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Lightweight  and highly efficient all-in-one design pedal assist that fits on practically any bicycle.
Lightweight  and highly efficient all-in-one design pedal assist that fits on practically any bicycle.
Lightweight and highly efficient all-in-one design pedal assist that fits on practically any bicycle.
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    1. Creator Jan E. Bolte about 12 hours ago

      Hello FlyKly

      Any news on delivery?

      You said, we ship orders on a first come, first served basis. Estimated delivery time is 3 months.

      Who came first, who is served first? I did order on the 22nd of October 2013; estimated delivery May 2014, financed 25th of November 2013.

      So, we're going fast on 2 years now. I don't really understand what the difficulty is: assemble the bike, pack it, and send it off! You have the address.

      Cheers, Jan

    2. Creator Jesse 1 day ago

      what kind of valve is on this? it looks sort of like a cross between a presta and a schrader... It has an internal pin like a schrader, but the diameter of a presta, and so my pump wont fit on it.



    3. Creator Bernd 1 day ago

      @Andrew R: Yes, kind of, but mine was showing a permanent blue light, and not smart any more, giving no motor support, not being on air via bluetooth. Sent it back to Slovenia for repair more than 6 weeks ago but since then I was only waiting. The issue happened after 300 km total usage without one single raindrop and after a 1h pause. Directly before this pause the wheel was in normal usage in the city without any extra strain e.g. hills or high temperatures. Please write yourself to the 'early damage list' I created down here if you like. I fear we are not the only ones. :-(

    4. Creator JVVH 1 day ago

      Received my wheel yesterday. Haven't opened the box yet. The box is damaged on one side and torn open around the axle. The axle nut is a bit scraped up. The box looks like it was reused, there are multiple staple holes.

    5. Creator Steven Santa Maria 2 days ago

      Another month gone and I still haven't received my tracking number. I was a member of the original funders for this back in 2013. Needless to say, I'm disappointed in the lack of communication... Flykly can you help?

    6. Creator Amanthus Lunn 3 days ago

      *Sigh* I am located in the US. I still haven't received the tracking number for my wheel, so I am guessing it still hasn't been shipped yet. Multiple emails sent back and forth through this whole process, always with a response giving me false hope of receiving my wheel. Last email said August and now it is September. I have been INCREDIBLY patient through this whole process. I understand delays, they are typically when creating new products, I TOTALLY get that. But seriously, this is getting ridiculous. Flykly communication and transparency of behind the scenes is ugh. Alright, rant over.

    7. Creator Andrew R 3 days ago

      I was lucky to get my wheel a few months ago and was pleased with it. Now after very light use due to other time commitments it will not turn on even though the app just a few minutes before it died showed full charge. No response yet to emails to Flykly. Anyone else with a prematurely dead wheel?

    8. Creator Andy Lauw 4 days ago

      Got my wheel + smart light today (Perth, Australia). Everything seems to be working ok, though have not had the chance to install it on my bike - maybe tomorrow's job.
      Late better than never. Thanks Flykly.

    9. Creator Sanyu Ye 7 days ago

      It is end August now. I am still waiting for my wheel

    10. Creator Vitoon Utaranakorn on August 27

      Still have not received mine. Where is The FlyKly ?

    11. Creator Phillip Dean on August 26

      My wheel arrived yesterday (California) so the latest shipment to the U.S. is arriving. Sadly I've spent most of my free money on a new motorcycle so it is just going to sit there in the garage for a while :(

    12. Creator Bernd on August 25

      @Brian: My wheel is still under repair in slovenia (for more than five weeks now). Flykly is more or less a one man show, look at all these guys, who have never received their wheel yet. Summer is over now. I too build up a new light weight (14,4kg) racer only for the wheel. Hopefully I will see mine again, before snow starts falling...

    13. Creator Henry Hui on August 21

      Hi, I'm still waiting for my wheel to be delivered. Please advise the current status or any thing I may have missed.

    14. Creator Dan Gray on August 18

      I received my wheel and no longer have a use for it. Anyone looking to purchase, please reply here. Located in CA.

    15. Creator Grove Media Studios on August 16

      I also got a tracking email from Slovenia; when I check the tracking through, it just keeps saying bad data, no updates. Anyone else have any issues with it?

    16. Creator Alexandria Stevens on August 12

      I emailed last night and my response was a shipping tracking number, from Slovenia. I was told that there was a huge shipment to the US and that it would be broken down for individuals from there. Waiting now to see how long it takes me to get my wheel.

