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$9,377 pledged of $50,000 goal
By floyd webb
$9,377 pledged of $50,000 goal

Work, Dante and Paris

When I started this project I had no idea it was going to take this long or that reearch would take me this far. I thought this would be a great little short film about a Chicago curiosity, a major bullshipper of the PT Barnum variety. I had no real idea of depth of the character I was investigating. The martial arts community vilified him and ex-communicated his memory. One part of the martial arts community hold him in distain, while his formers students revere him. In the lore of the martial arts underground he is held in awe for his fantastic claims and his infamous comic book advert. It has turned out that Dante is a real man of mystery, and his influence is still felt strongly 37 years after his death.

Today I am in Paris. I came here on a work project with a company I consult for. I mixed some Dante Research with the trip. I have been looking for a copy of Count Dante's adverts in French and his World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets book en Français, LES PLUS TERRIBLES SECRETS DE COMBAT DU MONDE!!! Looks terrifying, right?

I have taken the time left over, after my obligatory meetings, to troll some comic book stores. The first store went looking for was called Gael. It used to sit in the shadow of Notre Dame on, get ready for this, Rue Dante. 

I will be going to Déesse Editions at 8, rue Cochin and Apo(k)lyps at Metro Brochant in Paris this evening looking for Info on the French advertisement that sold LES PLUS TERRIBLES SECRETS DE COMBAT DU MONDE.

The good new is I have located a copy of the book, I will have it in my hands soon. More Updates coming soon. Spread the word to comic fans, martial arts fanatics. We need your help in this journey to complete this film, The Search for Count Dante.


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