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A unique take on deck-building and worker placement with a fantasy theme. Build a resort, lure in heroes and defend against monsters!
A unique take on deck-building and worker placement with a fantasy theme. Build a resort, lure in heroes and defend against monsters!
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Epic Resort - Enjoy Your Slaycation



Sorry we missed you for the project, but you aren't too late to get in on building your very own Epic Resort. You can either get a copy directly from us at Floodgate Games, or check out your friendly local game store!


After a long run of dungeon delving and monster slaying, the heroes need a vacation and you have set out to build an Epic Resort worthy of their presence. Players leverage their workers' talents and attraction’s abilities to draw in hapless tourists (who are ready to spend some gold) and fantasy heroes (ready to get much needed rest). However, the more you lure in the more likely pirates, two-headed giants and other relentless monsters will attack! Heroes may defend an attraction (losing precious health), or dodge out of the way... letting the monsters devour a bevy of unsuspecting tourists. By earning points from attractions and heroes, cleverly managing your resources, and finding just the right time to throw your lazy peons into the jaws of a hungry dragon, you will be victorious by building the most Epic Resort!

Epic Resort is a game I've been working on for quite some time. I loved the theme of Heroes going on vacation, and always wanted to somehow combine deck-building and worker placement. What you see here is the product of many hours of discussion, playtesting, design tweaks and I'm incredibly proud to hopefully have you join me on the rest of this journey to make this game a reality!

Epic Resort is a strategic game of worker placement, deck-evolution and slaughtering tourists for 2 to 4 players. Game play takes about 30 minutes per player.

Each player begins with a humble resort of a Beach and Tiki Hut, and a small set of workers. By hosting more tourists you earn more Gold (used for upgrading attractions and training workers), but now that your resort is crowded, you earn less Flair (used to attract Heroes and Tourists).

  • Apprentice - Can be sent to work at your attractions (keeping tourists happy) or trained into a skilled worker with new abilities.
  • Street Performer - Gains you extra Flair, or can be trained into a skilled worker.
  • Lazy Peon - Only useful for tossing into the jaws of a monster to end an attack (which permanently removes them from your worker deck). Use them wisely, you only have three!
Each round, players take turns performing one action each. Build your worker deck, upgrade your resort and attract new tourists and Heroes:
  • Attract Tourists from the Dock - filling them into your attractions to get more Gold.
  • Attract a Hero from the Dock - up to one per attraction, they defend your tourists or rest to gain victory points
  • Upgrade an Attraction - gain new abilities and victory points, but crushing the tourists at the previous attraction
  • Train a Skilled Worker - lose a basic worker from your hand, gaining new abilities to use right away
  • Pass - Taking no more actions this turn
The Dock is refilled after all players pass. A random mix of Tourists and Heroes arrive, but this is also when a monster may Attack! The monster picks who they are attacking (either by most Tourists or most Heroes), and the defending player has a choice:
  • Have their Hero defend, losing precious health but protecting the tourists
  • Let the tourists get eaten
  • Throw a Lazy Peon at the beast, immediately ending the monster attack

At the end of each round:
  • Score any fully rested Heroes
  • All remaining Heroes gain one health
  • Draw new workers and begin another Season
The game ends after all the monsters have been defeated. Victory goes to the player who scores the most points from rested Heroes and upgraded Attractions -- they have built the most Epic Resort!

Epic Resort has already received a ton of praise from prominent reviewers, check out the videos below to get an in-depth look at what it's all about:

 There's one thing for certain, every turn inside of Epic Resort is about as epic as it can get. We've had a really enjoyable time.

This is a really neat game. You have the Dominion Style and Ascension styles, and it's really, really cool that it melds those two deck-building structures. On top of that, it puts in this very, very cool worker placement style thing. So clever, so many things going on. Really, really enjoyed this game a lot.

More Rahdo Gameplay Videos: Part 1: Gameplay Runthrough -- Part 2: Extended Gameplay

This game nicely combines the deck-building aspect with the worker placement aspect. Lots of strategy in this game, lots of choices and some variety added by the different types of workers.

 "You got me on the theme, now give me a game that supports it and is fun to play... and ultimately that's exactly what this game is."

The way the resource management works in this game is really great for introducing people to resource management. I think it's a great game, I think it's a lot of fun. It's a refreshing take on deck-building.
All these elements add up to a game I really enjoyed. I really do recommend Epic Resort!
...this one time while I was staying there a dragon came and ate my entire family. That was terrible. Seriously, though, Epic Resort is a nicely done game and I’m excited to see how it’ll all look once the artwork is completed. It’s not quite as much of a brain-twister as Legacy: Gears of Time, but it still has a good deal to think about while you’re playing

Epic Resort has something for nearly everyone with a variety of popular gameplay mechanics complimenting what is an incredibly fun and fully realized theme... the perfect tabletop getaway.

