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Lightweight and highly efficient all-in-one design pedal assist that fits on practically any bicycle.
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2,358 backers pledged $701,239 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Andrew R about 4 hours ago

      Kickstarter abuse channel is well-known to accomplish absolutely nothing. You will get a boilerplate response the same as the one posted below. This project is a dream compared to some others I've backed. Agree that much could be improved but do have confidence we'll see a good product at some point which is much more than I can say for several other campaigns I'm waiting on.

    2. Creator Robert Newman about 9 hours ago

      Thanks for Peter Waltman's suggestion to leave a message with kickstarter abuse channel. I just did that.

      I am located in the US and have had the same experience that many others have had - vague promises about shipping "soon" or "next week." I would be a lot more tolerant of these delays if Flykly was open and honest about their process and obstacles they've incurred. Instead, their lack of open communication has generated anger, frustration, and mistrust.

    3. Creator Peter Waltman on March 24

      I would recommend/suggest to any American, Canadian or Australian backers that they contact kickstarter's abuse channel (, link at bottom) to ask them for what recourse that they can provide, if any. After a year of failed promises, I don't think this "company" has any credibility left. Honestly, at this point, were you to receive your wheel from FlyKly, do you have any confidence whatsoever in the quality of the product? If you do, just go to their facebook page, and you can see at least 1 example of a product that wasn't assembled correctly and started falling apart after only 2 rides.

    4. Creator Lou Peguero on March 24

      I was promised a wheel in May of 2014! We are coming up on a year pass that date! This is ridiculous!!! If and when I get my wheel and that's a big IF, I'm going to be too old to ride! Kickstarter needs to hold people responsible for their campaigns! I doubt I will ever pledge to another campaign! Thanks FlyKly!

    5. Creator Michael Andaya on March 22

      Sent e-mail to No response and now this " This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

      Unable to deliver message to the following recipients, due to being unable to connect successfully to the destination mail server.". Is there no effective way to communicate with this company

    6. Creator Bernd on March 22

      I am having no problems to establish a bluetooth connection to my smartwheel but convincing the smartwheel app that there is a connection is rather impossible. It is stating, that I first have to connect via settings/bluetooth (iOS). The wheel is shining blue constantly or flickers blue but this makes no difference. Though I cannot use my flykly till this issue is solved. Anybody else with app not connecting? Solutions?

    7. Creator Michael Andaya on March 22

      @ Peter, I have also asked for a refund and they are not responding to my e-mails and messages in their FaceBook page. Looks like I lost money in this venture.

    8. Creator Peter Waltman on March 21

      This company is so ridiculously disorganized. In January, I asked for a full refund of the $590 that I gave for one of their smart wheels, but was told that they would start shipping to American customers in 10 days AND that I would receive my wheel by end of February. It is now March 21, and I hear from their lovely update that they are nearly, almost just ready to start shipping their 1st batch to their American and Canadian customers. I'm am so done with this company.

    9. Creator Peter on March 20

      P.S. my condolences to all overseas customers....

    10. Creator Peter on March 20

      @Tamir: The smartlight has a more or less a conventional flat surfaced body with a rubber logo of flykly. The phone is attached with a rubber band .... which is more or less flexible. So a case should work if the band is flexible enough. I didn't test my smartlight at all because it fits only 25,4mm handlebars, not oversized handlebars or stems at all.

      You can find pictures of the smartlight and the attachment here:

    11. Creator Michael Andaya on March 20

      Sent e-mail that since the glow in the dark option will no longer be possible. I opted for a refund and have not received a reply from them. Have not even gotten the Smart Lights from them.

    12. Creator Tamir Kojfman on March 18

      I hope any other Canadians like myself won't have to wait until later than April for our wheels to arrive (and though we are our own country, please don't ship by boat, truck & train are faster).
      The ice has almost completely melted and I'm itching to ride soon, but I need my Smart Wheel before I get my whole bike road-ready for the Spring.

      Hope to see it, and the Smart Light soon. Speaking of the Smart Light, will I need to have anything specific to be able to attach my Nexus 5 to it if it's in a case? The back is not completely flat and I don't know how it sticks exactly.

      Tamir @ Toronto

    13. Creator CAROLE on March 18

      WHERE ARE THE LIGHTS, please.
      Concise updates would be nice.

    14. Creator M. Eichar on March 18

      @Andy AAaargh! "We do not have any more hubs available at the moment" sounds like the death of my hopes. I see my $$ flying away on little wings.

      I desperately hope that I'm wrong.

