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Temple of Flux 2010 Paypal Protest Campaign's video poster

The Temple of Flux 2010 is getting creative with fundraising as we struggle against Paypal to build art and community. Read more

San Francisco, CA Art
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This project was successfully funded on September 30, 2010.

The Temple of Flux 2010 is getting creative with fundraising as we struggle against Paypal to build art and community.

San Francisco, CA Art
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We're back! And working on plans for the next Flux Foundation project! As we come back with the dust settling, we find ourselves about $5,000 away from being flush with all our costs. On-playa costs like transportation (trucks are expensive!) and lighting (did you *see* those amazing lights?) pushed us beyond where we thought we were with our budget.

Though we are 216% funded here on Kickstarter, we're still in need of that $5,000 to close our budget gap. When we created this campaign on the fly in the face of the Paypal debacle, we set our sights rather low as we had no way of gauging what the community support would look like. Well, we've been blown out of the water by the generosity of people. In hindsight, we should have set our sights higher and taken the risk of a goal of $15,000. That would have been risky and ambitious from where we stood in August. Who knew how supportive people would be?? So, the bottom line is, though we are 216% funded on kickstarter, we're still under by about $5k with our costs. So, please continue to spread the word these last few days of the campaign.

Every dollar gets us closer to our next amazing project. Thank you for your incredible support that made possible the magnificent Temple of Flux.


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The Temple is complete!
We still need a few thousand more dollars. Your support has been incredible.
Leaving for the desert tomorrow. I am thrilled to be able to bring the good news of all the donations that have occurred since the build team departed.

Thanks to all of you who have helped on our epic journey.
As the Temple burn draws near, we are in need of a few more new friends to help us to the finish line.
Just a little further.
Temple of Flux 2010 Money Honey

This article was posted today by Fast Company

***UPDATE*** 8.11.10
Hello Friends!
In a very "unusual" move, this morning Paypal agreed to release the funds that were being held due to the delay in processing our 501c status via the State of California.
However, any future transactions will remain unavailable to the Temple of Flux 2010 until the paperwork is resolved.

The Temple of Flux Team are very grateful to know that we have such tremendous community support.
There is no doubt that your actions have helped to accelerate a resolution.

The Temple of Flux 2010 is still facing a $15,000 shortfall and we could really use help to close the gap.
Please consider a donation today. Thank you to those who have already helped us on our way.
It is going to be great!
Colinne Hemrich - Treasurer - Temple of Flux 2010

The Temple of Flux 2010 is the Temple for Burning Man and the first project of the Flux Foundation, a non-profit arts organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is to engage people in designing and building large-scale, community-based public art.

Many of us have been involved in building large scale art for many years. We believe that art builds community. We want that experience to be sustainable over time -- building art not just for the Burning Man festival but for our cities and public spaces year-round. To do this, we created the Flux Foundation in April 2010. We have applied for nonprofit status and the decision from the IRS is currently pending.

This project has been amazing. Over 250 volunteers have joined us to make this possible, lending their skills of carpentry, organization, engineering, event planning, film making and amazing enthusiasm to the work. It is also a huge financial endeavor. We have been hard at work since May 1st fundraising to raise the funds we need. Though we have been amazingly successful, we are still $15,000 away from our fundraising goal.

The first Kickstarter was an incredible success for the Temple of Flux. It illustrated the amazing community support that exists for both the Temple and for art that supports empowerment and connection.

We have recently hit a challenging snag in our fundraising plans, right as we begin the construction of the Temple. For the past three weeks our Paypal account has been frozen. As a "Pending" non-profit we can legally accept donations and we have been using Paypal as one point for accepting these donations. Though we have provided all documentation to them about our pending 501c3 status, they have determined that we will be unable to access the funds in our account. They will continue to accept donations but until the IRS makes its decision about our status we do not have access to the funds. This could take months -- we applied on April 1, 2010, and the typical time frame for a nonprofit application is nearly 9 months.

This issue impacts us in two significant ways: not only can we not access the funds that people have donated to us, we can also no longer use paypal as a platform for receiving the donations we so deeply need. Additionally, the effort and energy it is taking to resolve the issue and manage the challenges we are facing is directly detracting from our work to make this project happen.

We are still $15,000 away from our fundraising goal. And we need your help.

The Flux Foundation exists to provide people with the chance to discover their own capacity as artists and as leaders. The art we create fosters community among our volunteers through the design and creation process and also cultivates community on a larger scale in the cities and spaces where it is installed. By supporting the creation of the Temple of Flux, you are make it possible for us to continue this work long into the future.

The Burning Man Temple is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. It is an institution dedicated to remembrance, catharsis, and rebirth – an essential place of memorial for the over 45,000 participants who attend Burning Man every year. This year, it will also be dedicated to change. Together, we can make this Temple a reality.

Temple of Flux on the web!

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    Temple of Flux Schwag Extravaganza! (button, sticker, tee & 5x7 print of original sketch)

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    Limited Edition Photograph: 8x10 limited edition professional photo of the Temple of Flux from Burning Man 2010

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    Limited Edition Photograph: 11x14 limited edition professional photo of the Temple of Flux from Burning Man 2010

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    Playa Dinner Cruise: Join us for a sunset dinner cruise in a fantastic art car on the playa during Burning Man. We'll take a tour of the playa and enjoy delicious, fresh food throughout the evening. We'll end the evening at the Temple of Flux with a fire performance you won't soon forget.

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    Fire! Playa Dinner! Fire! Package: Take home a fire 'poofer' custom made by Rebecca and Jess for the Phish show in Los Angeles this past fall AND join us on the Playa Dinner Cruise during Burning Man 2010.

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    Fire Cauldron Dinner Party: Take home one of the hand-crafted, unique, gorgeous fire caludrons built especially for the Temple of Flux. Then, enjoy a catered dinner for 5 of your closest friends of food cooked right over your new fire cauldron. Meet some of the Temple crew and artists, and keep warm around your new memorable piece of artwork.

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