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Lightweight  and highly efficient all-in-one design pedal assist that fits on practically any bicycle.
Lightweight  and highly efficient all-in-one design pedal assist that fits on practically any bicycle.
Lightweight and highly efficient all-in-one design pedal assist that fits on practically any bicycle.
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2,358 backers pledged $701,239 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Gustavo Tosello Pinheiro about 12 hours ago

      I got my wheel a couple weeks ago and it is absolutely impossible to connect the app to the wheel.

      Could you help me?

    2. Creator Roberto De Almeida on November 22

      I also received the TNT invoice for $44.75 (I live in California as well). The reward clearly said "Worldwide shipping included", so I'm not paying for this.

    3. Creator Bernd on November 20

      Hey girls and guys, i am sad to have to write so soon again but after only 173 additional kilometers, so about 500 in total, my flykly quit service again. This time no motor kicking in and no recuperating but app still accessible and functioning but showing up the pedal (hall) sensor warning icon. Maybe it is the issue with the magnets not staying in place, reported by another user here? Support was supportive so far giving it some tries with factory resets and stuff but no cure. I am afraid, I have to send it in back to Slovenia for a third time now. Only positive outlook - winter is here now - so i won't miss it for a longer period now.

    4. Creator J. Corbett Hix on November 14

      I just wrote Kickstarter a 2nd time saying they need to take more responsibility on who they allow projects from, specifically a repeat maker where the comments are so overwhelmingly negative regarding the integrity of the bidder. I also feel like we should be able to warn bidders on the project but you cannot comment unless you are a bidder. So, you can be a bidder for $1 Euro. It might be good to give them the buck, and then write some responses to warn others of they company, there lack of support, shipping an unfinished product and general unwillingness to take responsibility for their failures (oh, the fragile pins on the charger you need to access while on your knees, don't break them or it's another $185!)

      Be sure and provide feedback on this ebike review site too so it can come up higher in search rankings and hopefully help others make an informed decision:

      Last, I really don't think a company the raised 700K+ for a project needs a kickstart anymore, the same goes for Pebble and others... look you did great, you got kickstarted, now go out be a regular business....

    5. Creator Kris Mclean on November 11

      Biggest problem is failure of bluetooth to reach the handle bars IMHO. I need virtually no assist on the flats & 100% on steep hills so the ability to change the assist level on-the-fly(kly) would have been great. Bluetooth radio has a wavelength of ~3cm so no surprise that not much gets out through a 1cm diameter hole. Bluettooth repeaters/range extenders are a bit thin on the ground on ebay too, so struggling to come up with a solution. Mayeb I could gaffer tape the phone to the back strut & work the slider with a long stick? Disappointing bit of kit after the 2 year wait but hey, no import duities he in Australia mate so woohoo!

    6. Creator Christian Gainsley on November 11

      Got a TNT customs bill too, of $44.75, to California. After waiting so damn long and it now being unusable because of Bluetooth issues. It says in the original campaign that international shipping is included. I'm forwarding the invoice back to Flykly.

    7. Creator Mitch Evans on November 9

      Not only did i get a customs invoice for $46, I also received defective AC charger with cut wires (luckily I saw this before plugging it in! Could have been fatal!)

    8. Creator Rachel Rubin Maclay on November 7

      I got a customs invoice as well. I feel so ripped off by this whole campaign. I can't believe Kickstarter is letting them run another!

    9. Creator Dennis Marinello on November 7

      Got my wheel last week. I'm in CA, Also received a customs duty invoice for $44.75. Did everyone revive this?

    10. Creator Reynard on October 19

      Mine came last Friday in a damaged package and the charger cable was also almost detached but I could still use it to charge the wheel. I think how it was packaged caused the charger cable to be almost detached. See picture here:

    11. Creator James Vance on October 19

      @Sanyu Ye, I just opened up my recently received wheel yesterday and have the same problem, the charge cord is broken at the junction with the charger box.

    12. Creator Sanyu Ye on October 18

      I finally received my wheel. Very good there was tracking id of shipping so you could follow the route of shipment. However i cannot start testing the wheel since the charge chord is broken at the junction with charger box. Look like a production fault. Anyone has similar case with charger unit?

    13. Creator Grove Media Studios on October 17

      Looks to me like the same hub placed on a custom frame. Nothing new really. Not worth the investment.

    14. Creator M. Eichar on October 17

      FlyKly is pushing a new Kickstarter project - a kick-propelled e-bike.…

      I wonder how they will manage the SmartWheel now? I'm not as thrilled with my SmartWheel as I hoped. It's okay, but better on flats than up hills - and who needs power assist on the flat?

      If I were to do it over, I think I'd go with the ZeHuS bike - where Niko got his actual wheel in the end.

