaround or update.

      Viel Erfolg und beste Grüße aus Hamburg, Andreas

    26. Creator Christian Haag on February 15

      I received my smart wheel and installed (hard- and software) it. Then the connection broke up and since I cannot reconnect to the smart wheel. How can I do a hard-reset. Software reset is not possible because smart wheel app needs a BT connection to the wheel. Please help.

    27. Creator Peter Blomquist on February 15

      When do you start delivering to Sweden?

    28. Creator Tod Harrick on February 14

      I am SUPER-frustrated. I was an early bird backer. I was supposed to get the wheel in May 2014. It's 9 months later. No wheel and no communication from FlyKly.

    29. Creator bertzijngedacht on February 11

      Got a mail in less than one hour. I really neat to change my front gear to at least 42 gear. Will do that tomorrow! Thanks at the flykly team and you guys here!

    30. Creator M. Eichar on February 11

      @abertzijngedacht You should try to contact Niko through facebook ( or email ( He doesn't seem to look here any more, but I've had good luck with the other methods.

    31. Creator Oliver Rebmann on February 11

      with 47 front gear it works very nice.
      I am not a race driver, so it is absolutely enough for me.
      New experience for me in biking as a non-biker.
      I am so happy about my new bike!

    32. Creator bertzijngedacht on February 11

      I received my wheel past week. It is working, but whenever i’m drive faster than 15km/h i have to pedal like crazy (i can’t set any power with my feet.) It seem to be i can’t drive faster dan 15 maybe 20 km/h

      My settings are Cricumfence 2000 , Front gear 33 , rear gear 18. Is my front gear to little ? Do i have to put in a bigger front gear?

      My current setup is not workable. Just to slow. Anybody can advise me ?

    33. Creator Robert Pleasance on February 10

      Any news on my silver wheel?

    34. Creator Holger Gottesmann on February 8

      Thanks for the Smart Wheel. But where ist the Smart Light?

    35. Creator Oliver Rebmann on February 7

      My bike is ready to ride, and it is wonderful.
      Bluetooth is a little bit difficult, but it works.

      Start the smart wheel
      Start Bluetooth
      Connect SmartWheel
      Start SmartWheel App
      Connect to SmartWheel

      Rename SmartWheel

      I needed 5 trys to connect.

    36. Creator Jean-Baptiste RICHARD on February 5

      I'm still waiting for my wheel !
      I'm an early bird, in France (close to Italy where you are building the wheel) choosing

      the "silver" grey version.
      You told me that I will receive it in May 2014, then september 2014, then december 2014, then end of January 2015 and no news right now...
      Please let me know when it will arrive.

    37. Creator Chris Hide on February 2

      Hi. has anyone recieved their wheel in the UK yet - just curious.

    38. Creator Yoav on January 28

      Got the wheel last week (early bird, white wheel, Israel). Installed it and it worked perfectly. Only thing i needed to do was to replace the chain, as the one I had was too narrow (which causes the teeth of the cog to get stuck inside the links of the chain). Everything works great and I'm very happy with it.

    39. Creator Marcel van der Kroef on January 27

      Received my wheel today (early bird, white wheel, Netherlands), installed it after work and works perfectly. Only trouble I had was the Bluetooth connections as others mentioned earlier. Wheel took of faster then I expected, I'm very happy with the wheel though I didn't ride much yet. Will know more tomorrow!

      For people connecting to the wheel first time: I had to turn on the wheel first (mine was charging) then connect through the app; the wheel shows with flykly in the name of the device. Connect and setup the wheel circumference and front/back gear teeth number.

      When trying to lock my wheel I received an connection error. I wasn't able to lock the wheel through the app, hope they fixt the connection problem soon ;P.

    40. Creator SECHER Yann-Gaël on January 27

      Do you think we might fit a 135mm wide hub on a 120mm spaced frame ? i fear they delivered a 135mm wheel instead of the 120mm wide i've ordered

    41. Creator Tim Devine on January 26

      After three weeks of back and forth emailing with fly kly and my bike mechanic it turns out I was sent a flawed early run hub. Now I have to drill out the holes in the flange. I don't imagine this is an entirely big deal but it must have been something they knew about before they sent them.

      "thank you for sent pictures. So, you already have the right spokes. Our production team informed us that we had some hubs, that have too much paint around the holes for spokes. It seems to be, that Tim got the hub, that is among first batch we shipped and we already .improved this on further wheels. So, the only solution is actually to drill holes with 2.5 mm and you will be able to use the spokes you already have (if you have the right length).

      Since you are from Australia, it would not make sense to send the wheel back to Europe, since we would do the same thing and use a lot of time for transport. You will not hurt the wheel with making the holes a bit bigger. WE apologize for this, however it is the best solution if Tim wants to use Smart Wheel as soon as possible.

      We are sorry we did not realize this before, since we got this information after receiving your picture."

