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Fly around the Chesapeake Bay and enjoy these unique and thought provoking images of the natural shapes that Mother Nature has created.
73 backers pledged $7,325 to help bring this project to life.

New project!

Posted by Hunter H. Harris (Creator)
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Hummingbird or seahorse or...?
Hummingbird or seahorse or...?
Hello Everyone,
     I know it’s been a while since I’ve sent an update but I’d like to say thanks for all the effort and donations of my 73 backers, my book ”Shoreline Shapes and Monsters of the Chesapeake” was successfully printed and published and is now available for sale in various bookstores. The goal was to raise $6,000 but due to your generous support, I raised $7,325 that allowed me to expand and publish more books. 
      I’d like to share some exciting news with you, not only have I discovered some new monsters in the Chesapeake, but I’m launching a new Kickstarter project soon! I hope to launch the project on July 8th. My new project is another aerial photography book, but this time it focuses on aerial shots of New York City! I’m very excited about this new project and that’s why I wanted to share it with all of you. The new photos were taken from a blimp, and they are spectacular! My new book is called “New York City from a Blimp” and I can’t wait to share some photos with you and launch my new campaign. If you love NYC or know someone who does, please think about joining me on my journey to publish my new book! If you enjoyed my last one, I know you’ll like this one. I hope you back and support me to accomplish my goal! Below you will see an astonishing photo of a new monster to think about! I’ll keep you updated on my new project as well as share some new photos with you. 
     I discovered this this 'monster' on the Chester River this past winter. This critter was last seen hiding out at the mouth of Macum Creek just west of Kent Island Narrows. 
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