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Be the first to own the flyest pair of flipflops on the block, designed by indie artists and chosen by you. Check out our first designs

FlipFlops that give back!

Designed by the people, chosen by the people and funded by the people. FlyingFlips are awesome FlipFlops with designs from the crowd and chosen by the crowd, with a share of profits going to winning designers.

Your support will enable us to print our first run of FlipFlops, while letting you become one of the first to own a pair!

We started FlyingFlips for a reason. 

The question:
“How do we create art that ignites positive change in our community and inspires a little more good around the world, all while having some flippin fun?” 

Turns out the answer was at our feet...!

We were raised on the West Coast, so FlipFlops are how we roll! They radiate great memories of sunny days and trips to faraway lands ~  We decided to make flips that embody a love of art and the gift of sharing, all rolled up into one. 

FlyingFlips are crazy-comfortable, artist-designed FlipFlops. 

What is a crowdsourced FlipFlop?

We're glad you asked, it goes like this. Designs are submited to The flyingflips community votes on their favorite designs. Those designs are printed on eco-friendly FlipFlops and put in our online shop. You purchase your favourite design, we throw it in a recyclable tyvek bag and ship it to your home. We then give a share of the profits to the designer that created that flipflop.

So not only will they be the flyest ;) pair of sandals you’ve ever owned, they’ll also put a big grin on your face! The kinda grin that comes from knowing that you’ve provided an independent artist the opportunity to put their artistic expression on a cool product chosen by the people!

Once you've worn out your flips with lots of love and travel. Send them back to us, we'll recycle them and provide you with a credit towards your next FlyingFlips purchase.

Still have questions? Head on over to for all the details.

We're excited with the prospect of you walking around this summer wearing the best flips in town. But we need YOU to help us make our dream happen! 

With your help, we will be able to print our very first run of FlyingFlips sandals. The factory has a minimum production amount and we need to raise $20,000 for this first batch. How can YOU help us do this? Easy, look to your right, see that big green button “Back This Project” click it and pledge what you can.. KABOOM! Now we’re one step closer to awesome, artist-designed flips for everyone!

We want everyone to be kicking it old school this summer with fresh new flipflop designs. Can't pledge? We understand, but we'd still love to be friends! And would greatly appreciate if you clicked through below and shared our efforts with your friends and family.

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Join the FlyingFlips community and help choose the next FlipFlop Design!

We’re all about two-way love, so we have created some awesome rewards for you! There’s a colorful graphic below (for the visually inclined) and some pretty prose to the right (for the english majors) explaining the rewards you'll receive as a great big THANK-YOU! for helping us get this whole thing flying ;)

Most importantly, pledge $25 or more, and you’re set to be one of the first humans on the planet to own a pair of FlyingFlips.

*Shipping Donation*
If you're not located in the US, please add a shipping donation to your pledge. Thanks :)
$25 - $100 → add $5
$100 - or more → $10
$25 - $100 - add $15
$100 or more - add $20

FlyingFlips is more than just awesome FlipFlops, we believe in making a great product while holding to our values.

Read all about our core values here.

Q. When will I get my FlipFlops?

A: As fast as flippin' possible! With your support, our project will reach it's goal. As soon as this happens we will be flying into action, and we hope to deliver your fresh new flips by the end of June.

Q. How do I choose my FlipFlop size?

A. Once our project is completed we will send you a survey asking you all of the info we need to deliver your rewards. Including your footsize, shirt size, address, and any other important info we need to ensure you get your rewards to your liking.

Q. When can I buy even more FlyingFlips FlipFlops?

A: We will be launching our shop upon successful completion of our Kickstarter project. So you'll be able to purchase a new FlyingFlip for each day of the week in the beginning of June.

Q. I have a Question which you forgot to address.

A: No problem, we're here to help! Contact us any way you can, kickstarter, social media, on our site, and we promise to respond, ASAP!


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    We're jonesing to outfit the world in awesome, artist-designed flips this summer! And every dollar counts, so thank you, thank you, thank you for your support! We don’t want anyone to walk away empty handed so everyone who donates will receive a Kickstarter Funder Badge on your FlyingFlips account.

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    We love you, we want to shout it from the mountain tops, we want the whole world to know it! However after the thought of spending hours yelling at a bunch of hikers on the top of a tall mountain, we figured it would probably be more effective and lasting if we wrote you a personal thank you on our website and sent you a groovy video message.

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    CONGRATULATIONS! You are one of the first humans on earth to own a pair of "Original Kickster" FlyingFlips

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    Wanna have the only pair on your block? Pick up one of Caleb's "Limited Edition Sgt. Pepper Surfers" FlyingFlips instead!

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    Pick up Caleb's "Limited Edition Sgt. Pepper Surfers" FlyingFlips. PLUS we’re going to send you the rad FlyingFlips Bandana as some sweet swag for you or your hipster pet!

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    Grab a pair of "Orignal Kickster" FlyingFlips and a pair of "Sgt Pepper Surfer" FlyingFlips.

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    Love to share? Us too! Pick up TWO of Caleb's "Limited Edition Sgt. Pepper Surfers" FlyingFlips and TWO rad FlyingFlips Bandanas to share with that awesome person you know!

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    Can't choose between the "Original Kickster" and the "Limited Edition Sgt Pepper Surfers" no worries take both. PLUS the kickstarter badge, video and website thank you, the sweet bandana, nifty sticker and FF pin. This should really build your friends’ intense jealousy of your new-found sandal swagger.

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    Really dig the "Original Kickster" design? Get the awesome matching shirt as well! Your goodie bag = the kickstarter badge, video and website thank you, TWO "Original Kickster" FlyingFlips, the sweet Bandana, the nifty sticker and pin, the FlyingFlips Tee

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    Want it all? You got it --> Two "Original Kicksters" flips, Two "Sgt Pepper Surfers" flips, FlyingFlips Tee, Bandana, Sticker and Pin

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    Throw a FlyingFlips beach party! Receive four "Original Kickster" FlyingFlips, four "Sgt Pepper Surfer" FlyingFlips, the FlyingFlips tee, the bandana, and the sticker and pin.

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  • Pledge $1,250 or more
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    We'll work with one of our artists to create an awesome custom long board outfit with a design you love, plus everything in reward number nine.

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