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A strategic card game of Time Travel, Technology, and Influence. Build Your Legacy!
A strategic card game of Time Travel, Technology, and Influence. Build Your Legacy!
316 backers pledged $17,363 to help bring this project to life.

Thank You!!

Thank YOU

Wow! Thank you to everyone who supported Legacy: Gears of Time! I really appreciate it and look forward to sending it out to you as soon as possible!

The Plan

Here's approximately where things are going from here (If I actually were a time traveller, I could tell you for sure):

Mid March: Prototype Copy Backers should expect a survey asking for your mailing address.

Late March: Prototype Copies will be sent out. Production copies off and running.

Spring: Waiting, impatiently, for production and shipment.

June: Everyone should expect a survey asking for your mailing address and Influence Pool customized text.

July/August: Start looking for a package! All stretch rewards will be sent with this package.

Follow Me

If you'd like, please follow me on Twitter ( or Facebook ( I'll post pretty regularly about the progress of things, but all vital information will of course also come through Kickstarter Updates. Please don't hesistate to ask questions if you have them.

If you're planning on going to GenCon Indy this year, please stop by and say hello! I'd love to shake your hand and thank every one of you personally if possible.

Thank You again!



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    1. Ben Harkins 9-time creator

      Let's take this over to BGG:

    2. TalismanJ

      Sorry about the line breaks, I copied and pasted from Notepad, I will not do that again.

    3. TalismanJ

      I received my prototype and enjoyed a solitaire tryout (me playing both players, it is not designed as a solitaire

      game) to figure out the rules. I have a couple of comments and questions, let me know if I should be posting this

      feedback on BGG or elsewhere:

      1) Looks to be a very fun and interesting game due to its mechanics, design and theme. Hoping to play with my gf

      2) I believe this will be moot for the production game but the prototype had me a bit confused at first since the

      board is not shaped or marked exactly as indicated in the screenshots above ( I should have referenced the

      kickstarter page first to review components, since it had been awhile since I had). Namely the timeline was not

      clearly indicative of the timeframes and now that I look I should have cut off the extraneous brown triangles to make

      it look like the board pictured here and especially on BGG. This led me to think however that the rule book could be

      improved in two ways which I will mention below.
      3) I especially found helpful the examples for both Resolution and Scoring, I don't know that I would have played it

      correctly without those.
      4) Question, the answer of which could be added to the Resolution Example: Will the removal action required by a premptive technologies occur if the dependent technology they both rely on does not exist? Example: My blue player played Refrigeration in the closest time frame to the present day. My red player got the same card shortly thereafter and preempted blue's play by playing it a timeframe further in the past. However, the dependency of Agriculture was not met by the end of the round, so both cards would fail. I think in this case I would tilt each card and remove an influence cube for each back to the supply. Is this correct? I am hoping it is because I believe there is a fate card (or two) that could save blue's play in the next round, but am not certain.
      5) Improvement #1: Add a page to the gamebook with a picture of Game Setup Complete (probably right after the components page). This would have helped me get setup much more rapidly I think.
      6) Improvement #2: Have an example first round described (with pictures). I always find it helpful when rulebooks have this, to get up and running quickly and understand subtle details that may be missed when reading through the rules. Though it is written in the rules, I missed the fact that discards go face down as I just read discard and my mind thought of a traditional face up discard. Alternatively, to save on printing cost, have the example round be noted in the rulebook and be posted online at the (link doesnt work currently) and/or on BGG.

      Probably things you were already thinking about for the production version, but wanted to provide feedback since you were kind enough to offer a prototype.

      Looking forward to playing this with friends.


    4. Ben Harkins 9-time creator

      Prototypes have been sent to the $60 and $70 backers! I'll send another update shortly with all the updated graphics!

    5. Ben Harkins 9-time creator

      Yes, there's been a lot going on! I've been waiting to release all the info at once... You should expect a detailed update this weekend. It's very exciting!

    6. Missing avatar

      Natalie on

      It's been a couple of weeks (time flies, doesn't it?). Any updates?

    7. Ray Smith on

      Congrats Ben!
      Best wishes on a smoooth production process (yeah, like that ever happens).

    8. Mark Brenner on

      That did it, thanks!

    9. Ben Harkins 9-time creator

      Facebook keeps saying it's an unpublished page for some reason... I keep saying publishing and they keep reverting it. I just "published" it again, try now?

    10. Shane Tilton on

      Ben, congrats on a great campaign! Also, I'm having the same problem that Mark's having.

    11. Mark Brenner on

      Can seem to find floodgategames on Facebook, any ideas?