    15. Creator Bernd on October 12

      Maybe there is a possibility to prolong the bluetooth antennae through one of the plastic caps to the outside...

    16. Creator Grove Media Studios on October 12

      I wonder if we drill out the metal hub on one side, cover it with a 3D printed side panel, it would rectify the Bluetooth issue. Just a thought, idk though.

    17. Creator Gary Goldberg on October 9

      Despite update #21, I have NOT received the wheel nor any shipping information. And I was an early backer! Ugh!!!

    18. Creator Jesse on October 9

      The bluetooth problem is because the wheel is metal, and the antenna is inside the wheel. It really needs some sort of external antenna, those plastic covered holes are the only place the signal can get out of the inside of the wheel. The original wheel was supposed to be plastic, so it would not have caused any interference problems.

    19. Creator Bernd on October 8

      @grove: no, no solution yet, it's very very very sad, that they haven't used 4.0 like promised.

    20. Creator Grove Media Studios on October 7

      The Bluetooth range is horrific on the wheel. It cuts out within 12-ins of the hub. Is there any fix for this?

    21. Creator Bernd on October 6

      In time for my birthday I got my flykly back. After an additional procedure of de- and reinstalling the app and setting up the wheel newly it is finally operational again, hopefully this time for more than 300 km. Keeping fingers crossed! Thanks flykly.

    22. Creator Waldir Pimenta on October 6

      @Andrerson Carlos Faller, you might want to reconsider. I just got the email notifying me of the shipping of my wheel, and I was probably among the last backers, since I waited until the last day because I was waiting for Copenhagen Wheel to announce their price as they had promised (they didn't). Assuming Kickstarter rewards are being sent in order, yours will probably arrive soon too, then.

    23. Creator Anderson Carlos Faller on October 5

      I'm asking for my money back, it's been 2 years since I financed this project.
      In the FlyKly website, they estimate a delivery time of 3 months. What's wrong with the backers' rewards then?
      Since they have a 30 day return policy anyway, I don't see why having my money back would be a problem.
      I don't even own a bike anymore...

    24. Creator Tedly Melis on October 2

      Wow - I'd nearly forgotten that I had ever even been an early FlyKly backer - has it really been 2 years now since I was foolish enough to believe in Niko's entraprenurial magic:

      Ponzi Scheme:
      "A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator, an individual or organization, pays returns to its investors (or not) from new capital paid to the operators by new investors (buy one today), rather than from profit earned by the operator."

      Above statements made with due respect and consideration (more than we have been collectively afforded as investors apparently)...

      It's OCT now, and I'm buying a brand new rear wheel for the Planet Bike build up I have had sitting in the garage now for nearly 2 years - there's no power like pedal power...

      Hasta Mañana - Tedly

    25. Creator Keith Jackson on October 1

      Regarding use: the wheel is interesting. The wheel does not employ a true torque sensor but instead is activated when the cog is at close to the same rotation rate as the wheel. If pedalling cadence is slowed down, the cog begins to freewheel and the motor cuts off. Assist level seems to be tied to how much the cog is allowed to freewheel before the motor cuts off.

      This has some interesting consequences. For instance at 30% assist, the wheel allows me to accelerate quickly as my cadence keeps the chain tight and the cog at the same rotation rate as the wheel. But as I get up to speed, my cadence is not keeping up with the wheel and the motor cuts off. The wheel's internal resistance slows me down a little, my cadence catches up, and the motor activates again. It is an odd slow-and-go sensation and involves a lot of quick pedalling in attempt to keep the motor from cutting off. This can be alleviated by increasing the assist to 50% or so, but then fine control at slow speeds becomes a little more herky-jerky.

      And, sometimes the wheel seems to get confused. At one point it activated the electric brake when I was not back pedalling and only began assistance once my speed had slowed down considerably despite applying torque with the pedals.

      I think I liked the feel of 30% assist, but I was pedalling like a hamster on a long smooth straight away only keeping up with other cyclists. A larger chainring should help out here. Or, I will up its assist level as I get used to the wheel. Nonetheless on nice smooth routes, the 25km/h limit becomes noticeable as pedalling cadence is too high to push my bike faster after the motor cuts off.


    26. Creator Keith Jackson on October 1

      I received a new freewheel assembly, and the wheel works now. Before I installed it, I spread some epoxy over the magnet assembly to shore up them little magnets. Anyone doing this be very conservative with the epoxy as the clearance is tight and the magnet assembly must spin freely with the freewheel. Also care must be taken to not gum up the adjacent bearing.

      Re shipping, I think the problem might be with Slovenia post. My wheel took over one month to arrive to Canada while the new freewheel was here in 7 days. It seems their service is inconsistant.