      FK say this is new news to them but I think that's strange given they sent an email in Nov stating, "We have encountered some difficulties in the production, which has led us into an unexpected delay. Since it is the end of biking season, we are having some problems with our sprocket suppliers. Also, we have experienced some difficulties with the spokes. 2.3 mm spokes have turned out to be too thick, so we had to switch to 2 mm spokes."

      So tired of dealing with this company.

    42. Creator Andreas Steen on January 23

      Try to connect the charger to the wheel and try again. If this does not help disconnect charger and try again without charging. Sometimes I have the same trouble to get a Bluetooth connection but after a few changes as described above it worked for me. Flykly Team knows that there still is an issue with Bluetooth connection and is working at an improvement via update.

      Much success and best regards, Andreas

    43. Creator Jami Laes on January 23

      @Andreas I toggled Bluetooth and it didn't help. Waited for the wheel to turn off, rebooted the phone and wheel and no change to the problem. My phone doesn't find the wheel even if it is right next to it. No issues with phone Bluetooth with other devices such as Pebble, Amiigo, muzik or my car. Only simultaneous connection was my pebble.

    44. Creator Andreas Steen on January 23

      I think the RN-IAP-3781 is anythink else but not the FlyKly device. Your Flykly should show you at Bluetooth monitor "Flykly_xxxx" or similar. I recommend to disable and enable again Bluetooth function at your iPhone to find the correct Flykly message.

      Regards Andreas

    45. Creator Jami Laes on January 23

      Wheel installed, app installed. The light switches on the wheel when woke by pedaling. On iOS iPhone 6, Bluetooth finds a RN-IAP-3781 device, I connect to it. Open the Smart wheel app, click connect. And every time I get an error prompt saying "device not connected. You must connect to a smart wheel device to use this app. Go to your Bluetooth settings and connect to your bicycle. "

      The phone is right next to the wheel, Bluetooth settings show I am connected to the RN-IAP-3781 device.

      How the hell can I get the wheel to work with the app?

      Please help!

    46. Creator SECHER Yann-Gaël on January 22

      the parcel has been sent just after my mail... can't wait !

    47. Creator SECHER Yann-Gaël on January 22

      Estimated delivery time:

      Expedited shipping orders – white sent, silver sending

      European orders – white Smart Wheel orders sent, silver Smart Wheel orders will be sent end of January

      whaaaat ??? as an european customer who ordered a white one i'm still waiting for any news...

    48. Creator M. Eichar on January 21

      @Jeremy Huntsinger - Thanks for the info. Very interesting!

      I downloaded the app, but of course, without the bike, I don't quite know how the settings work. Can you explain them a little more?

      If you set the maximum speed, what does that actually do - does it make you go as fast as 25kmph/15mph or does it just stop assisting at that speed?

      How do the % assist settings work? I think the brake recharge is clear enough...

      Thanks for keeping us up to date. I'm excited to receive mine sometime next month (Canada).

    49. Creator Jeremy D. Huntsinger on January 20

      Hey all,

      Had a busy weekend and haven't been able to setup the video talking about the FlyKly and all its capabilities but I noticed we did get one more review and I figured I would drop a line on how things turned out with my ride to work this last week.

      So my ride to work is 19.66 miles long or 31.64 kilometers long. I've taken this ride many times and this was the area I was hoping to see a lot of improvement as far as riding performance, speed and my rested state by the time I get to work. It would also be worth noting I didn't want the wheel to do everything for but simply help me get up the hills when I needed them and also resolve the numerous stops I have to make because of my route.

      So first off my settings. I set mine to be maxed out at 25khm or 15.5 mph for the speed, assistance was set at 65% and the brake was 70% recharge. This is all set up so that I can provide some support and the goal was not needing to bring the bike charger with me to work, which like others have mentioned is one of my few complaints because I would rather not have to worry about buying a second charger just to have the wheel topped off where ever I go. The ride into work was absolutely wonderful. The best part was when talking to my girl friend on the phone at one point and she asked me how the wheel was and I only thought of one thing, "Hey I can actually talk to you." This is because the realization that I was able to carry on a conversation while biking tended to be a difficult feat with all the hills on my route. Talking becomes exhaustive and I'm generally out of breath instead I was fine. The best part was that I still got a nice workout.

      This was my biggest concern, I like biking because it keeps me in shape, but with my new bike route I simply burn out by the time I get to work. It takes me quite some time to regain my self and rest enough to recover effectively. When I got to work this time I just got ready no sense of exhaustion at all.

      Some other numbers, my average heart rate for a normal bike ride to work would be 176bpm when I finish and the FlyKly wheel drops that to a 153bpm. Which shows how much work it takes out even when only assisting 65% of the time.

    50. Creator Wookhyun Cho on January 18

      Did you shipping? What are my shipping number?

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