    17. Creator Stephen Wilder on August 12

      Any updates, FlyKly?

    18. Creator Purin Phanichphant on August 9

      I backed the Flykly project 2 years ago. Their delivery dates kept slipping from 6 months, to 1 year, to almost 2 years now. When they finally were ready to ship, they asked for my preferences and shipping address. One April 9th of this year, they even sent a shipping tracking number (from Slovania!?!) to me.

      I've been patiently waiting for about 4 months now, and still have never received my reward (which I paid $590 for). The shipping tracking number stopped working, and USPS sent me a letter that the package went missing and they are investigating. I tried to contact Flykly's support, and they have "acknowledged" and will "investigate" my case and there were no further communications, nor were they helpful with issuing a refund nor send me a new reward.

      I decided I've had it and I want my money back. $590 is a lot of money to me and I felt like FlyKly robbed it from me (with the help of Kickstarter).

    19. Creator Stephen Wilder on August 4

      Flykly, what's the deal here? I funded 2 Smart Wheels almost 2 years ago, and have received absolutely no indication of when (or even if!) they will ship to me. I'm in Colorado, and based on what I've read, the US shipments of wheels are well underway. How long do I have to wait to collect on my $1200 investment?

    20. Creator Christian Haag on August 2

      I am having the same BT problems as many here. Connection within 30 cm. more distance --> signal/connection lost.

    21. Creator M. Eichar on August 1

      ps email me at ms.eichar (at) gmail dot com if you're interested in buying my wheel.

      BTW, the knee surgery fixed my back pain, too, so I'm all "regular bike, regular bike!" again.

    22. Creator M. Eichar on August 1

      My SmartWheel is for sale. I backed the project before my knee surgery, but now, post-surgery, I don't need it. Any takers? $500+shipping from Canada takes it.

    23. Creator Brian Dionisi on July 30


      My Flykly also needs to be shipped to Italy, apparently, due to failure. My symptoms are similar, however I'm able to connect with bluetooth while holding up my phone within ~30cm. App shows that the wheel is charged, yet doesn't work beyond lighting up.

      Last I heard from FlyKly on this was two weeks ago: "...we are just waiting for the best shipping solution, and will get back to you with all information"

      Really wish I'd never funded this thing. I had to convert my wheel from 10 speed to single speed for this. Once I convert it back to 10 speed to make it rideable once the wheel is being worked on, I'm not sure I'm going to want to make it single speed if and when I get my wheel back.

      @Bernd, how long did it take to get your wheel fixed, between the time you shipped it and the time you got it back?

    24. Creator Vitoon Utaranakorn on July 29

      Dear FlyKly team again

      And now it is July 2015.
      I Still have not received mine !!!

      MAR 03, 2015 | 07:57AM EST
      FlyKly replied:

      Dear Vitoon,

      we are still fully occupied with european and US orders and we expect to finish in the end of the month, so then international orders will come in place. We apologize for the delay, thank you for your patience.

      Stay Fly,

      FlyKly Team
      MAR 01, 2015 | 12:03PM EST
      Original message
      Vitoon wrote:

      Dear flykly team

      I haven't received anything yet. First I think that perhaps it was very overwhelming to fulfill so many orders that I figured it might take a while.

      However, it is 2 March 2015 and i've yet to see anything reach my door step. Can you please advise on the delivery please?

      Vitoon Utaranakorn

    25. Creator Al CiDio on July 27

      I receive this email from Flykly two weeks ago:

      " JUL 14, 2015 | 04:14AM EDT
      FlyKly replied:

      Dear Alcidio,

      we will start to ship next week and we will try our best to ship yours as soon as possible. If you have any other question, we are here for you.

      Stay Fly,

      FlyKly Team";

      But so far I haven'r received any info about my shipment. Does anyone received any info about your shipment?

    26. Creator Bernd on July 23

      @Fact Multimedia Design: You should be able to charge your wheel only by pedaling as follows, but it's not the most convenient way to do so:

      -set recuperation to 100%
      -set motor support and/or max. support velocity to zero

      Note: Not tested yet by myself due to failure after only 300km of flyklying

    27. Creator Bernd on July 23

      My Flykly is currently under repair back in Slovenia. Symptoms of failure are as follows:

      - steady blue light
      - no bluetooth connection possible
      - no motor support or recuperation
      - connecting to charger gives no change to current status
      - no automatic turn-off, light keeps glowing till battery quits

      Please add yourself to the list, if you have encountered the same issues, as I believe I'm not the only one:

      1. Bernd (on cold flykly turkey now)
      2. ...

    28. Creator M. Eichar on July 5

      @Melissa Gatlin - I received the phone holder with the light, but it was shipped with the wheel.