    27. Creator J. Corbett Hix on September 29

      My wheel supposedly shipped over a month ago to Cambodia and is nowhere to be found. I’ve asked for confirmation that it was sent by air and a scan of the shipping bill, these questions have been ignored by your support. I’ve requested status info and it seems your carrier can still not identify the wheels location. Numerous calls to the post office here with tracking number show no product. All this and I originally had requested the glow in the dark but settled for the white to get it earlier. I was told that I would have it in August, it is not almost October. I had hoped to bring this with me on a holiday (I leave Saturday), this will not happen.

      Tracking status shows Shipped 24 AUG

      Dave & Clarence - What was the ship date for your order?

      Jesse - Have you found a more public place to post complaints? I think it would be helpful to warn potential future customers. Unfortunately, their facebook page does not have ratings or allow comments (probably for reasons below).

    28. Creator Jesse on September 26

      People,if you want flykly to actually respond to your message, don't leave it here. Instead, go to
      and click "contact me". It's the only way I've found to actually get a response.

    29. Creator Dave Greenberg on September 24


      I'm wondering where I can go to find an update on shipping information or a delivery schedule for the wheel I ordered. I'm in the bay area - California. I already see people selling their wheels on craigslist so I just want to make sure mine isn't missing in transit or something. I've never received any information on what to expect. Backer number 2231 so I guess I might be on the back end of fulfillment. That's fine, I get it - I just want to have an idea of when I can expect it.

    30. Creator Clarence Ziting Zeng on September 22

      Dear Flykly,

      I'm in Singapore, and I have not received the wheel. It's almost the end of September 2015.

      I paid so much. WHERE IS MY WHEEL?

    31. Creator Reynard on September 22

      Dear Flykly,
      I'm in the US midwest and still have not received the wheel. I was told that the 2nd batch should ship at the end of August at the latest.

      I know you are trying to sell more wheels to make some profit, or to recover some loss from this mess. I see you started posting google ads to sell the wheels. But the best marketing you have is your early backers, so why don't you make sure all the backers get their wheels instead of wasting money on google ads. When I get my wheel, for sure lots of my friends would be trying it. I'm sure that would be true for all the backers, they would be showing it off to all their biker friends. That will be a much more effective marketing than google ads!

    32. Creator Lou Peguero on September 21

      Backer 1,887!!!!! Pledged $590 of my hard earn money on November 14, 2013!!!!! STILL NO WHEEL!!!!!! NO SHIPPING NOTICE!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    33. Creator Vitoon Utaranakorn on September 21

      Dear FLYKLY Team

      I would like to know why I have not received the reward. I love to order FlLYKLY but I am terribly disappointed that I have not received the reward as pledged. I am from Thailand and my pledge was this:

      $590 reward on Tuesday 19 November 2013

      Backer #2,092

      $590 USD - FLYKLY SMART WHEEL - Get your very own Smart Wheel with Smart Light included! Worldwide shipping included.

      Ships anywhere in the world

      Shipping Update FKYKLY Said

      ".. We’re starting with second batch in June and estimate to get the Smart Wheel to all Kickstarter backers until the end of August."

    34. Creator Francis Sothy on September 20

      May I have a delivery date? Great to hear lots of folks are getting serviced but some of us have not received our initial reward from the initial Kickstarter funding.

    35. Creator Bernd on September 19

      Hey guys. I'm also still waiting for repair or replacement. It's nearly 8 weeks now. I don't know a timeframe how much longer to wait, so I can't decide whether to buy a conventional replacement wheel for my bike. I think season will answer this question for now, because it's a racer.

      @jesse: I'm not sure about the lock feature in my blue light case, haven't used it too much.

      @keith: good news at least for you! :)

      @andrew: to pay for warranty shipping wtf?

    36. Creator Jesse on September 15

      We really need a forum for the flykly wheel. kickstarter comments aren't really the best format for information sharing. If no one else wants to start one, I'd be willing to set one up on one of the free fora sites. Are there any of the "hacker" edition backers out there? I'd love to hear from them.

      @mitch, you won't be able to do a chargeback this late.

    37. Creator Mitch Evans on September 15

      Alright I've had ENOUGH! YEARS of excuses and more excuses. Flykly told me a month ago they would try and ship all devices in Aug. As of today haven't heard a damn thing. And now they are already shipping replacements to people when I haven't received my initial one? I'm filing a credit card dispute tomorrow and getting my money back!

    38. Creator Keith Jackson on September 15

      Woohoo. FlyKly got back to me and will send me a new freewheel assembly. Thanks!

      I will post back in a few weeks on whether it works.

