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Cityfrontier is a two-day St. Louis idea-fest bringing together the best minds, concepts, innovators, artists, and iconoclasts from across the region.

Through partnerships with local social enterprises and a commitment to making St. Louis a more livable and collaborative city, Cityfrontier is a two day innovation/iconoclast/idea fest in St. Louis, MO. Our city is on the brink of coming back, we've got the right kind of people, the right kind of ideas, and the right kind of infrastructure to launch into the future - we just need some help getting organized. I'm attempting to organize Cityfrontier which, over the course of a weekend, would bring together people from across St. Louis and from across industries, fields, talents, and sectors to discuss what they're doing and why.

The first day would bring presenters of good ideas that have been implemented together, with 20 minute presentations in two different spaces in one downtown office building - we've plenty of loft-style space downtown. Presentations would be screened by a handpicked board of regional innovators and would emphasize audience participation and contribution. We want people to be impressed by what our region is producing: preservation, activism, plant science, law, theology, community organization, frozen custard. The second day would invite those St. Louis area residents who need a little help in realizing their great ideas, allowing 20 minute presentations on what people want to do and why. The objective would be to connect good ideas with social, cultural, and financial resources to start developing these potentially city and region changing concepts.

The final event would bring together people from across St. Louis to start the Citysummit, the formation of a specific and attainable mission for the city - a set of goals and ideas for the future of St. Louis; this mission will be produced and reviewed twice-a-year by the same group (which will expand as needed).

Cityfrontier will need $10,000 to get the advertising, technology structure (website/recording devices), and merchandise to make this event a success. Cityfrontier has the connections to arrange for the appropriate presentations spaces as well as to recruit many of the presenters/participants, but, the objective is for the event to be free to the public and provide a site for participation in the future of the St. Louis region.


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    DVD of all presentations and a copy of Flood Wall Community Guide (local, independent St. Louis guide - in development)

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    The above and a signed T-Shirt (from all presenters).

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    T-Shirt Sponsor (which means your name on the shirt), 30 paper airplanes with your name on them will be mailed to a person of your choosing), plus all the above.

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    Help us pick the logo (we've got some ideas, but we'll contact you and see what you think), Presentation Sponsorship (we'll have the audience give you a nice round of applause) , plus all of the above

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    We'll send an item of your choice down the Mississippi (be reasonable), you'll receive a personal message from event organizers (in the form of their choice), plus all of the above

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    Floor Sponsor (we'll chant your name for 30 seconds in between a couple presentations), Biography included on Cityfrontier Schedule/Program (you get to write it), one of the organizers will eat 40 Toasted Ravoli in honor of you, plus all of the above

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    We'll make a personal DVD of a night in St. Louis, showing you a good ol' authentic city time, make you a Day Sponsor (which means you rule), plus all of the above (except Floor Sponsor) -

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    We'll have a party for you on one of the nights (we'll record the whole thing and let you choose the theme) - and we'll write two dozen postcards to the persons of your choice (you can choose the topics if you want, but we'd like to tell them how cool St. Louis is) - plus everything else!

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