      @Jennifer Mitchell, they've been horrible in their delivery schedule, but the southern hemisphere shipment is in July, so I'd wait until August before splashing out on a different wheel.

    29. Creator Jennifer Mitchell on July 3

      Like many commenters here, I was also an early backer and paid ages ago, still no communication about delivery to the forgotten lands of the Southern Hemisphere. It will be a miracle if the wheel ever arrives - it was supposed to arrive May 2014. I've written off the investment, and will probably go and buy another bike in the near future which can be reliably serviced and maintained by a retailer. Wiser and poorer.

    30. Creator Melissa Gatlin on June 22

      Has anyone received the phone holder ... not the wheel, but the combo light and phone holder?

    31. Creator Ron And Catherine Reed on June 18

      The lack of update via email, etc. has been bad. I am now buying another product.

    32. Creator Phillip Dean on June 18

      I found messaging them on Facebook gets a faster response. Not a good response, but faster. I pinged them with a request for information on my wheel delivery since I wasn't part of the first shipment to North America. I got a response (yay) but all they said was "Your Smart Wheel will be shipped in July." (boo).

    33. Creator Tod Harrick on June 18

      Yup. 2 years and still waitin' for that wheel. Dum, de dum de dum.

    34. Creator JVVH on June 18

      Still waiting for my wheel and light.

    35. Creator Tim W. on June 8

      I've not looked at the comments in a while fearing I would only see a confirmation of my suspicion. I am gone to request a refund. The customer service and updates are poor. I have grown tired of waiting.

    36. Creator James Dichter on May 30

      I think we are spinning wheels thinking Flykly is capable or interested in customer service or creating a worthwhile product,

      A simple thing like shipping a box from Boston to NY has now become a frustrating strange experience.
      Flykly acknowledged that my wheel was not initialized correctly and would need to be shipped to NY. Simple I thought living in Boston. But it is going on one month now and still waiting to receive return Shipping Label. (Apparently UPS is sending my label by mail from Europe)

      The comments and experiences from users clearly show what we got was not the product promised. Importantly there looks to be a number of potentially dangerous problems -- overheating in charging, braking, turning....

      There is a legal One Year Warranty on the Smart Wheel. The current Smart Wheel failures should be covered by this Warranty.

      Do you think we need to go the legal route?

    37. Creator Holly Ellingson on May 28

      Still, I am waiting for any response or delivery of the light I paid for. I am very frustrated. I was initially very excited and proud to be a part of this campaign, and now, two years later, I'm neither excited nor proud. I'm skeptical and disgusted. I keep reading updates that say "nearly every" part has been delivered, yet I've not seen mine. Still. After two years. How are they not facing legal repercussions for this nonsense? From reading the comments, it seems that my situation is far from unique. I'm certainly glad I didn't invest in the wheel itself!

    38. Creator T Phelan on May 28

      Great you raised almost 3/4 of a million dollars, great you're in 50 countries. :)

      Not great I was one of the first backers almost 2 years ago and still have yet to receive my two wheels. :(

    39. Creator Fact Multimedia Design on May 28

      I posted this comment a while ago till this date no proper reply, i also replied kickstarter and they mailed back stating:" flykly was a very succesfull project on kickstarter with lots of happy backers for problems you should contact the project founders"....

      well i don't support this and made me come to this date (giving both kickstarter to reply adequately) too:

      - open a website
      - post my review on every website that has left reviews (which btw seem to be bullocks because the wheel was in complete testing fase)
      - sell my wheel online

      I feel completly screwed over....