    39. Creator Andrew R on September 14

      @Jesse - I finally got a response on Facebook saying they want me to pay to ship the wheel that died after only a few miles of use back to Slovenia so they can "repair" it. If our friend below who has waited over 6 weeks for his repaired wheel to be returned is any indication, this does not bode well. Even if they do repair and return it, I'll have little confidence that it won't die on me in the middle of a long ride and they certainly won't do anything to fix the terrible Bluetooth connection range.

    40. Creator Jesse on September 11

      @ Andrew have you tried contacting them through the kickstarter page? It's the only way i've found to actually get them to reply.

    41. Creator Andrew R on September 11

      @Keith - sorry to hear about yet another defective wheel. Plan on waiting a lot longer for a response. I've been sending email for two weeks about a completely dead wheel and have heard nothing other than one empty promise via a Facebook post.

    42. Creator Keith Jackson on September 10

      Mine worked for two laps around the block, then assist and brake are not working. Everything else works, bluetooth, wheel lock, speed indicator. I suspected it would be to do with the Hall sensor.

      I removed the cog (as per video instructions, and not voiding warrantee) and found a bunch of tiny magnets stuck in random places. Inside the cog assembly is a plastic ring that holds the magnets, from which the floaters fell out. It seems that the glue holding the magnets in was not up to the task. I could not locate all magnets to reassemble the ring, but I put as many back as I could find and epoxied them into place. Unfortunately, assist and brake still do not function.

      I have asked Niko to send me a new magnet assembly (a small inexpensive part) rather than sending the wheel back to Slovenia, then to Italy, to the lava pits of Mount Doom, and back to Canada. No reply yet, after almost 48 hours.

      Note if you suspect you have the same problem, the Hall sensor magnets are retained in a small white plastic ring inside the cog assembly. In Niko's video on cog replacement, he refers to the four freewheel pawls as magnets that might fall out. Hmmph. Those are not the Hall magnets, they are not magnetized and are part of the mechanical freewheel.

    43. Creator Jesse on September 7

      Well, I've got good news and bad news.
      The good news is that if you get the solid blue light error, simply disconnecting it from the charger and letting it sit for 1-2 days will discharge the battery and then you might be able to get the wheel woking again.

      The bad news is that the battery drains by itself in 2 days. Also, I'm pretty sure the wheel lock feature is what is causing this "blue light error", at least in my case. When I lock the wheel, it sometimes locks and sometimes it doesn't, and when it doesn't, the bluetooth shuts off and it won't turn back on until the wheel is discharged.
      Some more bad news: the "help desk" on the website never responds to emails sent.

    44. Creator Jesse on September 6

      I just got my wheel hooked up, went through the registration, finally got it connected, mounted on the bike, and the next day, when I went to use it... it's solid blue, no assist, no bluetooth :(

      I didn't even get to use it once!
      There needs to be some sort of hardware reset button for this thing.

    45. Creator Andrew R on September 5

      Thanks Bernd. Are you in Europe? Hoping I can send mine to NY for repair as it's not too far from DC. Actually hoping they'll do an exchange for a new one instead. Per your request, adding to the early failure list:

      Please add yourself to the list, if you have encountered the same issues, as I believe I'm not the only one:
      1. Bernd (on cold flykly turkey now)
      2. Andrew R (charged, no longer powers on)

    46. Creator Jan E. Bolte on September 4

      Hello FlyKly

      Any news on delivery?

      You said, we ship orders on a first come, first served basis. Estimated delivery time is 3 months.

      Who came first, who is served first? I did order on the 22nd of October 2013; estimated delivery May 2014, financed 25th of November 2013.

      So, we're going fast on 2 years now. I don't really understand what the difficulty is: assemble the bike, pack it, and send it off! You have the address.

      Cheers, Jan

    47. Creator Jesse on September 3

      what kind of valve is on this? it looks sort of like a cross between a presta and a schrader... It has an internal pin like a schrader, but the diameter of a presta, and so my pump wont fit on it.



    48. Creator Bernd on September 3

      @Andrew R: Yes, kind of, but mine was showing a permanent blue light, and not smart any more, giving no motor support, not being on air via bluetooth. Sent it back to Slovenia for repair more than 6 weeks ago but since then I was only waiting. The issue happened after 300 km total usage without one single raindrop and after a 1h pause. Directly before this pause the wheel was in normal usage in the city without any extra strain e.g. hills or high temperatures. Please write yourself to the 'early damage list' I created down here if you like. I fear we are not the only ones. :-(

    49. Creator JVVH on September 3

      Received my wheel yesterday. Haven't opened the box yet. The box is damaged on one side and torn open around the axle. The axle nut is a bit scraped up. The box looks like it was reused, there are multiple staple holes.

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