    15. Creator Andy Lauw on March 18

      Peter: I wouldn't hold your breath yet... See below:

      Dear Andy,

      unfortunately we can not ship your wheel in March, since we do not have any more hubs available at the moment. We will make KS update on Friday - sorry for delay, there are things changing every day. Thank you for your patience.

      Stay Fly,
      FlyKly team

    16. Creator Peter John Waller on March 17

      Hey Guys
      Love your Work as I have since day 1 :-)
      Hey when I filled out the first customer survey all those months ago a ticked the box as wanting the smart bike as well.
      As this is no longer an option and the bikes that you have on offer are not really what I want , I have since bought a bike that is going to work very well with my new Smart Wheel.

      So I am wondering if you can send me my new Fly Kly Smart Wheel in colour white with a drop out size of 12cm

      Im am very excited to possibly be the first person in Perth Western Australia to be sporting the New Fly Kly Smart Wheel as Perth has Bike Lanes and paths every where and are one of the states in Australia leading the way with Bike Travel

      Cheers to Fly Kly :-)

      Peter Waller

    17. Creator Franci on March 16

      Still waiting on my light. Any updates?

    18. Creator Li Jialin on March 15

      Is it too late to ask for refund ?!

    19. Creator Li Jialin on March 15

      Yeah...Where is it ?

    20. Creator Christina Pao on March 12

      Where is my wheel?? Where is the flykly team for update??

    21. Creator Robert Pleasance on March 11

      Wheel works great the break is very good. But the Bluetooth is not great connected great fist time. But now starting to have problems . Please fix this please.

    22. Creator Carsten Busch on March 10

      Did not get any answer to my E-Mails nor a shipping number....
      But I see, there are others with similiar problems, communication is not the favourite thing for the Flykly-team....

    23. Creator SECHER Yann-Gaël on March 7

      For those who received their wheel.

      I'd like to know did your wheel come with a miche sprocket carrier as a lockring ? that's quite odd, there's some kind of gap between the wheel itself and the spocket... there's enough room for an orange washer to pop out

    24. Creator Robert Pleasance on March 6

      Just got my wheel and light in UK. looks great have set it up yet a job for Sunday. Will update more after first ride.

    25. Creator Andreas Kaestel on March 5

      I wonder if i'm the only backer in Singapore? would be interesting to know

    26. Creator Steven Santa Maria on March 5

      Hmm... haven't gotten any shipping information yet...

    27. Creator Oliver Rebmann on March 3

      got the smart light!

      I did not like biking until I got the smart wheel. I am 46 years old and doing sports is more difficulty for me than fun, except skiing. My motivation to use my bike here in Stuttgart was very low, because we have many hills and valleys.
      Since I use the smart wheel, I am nearly addicted to my bike.

    28. Creator theadrew on March 1

      "....US wheels shipping in a week" so I guess that means add a month for boat shipping too. No mention of smart light so I suppose that won't be included in this shipment.

    29. Creator Dennis Fenske on February 28

      When should I expect to see my smart light? I am in the US. Thanks.

    30. Creator jcorbel on February 28

      Still nothing. No shipping number, no nothing. Starting to worry...

    31. Creator Jean-Baptiste RICHARD on February 27

      I've got my tracking number too. Thanks to Flykly. Awaiting for the wheel...

    32. Creator Robert Pleasance on February 27

      Just got my shipping number for the UK

    33. Creator Andrew R on February 26

      For those who care about such things, US wheels "shipping in a week. Assembly took longer than anticipated" per Facebook post.

    34. Creator SECHER Yann-Gaël on February 26

      when i removed the wheel i saw it might be the lockring as well.

      i checked it before i leaved but he unscrewed himself suddenly ... i'll get a lockring wrench to be sure

      but check it often, it's rather unpleasant to skid when you don't to

      never had such a problem with my fixed gear bike

    35. Creator Jeremy D. Huntsinger on February 25

      @SECHER, how did this happen? I don't get what you mean it locked up. I noticed with mine that once the cog got loose but that was easy to fix and secure. What happened to yours that caused it to lock up?

    36. Creator SECHER Yann-Gaël on February 24

      be EXTRA careful with your flykly ! i made a skid with mine today

      the wheel "locked" herself as i was cycling, made a nice skid and went home walking. Everything was stuck, since, i can't pedal backward and even going forward is really hard... a bit worrying after 262km ...

    37. Creator Tim W. on February 23

      I will try the contact below but to date I have heard nothing from them directly. Not happy.

    38. Creator Robert Pleasance on February 23

      In Uk no wheel yet!

