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World first bike camera & tail-light accessory to record what happens behind you so you can enjoy the ride ahead.
World first bike camera & tail-light accessory to record what happens behind you so you can enjoy the ride ahead.
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    1. Andrew Hagen & Kingsley Fiegert 3-time creator on

      Hi guys - thanks for your comments. Making prototypes is a lot more expensive than making the production units. For example they are very small production runs meaning they need to be made buy hand and any volume savings are lost. Not only the production but buying the components in such small quantities is very, very expensive. This makes them more costly by quite a significant multiplier. Then there is the international shipping that does not go through our usual fulfilment centre with their cost efficiencies, managing the program, collating the feedback/suggestions, reviewing all the HD footage, sampling the footage back to the engineers, maintaining bug reports and pushing out the new firmware then doing it all over again - this is not an exhaustive list but you can see it is not just a simple or cheap process.

      We appreciate you are Fly12 backers already and if you are keen to be part of the Test Pilot pledge, we suggest you swap to the Test Pilot program then the differential would not be so much. Our test pilots in the past enjoyed the program and they all got well looked after by us. The units are not to be sent back to us unless there are hardware issues that need investigating. Some of our original Fly6 prototypes are still working today some 18 months later. in the previous test program, we encouraged the people to hand their previous models onto others when the got the next model sent to them…this seemed to work very well!

      In terms of rewarding the backers, we do! We offer Fly12 at very effective prices. The Test Pilot pledge level is only for people who are dedicated and prepared to provide feedback. Our previous test program with the original Fly6 was without much monetary value and the result was less than 3% of people provided feedback. It effectively meant that we gave a whole bunch of products away and got very little in return. This time we are after dedicated and committed Test Pilots and hence the pledge level.

      It should be noted that the Test Pilot backers will be getting their first prototype in around two months. Pretty exciting for all involved.

      Hope that addresses your queries

    2. David Barker on

      Hi Andrew and Kingsley
      I am considering looking at the Fly12 Test pilot study, however just a couple of questions:-
      With the prototypes if there are any problems, adjustments needed will they be replaced with the upgraded models? If not it is a lot of money to get the prototypes and not have them upgraded after the testing!
      Would it not be possible to get a prototype to test it and return it to yourselves FOC?
      I am on the committee for a group of cyclists in the UK with nearly 2500 members and the committee are great supporters of the Fly6 and looking to promote new cycling products whenever possible, the best way we have found to do this is by reviewing them to all the members. I did this when I received the original Fly6 and it prompted a number of members to purchase your product.
      Personally I have already backed the project for the Fly12 with the twin package, if it was possible to get one of the prototypes to test I would be more than happy to review and critique it for yourselves and once the trial period is complete return the original product to yourselves. Could you please let me know if this would be possible to arrange. I know that you will have plenty of other messages similar to this, however I am looking at promoting the Fly12 and not after gaining a permanent free product, to do this as a test pilot would be a big layout of money, and whilst I am committee member we are a non-profit organisation so it would be myself that would be paying the amount to test pilot.

      Dave Barker

    3. Missing avatar

      Drew Robertson on

      To celebrate a successful campaign you are asking your backers to pay more then test the product for you? Some celebration. How about rewarding the backers who want to do your r&d by giving them a prototype to test?