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A strategic card game of Time Travel, Technology, and Influence. Build Your Legacy!
A strategic card game of Time Travel, Technology, and Influence. Build Your Legacy!
316 backers pledged $17,363 to help bring this project to life.

Reward and Game Board Updates

Hello Backers!

Thank you everyone for your support so far, you fine people have helped put Legacy: Gears of Time to almost double the initial funding goal! 

New Rewards

After getting lots of feedback, I added a couple new reward levels for multiple copies (4 and 8). This should help reduce shipping costs for international backers who want to go in together with some friends. Each copy will get all the mini-expansion cards and a Kickstarter promo card. Oh yeah, the signed artist prints, too!

I also added a limited number of rewards for early prototype copies of the game, if you just can't wait till August. There aren't many, and a couple have already been snapped up, so hurry and grab one if it's interesting to you!

Game Board

Since the funding is going so well, I decided to move to a proper full board for Legacy. The board is roughly 250mm x 700mm (9.5" x 27") and fold in half for storage. It is complete with timeline, capacity track (with sliding time frame capacity markers), spots for the draw and discard piles, round and turn markers, a scoring track, and the player order indicators. It's still in progress, but here's a look a the board as of right now:

(See it bigger)


  • Two more stretch goals and rewards are coming, I'm still waiting to hear back on a couple things, but look for those soon!
  • Please head over to Board Game Geek and (if you have an account) give a 'thumbs up' to all the Legacy pictures. Legacy becoming the hotness on BGG means more backers and more stretch rewards for you!
  • If you happen to be near Minneapolis/St Paul, MN, we're having a playtesting day tonight at 6pm. Hope you can make it, keep an eye out for pictures after!
  • All the custom characters are in full effect, we're working on balancing their (optional) in-game abilities, and Steve is working on sketches!

Thank you again, I really appreciate it and look forward to bringing you more time-travel hotness!


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    1. Craig. on

      The board looks pretty nice, but there is quite a bit of empty space. Maybe the draw and discard piles could go in the center with the round, turn, and player order tracks off to one side and the scoring track off to the other. That might help reduce some of the vertical space so less table is needed. Another option might be to lengthen the board a little and put the draw/discard areas at the beginning or end of it or just do away with that part altogether. That would reduce the height of the board even more. Just trying to throw out some ideas since I REALLY like the game board idea, but it does take up some table space (height-wise) and that could get problematic since the cards get laid out in a column below the time line. Also, will the bottom be cut straight or shaped to match the timeline segments? The latter would be really cool and unique! Keep up the good work.

    2. Ben Harkins 9-time creator

      I felt it went very well! Lots of great feedback (both complimentary and constructive). We had 17 people altogether, and most games were off and running on their own with very little need for rules intervention.

      Here's a quick review from Ken, one of the attendees:

    3. Shane Tilton on

      How did the playtesting day go?

    4. Chris Heuer on

      Maybe add 6 more with prints at $70 level?

    5. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Ledbetter on

      I definitely am. $60 is a good deal.

    6. Ben Harkins 9-time creator

      Wow, yeah, they're just all gone. I only have the 6 sets right now, but I might print up some more if others are interested.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Ledbetter on

      Have the prototypes been added or are they just all gone.

    8. Michael Green on

      Any chance to get the signed prints with the Early Prototype copy? ;D