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$9,377 pledged of $50,000 goal
By floyd webb
$9,377 pledged of $50,000 goal

70 mins to go. “Remember tonight.. for it is the beginning of always.”

In the title about is a quote from the poet Dante Aleghieri. I was never much of a fame before. Now, as it relates to this documentary I read Dante A. all the time. It helps me as I struggle with the character of Juan Raphael Dante/John Keehan.  

The thing that is most exciting to me about doing documentary film is it's journey of discovery. To examine the claims of the farfetched stories in the legend of Count Dante I have been able to uncover factual events. I have always seen history as a web of inter-related events. History is a wholistic organic breathing human entity that is multifacted. It takes a sharp eye at a distance above it to perceive the nuances of this amorphous mass of facts figures, dates and experiences. It is why I have been developing a timeline of the social history of martial arts that brought about the character of Count Dante. 

I am not as close as I would like to be with the funding. I can't really stop to worry about it because I have an interview to shoot on Saturday, and two more next week. 
A team member, Laura Rice, is in Cuba this week, trying to find some mention and evidence of a government operation Dante said he was part of in 1958 where he helped arm Castro as part of an Army Ranger Team. I have since found out it was a real operation called Operation Water Buffalo. He claimed he worked was in contact with Raul Castro and Che Guevara. I though all of this was crap, then I discovered that the head of the Marine Karate Team who competed against a Black Muslim Karate Team in 1964 at the 2nd World Karate Tournament was one Harry Smith. 

The story is vast. The legend intersects reality. I had no idea. I had no money. I just keep going. I am ready to stop. I will persevere. 

The Poet Dante has said "The secret of getting things done is to act.”
Act I must. The end is clear and near. 

Thanks to all of you who made pledges. We will follow up in the morning. 

“We must overact our part in some measure, in order to produce any effect at all.”


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