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Support the FLUX Foundation in debuting its new interactive art system for BrollyFlock at the auditions for TED2012: Full Spectrum! Read more

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Support the FLUX Foundation in debuting its new interactive art system for BrollyFlock at the auditions for TED2012: Full Spectrum!

About this project

The FLUX Foundation has been invited to TED to audition for TED2012: Full Spectrum

For this incredible opportunity we are creating an interactive performance spectacle. In this performance we will showcase the FLUX Foundation, its crew and our collaborative process. Also debuting will be our exciting new interactive system, currently being created and prototyped for our newest collaborative artwork, BrollyFlock

BrollyFlock a renegade flock of umbrellas, creates a fun and inviting installation, producing light, shade, mist and fire. It is a dancing swirl of mixed materials, anchored by over-sized handles to a wide base. The lowest umbrellas feature periodic misting systems, while the highest hold beautiful flame effects. By day the BrollyFlock is a refreshing landmark, by night its internal glow and fiery top enliven its surroundings. It has been commissioned by Insomniac, a producer of extraordinary music festivals and a supporter of large-scale, interactive art for two of their events: the Electric Daisy Carnival in June in Las Vegas, NV, and Nocturnal in September in San Bernadino, CA. 

Help Flux create the prototype to be showcased in front of a live audience for the first time. By supporting this project, you are continuing to support Flux’s mission and goals for empowerment, community and art. 

For more information about BrollyFlock and the Flux Foundation, please visit:

Facebook :: Twitter :: Flickr

About the Flux Foundation 

Our Mission ::The mission of the Flux Foundation is to engage people in designing and building large-scale public art as a catalyst for education, collaboration and empowerment.

What We Do :: Flux doesn’t just create public art; it creates public artists. We invite individuals to submit ideas for collaborative large-scale art projects, and we utilize our infrastructure to help bring these projects to life. We seek to provide artists with resources that may not otherwise be available to them such as shop space, volunteer teams, fundraising support, project management and other valuable tools.

What We Believe ::The Flux Foundation exists as a new model for the exploration of large-scale art. At our core, we are collaborators. We believe that every step in the art-making process is an opportunity for people to work together to create something monumental. Individual contributions made by participants are invaluable and fundamental to the art we create.

We also believe that anyone can be an artist and build big art. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never picked up a tool or even thought for a minute you could draw or paint or sculpt. All that matters is your drive to learn and your passion to create. Each project is a vehicle to learn new technical skills, cultivate a critical approach to art and discover that you, too, can be an artist, a creator, and an instigator.

Who We Are ::Our team is comprised of people with a wide range of skills and interests. We are engineers, nurses, artists, lawyers, designers, metal workers, public health nerds, architects, film producers, programmers, event producers and so much more. The Flux Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. 


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    Your very own souvenir cocktail umbrellas used to make the BrollyFlock protptype.

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