      Hello everyone except FlyKly (callled FK from now on) as they will not respond.....
      I have received the "smartwheel" about two months ago, living in Amsterdam 3th floor..... i started mounting immediately....
      When installing, configuring and using i encountered the following issues/problems:
      1. The phone holder is not included in the original shipment i realized later and got answer of FK it will be sent later....
      2. the rubber wheel is mounted from the factory the wrong way (resolution FK you or a bike shop has to just swap the rubber wheel)
      3. There are no chain tensioners provided and the bolts are to big for my city bike so the chain will be loose (resolution FK let a bike shop or you remove a shackle from the chain)
      4. Bluetooth will not connect when sitting on the bike (resolution is hold the phone close to the wheel and setup the wheel). It took me over 30km before i got it connected after its connected you still have to connect from within the FlyKly app..... this will repeatedly says there is no bluetooth connection....So you have to switch back again to BT settings connect etc etc. Once connected you can setup the wheel after its setup the settings are stored in the wheel and the wheel will start assisting you based on the choosen settings.... woop woop ureka!
      5. Because in holland we have city bikes with a brake in the rear wheel, when reversing your paddle you use the full brake. The FK wheel does have a braking assist and i have it working but its not as instant as the conventional brake. (solution FK is to mount a brake on your front wheel as extra safety)
      6. When the wheel is empty of power you have no brake at all (if you have not followed FK's advice) (FK response was no worries the wheel is smart enough to remember your settings) well its not that smart....
      7. When the wheel is empty there is no other solution then carrying up my 20 kilo citybike up three stairs and put it to charger..... This in my opinion could have been resolved easily by adding a setting in the app.....Turn of power consumption recharge wheel by biking....
      8. Now the fun part begins when you finally have things working, the wheel is setup, its charged and your biking like a loony (yes you are this is one of the few positive things, the wheel 94% of the time does help you pretty well). And when you think let's try and change some settings (hopefully bluetooth is still connected and the app too)...... you will try to adjust the sliders you will get a notification "You cannot adjust the settings while biking" So you stop to adjust.... then when you try to adjust it, it says sorry connection lost.......believe me this is where it becomes really frustrating ....
      9. FlyKly asked me to sent them some pictures of me being happy on the bike, i answered well at the moment im just frustrated and trying to sort out the issues..... instead of receiving an answer like we are here to help you lets resolve this... i did not hear anything .... yesterday i posted a message on facebook that im actually pretty pissed.....
      10. One of my friends own a bikestore Kaptein while taking the wheel apart the mechanic (which i know is good) dismantled the sprockets to have a look..... the sprocket used is not locked by a in bike world called lockbolt. This can and will most likely cause problems in the future (my own opinion)....
      10a. you can order a lockbolt and resolve problem 9b after this you cannot remove the sprocket anymore and replace it when needed, your wheel becomes trash
      10b. use the sprocket without a lockbolt try to tighten it as much as possible buttt in the future the sprocket can become loose when biking forward it will have a backlash of about 2-3 mm same problem paddling backward
      11. The valve is American, Europeans need to buy a converter so you can inflate your wheel
      Problem in my opinion is good words about they did testdrives (which i believe im an uninformed participator) in some cites which where very succesfull. Well i can tell you one thing if this was tested it was tested completely wrong because 2,4,6,7,8,9, 10, 11 for sure and maybe 3 could have been resolved..... Im just curious is there anyone active here that has tested the wheel in person?
      You know if they would have said to me, please test the wheel (for free) and give us feedback, i would have been a happy camper. But i paid a substantial amount of money for a product that is far from finished and the biggest issues in my opinion are.
      - (4) the bluetooth (i BT believe the hardware in the wheel is not of god quality)
      - (10) the used sprocket and mounting of it
      - (6) no recharge option by normal biking without using assist
      - the lack of proper communication of the project founders....because i believe this is the only way they can save the project as trust for me is completely gone.
      It all sounded so nice when it started.......

    40. Creator Drew Tennimon on May 27

      looks like i am getting my sondors ebike b4 this, so anyone want to buy mine whenever it finally ships?

    41. Creator Nicholas Wang on May 21

      @JackBurnett. I'm in Chicago and have also not received my wheel. Not sure which backer I was, but I went in on the first day, Oct 16th. I am a "$550 early bird" backer.

      I contacted FlyKly via email last month and was told that I would be in the second batch - to "go out in July/August".

      With any luck, they'll have worked through some of the issues enumerated below by then.

    42. Creator theadrew on May 18

      @JackBurnett yup. I'm in chicago and have a wheel. I was backer #52 so I assume that's how I got in the first batch.

    43. Creator Jack Burnett on May 14

      Has anyone near Chicago received their wheel yet? I figure I will not receive it before winter, but you never know. Thanks.