Each Epic Resort box will be packed with high quality components: thick punchboards for tokens, 280 GSM Bluecore for cards and painted wooden pieces for the tourists. Each card features beautiful original illustrations by Jacqui Davis and Mark Hansen. In addition to a useful insert and full color rules book, you'll also get:


  • 110 Workers (17 Unique) - Apprentice (28 copies), Street Performer (12 copies), Lazy Peon (12 copies), Day-worker (6 copies). 4 copies each of:  Journeyman, Guild Master, Herald, Bouncer, Squire, Valet, Accountant, Versatilist, Impresario, Maitre D', Mixologist, Trail-master, Cicerone
  • 30 Tourists
  • 12 Attack! or Double Attack!
  • 34 Monsters (11 Unique) - Mischievous Spirit, Baby Dragon, Pirate, Evil Pixies, Ghastly Apparition, Pirate Raid, Dragon, Two-headed Giant, Vengeful Banshee, Pirate Fleet, Elder Dragon
  • 18 Heroes (9 Unique) - Warrior, Ranger, Paladin, Berserker, Priest, Temptress, Warlord, Rogue, Engineer  
Double-wide Cards
  • 38 Attractions (17 Unique) - Beach, Tiki Hut, Dragonflame Tub, Timberline Trail, Harvest Market, Frost Cone Hut, Street Parade , Gallery of Conquests, Curio Shop, Piranha Tour, Canopy Zipline, Razorback Roast, Island Regatta, Rafting Expedition, Thermal Springs, Twilight Masquerade, Slaughter Coaster
  • 4 Resource Tracks
Punchboard Tokens
  • 20 Lock/Damage
  • 8 Resource Track Markers
  • 5 Gold
  • 1 Harbormaster
  • 1 Season Pass Holder Tourist
Wooden Pieces
  • 40 Tourist Cubes
  • 12 Health Hearts

It's a very exciting time for tabletop gaming and it's undeniable that you have a ton of fantastic options for how to spend your gaming budget. I appreciate you even considering Epic Resort as one of those options, and I hope you choose to help make this game a reality!

Immersive and Fun - At every turn, we've designed Epic Resort to feel like you're building your own resort and staff of workers in order to attract heroes and tourists. The graphics were carefully tuned to ensure the game play would be smooth and fast, keeping you focused on strategic choices and having fun!

Unique Twists on Familiar Mechanics - Deck Evolution (a term coined by Tox of Crits Happen fame) perfectly describes the deck-building component here. Your worker pile stays lean by design since you're always training 1-for-1 with your workers. When trained, all new workers go straight to your hand and can be used immediately, so you won't be waiting forever to see your cool new cards. A Scaling Resource System creates an interesting tension when trying to plan just how much Flair and Gold you'll need. Check out the Reviews above for more details, too!

You're helping Independent Game Design and Publishing - While I do have an amazing network of people to give great advice and lend their expertise, it still takes a monumental amount of effort to put together a game of this size. Your support is not only appreciated immensely, but is vital to making this happen. Without you, there would be no Floodgate Games!

With your help, we're be able to make Epic Resort a reality. By exceeding the initial funding goal of $20,000 we're able to make Epic Resort even better! Check out what we have in store, and spread the word on Twitter and Facebook to help everyone get some cool upgrades.

A Note About Stretch Rewards -- Many of you are veteran Kickstarter backers, particularly when it comes to Tabletop Game projects. You may notice that we're not offering a whole lot in terms of game content for stretch rewards, and might be wondering why these upgrades are missing... Well, it's because they're already in the box! I believe in stretch rewards, and particularly in offering more value for you, the backer, as we blaze past funding goals (which is all because of you)! However, content-wise, I wanted to ensure that every bit of game content is fun, balanced, and well tested. So when you look down the list and don't see a ton of extra workers, attraction, heroes, or a 5th player add-on, please know that every single thing I feel makes this game awesome has already been included!

 Welcome, New Resort Owners!

Thank you so much for checking out Epic Resort, our latest game title to be launched on Kickstarter. In 2012, we launched our flagship game Legacy: Gears of Time, a strategic card game of Time Travel and Technology. It was very well received, so we decided to follow up with an expansion last year called Legacy: Forbidden Machines. Both projects were a lot of fun to see through to the end, and I'm very excited to see how this one goes as well!

Throughout this project and after, I plan to keep everyone informed as to where things are at with manufacturing and shipping progress every step of the way! As always, I'll be addressing each and every question and comment personally.

Feel free to 'Like' us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or check out Epic Resort over at Board Game Geek or at our website,

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to send me a message; I would love to hear from you!

-Ben Harkins

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If you'd like to add on Legacy: Gears of Time to your pledge, please select the TIME TRAVELER reward tier. If you would like to add Legacy: Forbidden Machines, please add +$25 USD to any pledge tier, and it will be included with no additional shipping charge

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Here's a bit more of a look at what you'll be getting!

Risks and challenges

After successfully delivering on two past Kickstarter projects on time, I'm confident this will go similarly well. Of course, there are always unknowns; from international shipping delays to the ever daunting US customs inspections process. Barring such unforeseen complications, I'm confident this will be a smooth project and look forward to keeping you informed from start to finish (especially if a dragon decides to chase down the cargo ship)!

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