    39. Creator Paulo Devera on February 23

      Here's the response i received regarding ETA. Dated 2/5/2015

      Subject: ETA
      FEB 05, 2015 | 05:16AM EST
      FlyKly replied:

      Dear Paulo,

      your wheel is already waiting in the box, ready to be shipped. We will add Smart Lights next week and we are finishing silver wheels assembly. So, we will ship to US in around 10 days and then it will take around a month, since we will ship by vessel. You wheel will be with you soon.

      If you have any other questions or need anything else, please let us know.

      Stay Fly,

      FlyKly Team

    40. Creator Jean-Baptiste RICHARD on February 22

      @Andreas : Very glad to know that you received your smartlight, because very few backers did.
      The main problem is why do they say that they will ship in september, then december, then january, then in two weeks if they don't

    41. Creator Andreas Steen on February 22


      We all are "early birds" and I am shure that at now they only fulfill the kickstarter orders. I have got my silver/grey wheel 4 weeks ago and I am only waiting for an update of a more stable Bluetooth connection, apart from that I am satisfied.

      Regards Andreas

    42. Creator Jean-Baptiste RICHARD on February 22

      @Eichar : Yes, but I'm an "early bird" and I was supposed to get my wheel BEFORE it's officially sell on their website

    43. Creator Jean-Baptiste RICHARD on February 22

      @Andreas : I already send them messages at, and they're always talking about an iminent sending, but I'm still waiting for my wheel.

    44. Creator M. Eichar on February 22

      @Jean-Baptiste They are making 80 wheels a *week* so it's slow. I'm impatient, too, but at least they are shipping ... Like Andreas said, is the only way to get a response.

    45. Creator Andreas Steen on February 22


      Nobody from FlyKly is watching here, please contact I allways get an answer within 48 hours if I have a question.

      Best regards Andreas

    46. Creator Jean-Baptiste RICHARD on February 22

      I already posted this last february 5 :
      I'm an early bird, in France (close to Italy where you are building the wheel) choosing the "silver" grey version.
      You told me that I will receive it in May 2014, then september 2014, then december 2014, then end of January 2015, then 2 weeks after february 5, AND NO NEWS RIGHT NOW...
      Please let me QUICKLY know when it will arrive.

    47. Creator Peter on February 21

      Wasn't here for a while because it proved difficult to get the right parts matching the wheels properties.

      1. The self moving bike: A hint from flykly put me on the right path. It was low chain tension which enables the crank to be driven by the rear wheel, which in turn activates the smart wheels assist pulse which turns the crank ... and so on. Basically producing an e-Moped... which runs entirely off the wheel without any pedaling.

      My problem was to find a matching chain tensioner. The original chain tensioner of my single speed bike wouldn't fit because the axle's diameter is too large for the ct's axle hole. I tried different things and found at last a proper solution. The "Salt Pro Chain Tensioner" (google that if needed) has a hole large enough and can be filed or milled to fit any (single speed) dropout. The axle of the smart wheel was long enough i could fit one on each side to center the smart wheel correctly.

      2. bluetooth connection. I found that the only way to get a stable connection is to hold your smartphone near the side and at the height of the hub. Which means you can't change settings while driving (not needed anyway) and you can't lock your wheel comfortably (i don't use this anyway because here your bike gets stolen the moment you turn away from your bike...).

      3. assist speed limit. I have not tested that yet but the speed limit until which you get assisted should depend entirely on the circumference you set. So if you get only boosted to a speed below 25 kph, you circumference is set too high. If you want a higher speed limit set circumference lower. In theory, needs to be confirmed.

      4. stuff falling off the hub? It didn't ... yet.

      5. separate smart light delivery. Promised end of January. Anyone?

    48. Creator theadrew on February 20

      "US orders – white and silver Smart Wheel orders will be sent out end of January, you can expect them by the end of February" -Flykly update 18

      So is the above still accurate? I thought I read somewhere wheels/smart lights are supposed to be shipped together to NY from Italy. Then assembled in NY and shipped to your home. So US regular white/silver backers should be receiving in the next week!?

    49. Creator Andreas Steen on February 16

      At my first ride I also lost a few cover plates of my Smart Wheel. They are very difficult to replace due of the rare diameter of 10,7 mm. In Germany I got them here unfortunately only in large quantities:

      Best regards Andreas

    50. Creator Pieter Vanhoutteghem on February 16

      Early Backer here, just did my first commute to work with it and damn the wheel is amazing.
      Lightweight but packs a punch.
      Some Initial notes:
      - Bluetooth connection could be better.
      - The hole covers in front of the blue led needs to be glued or they will come off in an instant

      Bug: IOS6 + Swiftkey keyboard = crashes the smartwheel app on input. So use the standard keyboard.

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