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By floyd webb
$9,377 pledged of $50,000 goal

We're at C2E2 in Chicago this weekend. Pumping the Comics Crowd.

This weekend we make a big shout out to all the comic fans attending this years C2E2 Expo in Chicago. Comics are not for kids, not for the dull and mentally challenged, they do not stunt your growth. Comics are part of our literary culture.It is a culture that celebrates the imagination. C2E2 is rapidly becoming Chicago's Comic Con. It is a big, loud, colorful, fanboy and girl extravaganza. It's looking like Wizard Con has some stiff competition in the city now.

This weekend Straight Out of A Comic partners, SImmie Williams, and Kia Coleman are stoking the crowds who remember Count Dante best. All our mature comic fans (that means old geezers like Floyd Webb) gathered around to get their free Kickstarter Promotional posters. They all remember the following image.

This is it, the advert that launched thousands of martial arts careers and made them members of the Black Dragon Fighting Society. There is a lot of mystery around every thing Count Dante did. His choosing of the name "Black Dragon Fighting Society" is said to have instigated a visit from the FBI.Chicago was one of the active centers of Japanese Intelligence activity inciting Black nationalists in the 1930s and 40s. You'll hear about this in the film.

Dante was a wild animal of the swinging 1960s. Black Panthers, Playboy Bunnies and practitioners of Haitian Voudon were members of his inner circle. His closest friend's never knew some of the things he was doing.

Here is the the poster we are passing out this weekend to get people hip to our Kickstarter campaign. We want to thank AdCom Graphics in Gary, IN for making us the best bargain ever in getting our promotional materials.

Tomorrow I have to leave on a new work assignment and have inadvertently made a Count Dante connection at my destination.

I will save that info as a surprise for my next update.

If you are in Chicago this weekend and want a treat, Get thee to C2E2 (Thorspeak for git yo' butt down there.)

Last but not least, we want  to make a special comic geek shout out to comic artist Micheal Penick (aka Penick Art). He has a special interest in Dante so he's our kind of people.

Look for out next update on a great discovery in the next few day. It might be in video.


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