    44. Creator James Dichter on May 14

      Thanks for your feedback on connection problem.
      The Flykly folks informed me that my problem in establishing a Bluetooth connection is due to my Smart Wheel not being fully configured. They said I would need to send wheel to NY to be fixed. They acknowledged it was their problem but after many emails are still not providing details on how to ship it to them. Almost 2 weeks and somehow they are not capable of arranging shipping a wheel from Boston to New York! Very Frustrating. Has anyone had luck with getting proper Customer Service.

    45. Creator Peter on May 12

      Had my wheel for about a month now. Figured I could share my thoughts on it.

      The bad:
      - Horrible bluetooth connection. Can only connect to the wheel if very close (About 30cm max). Kind of defeats the purpose and fails to deliver on what was promised. It can't be used as advertised.
      - Cumbersome connection process. You need to manually connect to the wheel in BT settings each time then switch to the app and connect there. No auto connect.
      Sometimes after doing the whole connection process it instantly drops connection and then you cant reconnect.
      - Accelerates while steering the bike, as the small cog follows the hub sometimes. When you least expect it, it starts to accelerate! Its both embarrassing and dangerous!
      - App is very poorly made with lots of bugs and bad user experience.
      - Battery indicator unreliable and not very accurate. Example: Showing 30% and it ran out after 5 mins. From full charge going 10km it can show 99% etc. You can't rely it to take you home with below 40% power.
      - Battery runs out faster than expected.
      - Poor quality in phone holder, can't possible hold its own weight + phone.
      - Quite heavy, didn't really realize what a pain it would be to carry it up to the apartment to charge it.
      - I've been forced to re-register my wheel 3 times now as it seems to forget the initial installation and resets itself. = Could be stolen if someone just connected to it when this happened.
      - Flykly support is very slow and their responses is often not very helpful and very vague. Avoiding and making excuses. Getting nowhere.

      The good:
      - Once you are on you way, it works pretty well when accelerating and going up hills. It is fun, but it has way to many flaws that ruins the experience.

      After 1,5 years +(?) of constant delays they finally delivered a product that feels very unfinished with lots of flaws. Disappointing.

    46. Creator theadrew on May 12

      @North I'm also concerned about the battery management system as I am not getting the "green" light to come on as described in the instruction manual. I haven't seen the icon for BMS problems though. I know improper BMS can ruin the battery cells though through overcharging or poor regulation and distribution of current.

      @M.Eichar You should buy a chainring with fewer teeth. Count your teeth and find one with at least 4 less. EG if you have 52 teeth now then go for 48 or 46. This will make it easier to accelerate and more importantly easier to pedal uphill which will keep motor engaged.

    47. Creator North on May 10

      Hi. I set up the wheel and put the charger on overnight. The next morning the red light was still on and when I connected to the wheel I had to go through the registration process again. On the app screen, the icon for battery management system problems is on. Anyone else experience this? How can I fix it?

    48. Creator M. Eichar on May 7

      After a bit of fiddling, I've got my SmartWheel functioning well, but I'd like a little more help getting up the hills - main reason for getting the SmartWheel in this hilly town. The hills aren't particularly steep; I was able to pedal up them a few years ago before my knees got too bad to do it.

      I've tried to let the wheel do the work up the hill, as Niko showed me, but it slows down too much, and I have to get off and walk it up the hill. The resistance is such that I can't force the wheel to keep turning. Anybody have any advice on the best settings?

    49. Creator theadrew on May 7

      Noticed today that my charger gets extremely hot after two hours of charging- hot enough to not want to leave it charging with I'm not home. Anyone else? Also to charge from 5% to 100% took about 3 hours 15 minutes. Anyone get a green light on charger after full charge?

      @Brian Dionisi - sometimes while riding I pedal backwards and then pedal forwards if wheel doesn't want to turn on after a stop sign. As for resistance with the wheel off there is a little from the added weight but its not like pedaling through regenerative brake resistance or anything. Take your chain off and see if the wheel spins freely when the bike is on a bike stand or upside down on floor. Try to figure out where the resistance is coming from. Maybe try a different bike frame too. With the chain on the wheel wont spin long unless you continually pedal. With the chain off it will continually spin (until you apply brake) after a helping manual hand spin.

    50. Creator Julian Helmich on May 7

      I am always successful with the bluetooth connection when I completly close the flykly app, reconnect bluetooth in the settings, start the app again and connect. Holding the phone close to the hub helps.

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